Chapter 260.2: The Strange Lan Jia


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"Miss, please show your identification. Are you looking for someone or are you a resident here?" Just as she got to the entrance, she was stopped by the security guard.

Tang Doudou was taken aback. "You can see me?"

The security guard looked at her like she was mentally ill. "What kind of cosplay are young people messing with these days? Even their brains are getting scrambled!"

Tang Doudou lifted her eyes to glance at the guard room's window and saw in the reflection that she was still in a black robe. This detail in combination with the security guard's words immediately baffled her. In the end, was this real or not!?

She looked at the hair tie in her hand again before looking towards the neighborhood. Her eyes suddenly lit up. Could it be that she had transmigrated back?


It turned out that Grandpa Tang had suddenly appeared in the middle of the taichi group. He immediately looked over when he heard this voice, hot tears filling his eyes. "Doudou?"

"Grandpa!" It really was Grandpa! Tang Doudou was overjoyed and instantly sent the guard in front of her flying with a strike in order to run towards Grandpa Tang.

"It really is Doudou! My Doudou ah, where did you run off to!? Grandpa missed you so much!" Grandpa Tang was also very moved and started running this way. Strangely, he showed no curiosity towards the fact that Tang Doudou had been able to knock the guard out.

Meanwhile, Tang Doudou was too overjoyed to notice the abnormality. She ran into Grandpa Tang's arms and sobbed, "Grandpa, Doudou really missed you!"

"Silly Doudou, Grandpa also missed you a lot!"

Grandpa Tang stroked Tang Doudou's hair. "Why are you dressed like this? Alright, alright, don't cry anymore. Since you've come back, stay at home from now on and don't run around anymore!"

"En!" Tang Doudou nodded repeatedly. If it weren't for the fact that she went to tour Yunnan, she wouldn't have transmigrated and wouldn't have... she looked at the hair tie in her palm. She had transmigrated back, so why was this hair tie still here?

"What is this? Look, it's so tight it's making your hand bleed. You should hurry up and get it off!" Grandpa Tang also noticed the hair tie in her hand. When he saw that the tips of her fingers were turning white, he hastily urged her to get the hair tie off.

Only then did Tang Doudou notice that this hair tie had become a lot tighter. It seemed like someone had purposefully pulled the other end tight, causing her blood flow to be constricted.

Who would be pulling the hairtie? Tang Doudou immediately realized the answer. The other end was in Lan Jia's hands, so he was definitely the one doing this.


She looked towards Grandpa Tang. All the hopes she harbored earlier was destroyed. She hadn't returned. This was still an illusion; it was only an illusion...


"Seriously child, why aren't you listening? I told you to hurry and take off the hair tie already. A few days ago, the news showed that someone did this for fun and ended up tying their hands for too long and caused necrosis in their fingers. In the end, they even had to get amputated..."

"Grandpa!" Tang Doudou interrupted Grandpa Tang and asked in a sweet, spoiled manner, "Then can you help me take it off?"

As she spoke, she extended her hand towards him. However, Grandpa Tang retreated backwards from the hair tie as if he was afraid to touch it.

Tang Doudou's eyes dimmed as she glanced at Grandpa Tang again.

"That won't do. You're already this big, how could you have Grandpa help you with everything?" Grandpa Tang seemed to notice as well that there was something off in her expression. He started walking backwards. "Moreover, Grandpa's vision is already so bad, how could Grandpa see well enough to untie this? Let's go, come home with Grandpa. We can just cut it off with scissors."

Tang Doudou didn't move and just watched as Grandpa Tang's figure gradually disappeared into the distance.

The surroundings started becoming blurry. Tang Doudou wiped away the tears on her face and turned to look behind her. "Saint Envoy Lan Jia, is all of this just an illusion?"

"I didn't expect for you to be able to escape the illusion this soon. It's truly amazing." Lan Jia's voice came from behind her, but she still couldn't see him.

"That's all due to your hair tie, many thanks." Tang Doudou waved her hand in that direction. She finally understood why Ah Yu would cut in front of her and why Lan Jia chose to stay behind her.

She also realized why Mu Ye didn't turn back to check whether she had followed him after he got on.

"It's nothing at all. There's no need for Lady to be concerned over it." Lan Jia's voice was as gentle and soothing to hear as always.

She had just seen the grandpa she missed so much disappear in front of her once again, so she was hurting inside. However, Lan Jia's tone calmed the turbulent emotions in her heart.

She pulled on the hair tie as she walked. When she looked forward again, the illusion had fully dispersed.

The iron chain was still an iron chain. However, Mu Ye who was ahead seemed to have encountered some difficulty.

But since they were too far apart, Tang Doudou couldn't call out to him in worry that it would attract attention. All she could do was watch worriedly.

Lan Jia said, "Lady, there's no need to worry, Ah Yu will help Mu gongzi out of the illusion."


"Lady, could this one call you Doudou?"

"Um, alright!" Tang Doudou didn't turn around to look at Lan Jia. Currently, since the illusion had disappeared, she could see the moss on the iron chain again. The moss felt very moist and slippery, so she kept feeling like she was about to slip and fall.

She didn't dare to shift her attention away. Then Lan Jia said, "I wonder what's the illusion that's keeping Mu gongzi captive?"

Tang Doudou didn't know how to reply either, since she didn't understand Mu Ye particularly well either.

Lan Jia then asked, "Lady Doudou, when will you be getting married to Brother Baili? At that time, could you invite this one over to enjoy a drink?"

Why does this Lan Jia seem a bit strange?


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