Chapter 261.1: Tang Doudou was About to Fall Apart


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Although she didn't know Lan Jia very well, she could tell from the time they spent together in the forest that he wasn't someone that was very talkative. At the very least, he wouldn't say something to tease like this.

"We haven't set the time yet. However, I'm sure someone will definitely get you an invitation as soon as the date is set without my prompting." Tang Doudou was currently trying to figure out how close Baili Yu and Lan Jia's relationship was.

Lan Jia laughed lightly. "What if he forgets?"

"I don't think he would."

"Lady Doudou really trusts Brother Baili a lot."

"Saint Envoy Lan Jia is joking. If I didn't trust him, why would I agree to marry him?" Tang Doudou felt that Lan Jia's relationship with Baili Yu probably wasn't very good due to these words.

"Haha, Lady Doudou is right. However, there's something that Lan Jia isn't sure should be said."

Tang Doudou's brows creased slightly. "There's no harm in saying it."

Lan Jia laughed again. However, no hint of emotion could be made out in his mild tone. "Does Lady Doudou know that Brother Baili is actually already engaged?"

Tang Doudou staggered and almost fell down from the iron chains. After recovering her balance, she wiped the cold sweat off her forehead. "What joke is Saint Envoy Lan Jia trying to pull!?"

Lan Jia expressed that he felt helpless. "I'm telling the truth."

"If Baili Yu was engaged, why hasn't anyone ever brought it up?" Tang Doudou was sure that Lan Jia was teasing her. At the same time, she couldn't help but feel that this was true...

However, it was outrageous!

The entire world already knows about their engagement and no one has ever shown up to cause a disturbance over some previous engagement. Moreover if Baili Yu did have a previous engagement, how could Su Yi possibly agree to this marriage?

"I have no reason to lie to Lady Doudou. Brother Baili truly does have a previous engagement." Lan Jia was still talking nonstop. The originally pleasant sounding voice was now making Tang Doudou feel the urge to beat him up.

"Of course he has an engagement. He had one with me!"

Lan Jia smiled. "Lady Doudou is sure cute. Why don't you just marry me!?"

Tang Doudou stumbled again and fell flat on the iron chains. She turned around angrily to look at the person responsible for this and saw that he wasn't even helping her up. He simply crouched down next to her and his eyes continued to sparkle with shallow light as he asked, "What does Lady Doudou think about this one's suggestion?"

"I don't like it!" Tang Doudou trembled as she got back up. She glanced in front and saw that Mu Ye seemed to have recovered and was walking forward steadily again, so she sighed in relief.

Lan Jia then said, "Brother Baili is already engaged, and that engagement was set before yours. First come, first serve. Lady Doudou, you understand, right?"

Now Tang Doudou was starting to find this strange. What exactly did this Lan Jia want?

Lan Jia continued to smile brightly. For a moment, Tang Doudou got the impression that she was looking at Baili Yu. "You..."

"What about me?"

"You're not Lan Jia!" Tang Doudou shouted.

Lan Jia curved his eyes. "What is Lady Doudou joking about? If I'm not Lan Jia, could it be that I'm Baili Yu?"

His words struck Tang Doudou like a bolt of lightning. She pointed at him and declared, her voice shaking a little, "You are Baili Yu!"

"Lady Doudou, are you sure?" Lan Jia slowly lowered his head. Tang Doudou's reflection was visible in his mild eyes. "Should I let you see?"

Tang Doudou knitted her brows as she stared straight into his eyes in order to try and find a trace of Baili Yu. However, no matter how she looked, she didn't sense the usual familiarity. Could it be that she was over thinking things?

Lan Jia was probably just Lan Jia...

"The people in front! Are you guys going to move or not!?" Just as she was sinking into her thoughts, an angry shout came from behind Lan Jia.

Tang Doudou looked behind him and saw that there were a ton of black-clothed men behind them. When she looked in front, she saw that Mu Ye was already gone.

She hastily tidied up her black robe and apologized to the person that was looking at her angrily, then continued walking forward while still feeling puzzled.

She soon realized that something was off!

How come the people behind her hadn't been caught in the illusions?

When she looked back earlier, all of them seemed completely fine!

Lan Jia was clearly behind her, but he seemed to know what exactly she was thinking. He said softly, "Those people possess distributed medicine so they naturally wouldn't fall for the demonic bugs' illusions."

Tang Doudou was shocked. Demonic bugs?

"Look below your feet," said Lan Jia.

Tang Doudou didn't want to look down, but curiosity made her peek down. Then she almost lost her footing again.

She hadn't noticed earlier, but now that she looked, she could see that the cracks of the iron chains were filled with tiny bugs with black shells. Every single one was no bigger than a fingernail and they were packed in the seams of the irons chains. The sight of them crawling around made Tang Doudou's scalp prickle and she wanted nothing but to get to the other side as soon as possible.

She started walking a lot faster, but didn't loosen her grip on the hair tie in her hand. If her guess wasn't wrong, Lan Jia's hair tie was what brought her out of the illusion.

However, these bugs were so small. How did they create such a realistic illusion?

Although she was entertaining all sorts of thoughts, she still continued to move fast since she was afraid the bugs beneath her feet would crawl up to suck her dry.

Tang Doudou remembered these bugs vividly and she remembered those numerous teeth beneath these bugs' shells especially well. Just the thought of it made goosebumps rise up so much they could fall off.

"Lady Doudou, you're walking so fast. This one can barely keep up." Unexpectedly, Lan Jia started speaking again as if he wasn't willing to stay silent.

Wasn't this a complete joke?

Tang Doudou rolled her eyes. For better or for worse, Lan Jia was a Saint Envoy of the Saint Tribes. How was it possible that he couldn't keep up with her walking speed?

"Lady Doudou, I can't walk anymore," shouted Lan Jia.

Tang Doudou would have already thrown the hair tie away if it weren't for the fact that she was worried about falling for another illusion. How did Lan Jia become so annoying?


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