Chapter 259.2: I'm Not Used To It Either


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There were a lot of black-robed people walking back and forth on the streets. All that could be seen of them were the eyes. Some of them didn't even show their eyes and were like wraiths as they moved through the crowd.

The more they walked, the more worn down the surroundings seemed to become. There were also gradually fewer people. She noticed that there were only people traveling forward. There was no one that seemed to be heading the other way.

"Mu Ye, why are there only people entering and no one exiting?" Tang Doudou tugged on Mu Ye's robe and asked quietly.

Mu Ye replied, "Those people are heading there to participate in the conference. They're not allowed to leave before the conference ends."

Tang Doudou immediately froze and looked around worriedly. "Then can we still turn back?"

Fudge! She was now regretting not asking about things before she started heading here.

Mu Ye nodded. "We can go back."

Upon hearing this, Tang Doudou pulled him and made to turn back. Who knew what the situation inside was like? What if they were caught as imposters? With so many black-robed people inside, would it even be possible to escape?

Mu Ye stopped her. "We're already here, so let's just go in to take a look."


"I'm here, so it'll be fine."

Bro, it wasn't that she didn't trust your abilities, but this was the nest of the Seven Great Saint Tribes ah!

"There are a lot of people here so they won't notice us," said Mu Ye.

Perhaps he was worried that she didn't believe him because he randomly pulled over a black-robed person.

Tang Doudou's heart leapt. What was he doing?

"Syndicate Leader Tan." Mu Ye exposed that person's identity and that person immediately looked towards the two of them with a flustered expression.

"H-how did you... you've got the wrong person. I'm not some syndicate leader!"

"Really?" Mu Ye's voice turned slightly cold. That person seemed to have also recognized him as well.


Mu Ye actually nodded and admitted it. "It's me."

"I-I... You... how did you knew who I was?" Syndicate Leader Tan's voice was trembling slightly. He glanced around fearfully, then rubbed the black robe covering his face.

"Let's go." Mu Ye released him without answering.

Since the person speaking was the merciless Leader of the Demonic Sect that could kill without blinking an eye, Syndicate Leader Tan immediately ran off when he was released without bothering to stay around to find out how his identity was exposed.

But Tang Doudou was extremely curious ah!

If she didn't remember wrong, Syndicate Leader Tan was one of the more popular figures in the martial arts alliance. She had seen this syndicate leader several times before when they were fighting against the Demonic Sect.

However, how did Mu Ye know who he was with the black robe covering all his features?

And how did he managed to grab someone they knew so coincidentally?

"I've seen him several times, so I knew that he wasn't someone of the Saint Tribes," explained Mu Ye. "The goal of the conference is to attract people that know about the Saint Tribes back to join the Saint Tribes. Thus, probably over half the people walking on the streets don't belong to the Saint Tribes."

"The only difference between them and us is that they were specially brought here by certain people."

Tang Doudou understood the general idea now. It was no wonder even someone like Syndicate Leader Tan showed up at Cerulean Mountain.

"I get it now. Gathering people is a must if the Seven Great Saint Tribes want to re-establish themselves, that's why they sent out Saint Envoys to gather people that are willing to join the Saint Tribes."


"What I don't understand is, could it be that all of these people are descendants of the Saint Tribes? How are they able to tell?" Tang Doudou rubbed her chin. "There's no way that they're just asking around about it, right?"

Mu Ye prompted, "Lamp. The antique lamps."

Tang Doudou immediately realized. "That antique lamp! The Pavilion Master Xin Yue once said that the lamp had the ability to recognize special blood!"

So it was like that!

It was starting to make more and more sense. It was likely that all of these incidents had long been arranged by the Seven Great Saint Tribes.

The people of the God Firmament Hall which Feng Yunhuan was a part of were subordinates of Jun Xin, but Jun Xin never said whether Feng Yunhuan had joined before or after he became the Hall Master.

In any case, when Feng Yunhuan went last time to find Xin Yue, it had definitely been for the sake of getting the blood samples that Xin Yue had on hand.

Xin Yue was probably also a Saint Envoy. Her condition back then had been very strange. Now that she thought about it, Xin Yue's appearance wasn't that different from Shen Moru's. She just didn't know why Xin Yue would be chained up in the underground palace.

However, by this time, investigating probably wouldn't turn up anything anymore.

However, that Black Demonic Nightcrawler... When Tang Doudou's thoughts got to this point, she glanced at Mu Ye. Feng Yunhuan had said that was a creature of the Demonic Sect. However, from the looks of it now, it seemed to have been something that came from the Seven Great Saint Tribes.

Then, was Mu Ye also someone of the Seven Great Saint Tribes?

"We're here." Just as she was sinking into her thoughts again, Mu Ye suddenly spoke.

Tang Doudou looked up and was stunned by the scene in front of her.

She was overcome with the feeling that she had returned to Tree Valley. However, Tree Valley couldn't compare at all with this scene in front of her.

The tree in front of her... calling it a mountain was a better description, but it really was a tree. Although only half of it was left, if you looked into the distance, you could still see the rings of the tree trunk. Those enormous rings on the ancient-looking wood made the people walking on it seem like tiny black ants in comparison.  

It wasn't next to the Saint City, but suspended in midair, held up by countless enormous iron chains. Below the iron chains was thick black-colored smoke and from time to time, the cries of fearsome-sounding beasts could be heard.Enormous crisscrossing roots extended from the trunk of the tree and disappeared into the black smoke. They had already exited Saint City. Behind them were countless ruins and wild weeds. A lot of black-robed people were also standing here, frozen in awe as they stared at the enormous ancient tree floating in midair.

This was probably an unforgettable scene for most people.

It was no wonder that more and more people were joining the Saint Tribes. They all probably thought that the Saint Tribes were gods!

And this was just the leftover remnants of the Saint Tribes. Back then, the Saint Tribes were probably even more dazzling to behold.

"What are you guys all standing here for? To block the path of our Saint Envoys, are you guys seeking death!?" Just as Tang Doudou was spacing out due to the scene in front of her, she heard annoyed shouts come from behind her.

The tone was very unbridled and for a moment, Tang Doudou had the misperception that it was Nangong Yan.


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