Chapter 256.1: Saint City


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It was without a doubt that the incoming people were definitely the black-clothed people of the Seven Great Saint Tribes.

Mu Ye continued rushing ahead while carrying Tang Doudou. With the gentle motions, Tang Doudou soon fell asleep on his back.

When she woke up, she was surprised that the sun was already hanging in the sky.

"Once we pass this mountain and walk for another half a day, we'll be able to reach Saint City," said Mu Ye who seemed to know that she had woken up.

"You didn't sleep the entire night? You were traveling this entire time?"

"It's nothing much." Mu Ye replied as he continued walking silently.

Tang Doudou tried moving her legs. It didn't feel as sore as before, so she said, "Mu Ye, why don't you put me down? I can walk now."

"It's too slow."

Tang Doudou became depressed. This was the reason he insisted on carrying her. It was actually because he felt that her walking speed was too slow.

"Your injury still hasn't healed?" Mu Ye suddenly asked.

Tang Doudou was confused. Only Su Yi and a few others knew about the incident when Nangong Yan stabbed her. The news wasn’t spread out at all.

"It's already better!"

Tang Doudou thought Mu Ye was talking about the injuries from Tree Valley. Unexpectedly, he said, "Has the injury on your abdomen healed?"

"How do you know about it?" Tang Doudou couldn't stop herself from asking.

Mu Ye didn't reply.

If he didn't reply the first time, no matter how much he was pressured, he still wouldn't answer.

"It hasn't gotten any better. Otherwise I'd already been able to use qinggong." Tang Doudou sighed again. She was just thinking about how to explain herself better when Mu Ye finally let her down. Following that, there was a gust of strong wind.

Mu Ye reacted extremely quietly. With a leap and a kick, there was a clanging sound as something was kicked aside and hit an enormous rock to the side.

Tang Doudou looked over and saw that it was a concealed weapon. The sharp cold light it reflected caused her body to be covered with cold sweat. If it weren't for Mu Ye's quick reflexes, she'd probably already have several holes in her right now.

"Hold on tight." Just as she was thinking about this, Mu Ye warned her in a low voice.

However, he didn't move to leave and instead stood still as if he was waiting for those people to arrive.

From the looks of it, he was about to fight.

Thus, Tang Doudou could only go along with the situation and wrap her arms around his neck. Her movements were a bit flustered and her hands still trembled with fear, so when she was reaching over, she accidentally brushed her hand against his lip.

The soft and cool sensation caused her heart to jump.

However, there was no time to care about this right now. Black-robed men started to appear one after another. There seemed to be nearly a hundred of them.

Without speaking, they headed over and surrounded the two.

Hidden weapons were thrown as if they were worthless and flew towards Tang Doudou and Mu Ye with continuous whooshes.

The back of Tang Doudou's scalp tingled with fear.

Mu Ye's gaze was as cold as ice. His iron chain flew out, and with a flash of ice-blue light, it knocked all the hidden weapons back.

He then took the initiative to go on the offensive. The chain became like a dragon in his hands. Every time it attacked, a group of black-clothed men would fall.

Although there were many black-clothed men, their martial arts weren't anything special. However, they would launch sneak attacks from time to time. It was seriously low and shameless.

Not matter how amazing Mu Ye was, it was still hard to fight off so many opponents by himself. Moreover, since he had someone on his back, he couldn't exert his full strength. It didn't take long for a pentagram-shaped hidden weapon to successfully cut into his arm. The sharp blade cut ruthlessly into his flesh and blood immediately soaked his clothing.

However, Mu Ye didn't even groan as he lifted his hand and flicked the weapon off his arm. The weapon flew straight towards a black-clothed man, and before that man could react, it pierced into his chest. The black-clothed man then collapsed, dead.

When black blood started flowing out, Tang Doudou realized with shock that these hidden weapons all contained highly toxic poison.

She glanced at Mu Ye nervously, but found that he didn't seem to be poisoned. She swallowed in relief, before suggesting, "Why don't we fly after all?"

"We won't be able to leave if we don't kill them." Mu Ye attacked again mercilessly. The iron chain was like a life-harvesting scythe and caused blood flowers to bloom wherever it passed.

"Close your eyes. Don't watch."

There was no need for him to mention this. Tang Doudou had already buried her head into his shoulder to avoid the bloody scene. On her shoulder, Lil' Gray also covered his eyes with his paws as if he was terrified.

When they stopped looking, the aura around Mu Ye immediately transformed. A black baleful aura emitted from his body. The dense black aura contained a chilling light that was conspicuously eerie.

His eyes grew even colder and the iron chain in his hand also started to glow with faint blue light.

The black-clothed men were shocked and fearful. They didn't know what was going on.

However, their orders were to kill these two. If over a hundred experts weren't enough to deal with two people, wouldn't it be seriously embarrassing?

When those people thought about this, their eyes filled with a hint of madness and they rushed forward with a roar.

Mu Ye remained expressionless as he attacked with his chain. It had become much sharper than before. Even those who barely came into contact with the blue light of the chain felt a cold chill enter their heart. They then abruptly coughed out blood and died.

Soon, most of the black-clothed men had been killed by Mu Ye. A few tried to flee but died from the concealed weapons Mu Ye kicked at them.

Mu Ye then checked to confirm that they were all dead before leaving with Tang Doudou.

After he left, a black-clothed person with a stooped back walked out from behind a tree. His dark eyes followed the two figures as they left. He stared gloomily after them for a long while before cackling with laughter. "Jeje, who would have thought that after all that futile searching, those two poison sources would send themselves to me? In that case, this old man won't be polite!"

This person was actually Shen Moru!

Mu Ye seemed to sense Shen Moru's snake-like gaze and he abruptly turned around, almost shaking Tang Doudou off.


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