Chapter 253.2: Became Lost


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Right after it left, several black-clothed people appeared.

"Saint Envoy, why is that woman gone?" asked one of the black-clothed people.

The leading black-clothed man had a red mark on the center of his forehead that contained strange black characters. Below that were elegant handsome features.

When he spoke, his voice sounded like a flowing clear spring, "She probably left."

"Then what do we do now? The Saint King specifically said to bring that woman back!"

The Saint Envoy's eyes were gentle as if he was smiling. "I got it."

The black-clothed men behind him exchanged hesitant looks. They weren't very familiar with this Saint Envoy.

"You guys return first to report to the Saint King. I'll go find that woman," said the Saint Envoy.

None of the black-clothed people spoke. It was clear that they didn't agree with his decision.

The Saint Envoy seemed to be smiling. "What? You don't trust me?"

"We don't dare!"

"Then head back. I'll send that woman to the Saint King as soon as possible."

A strange expression flashed through the eyes of the black-clothed person who was answering this entire time, but then he cupped his fist respectfully and said, "Then we'll have to trouble Saint Envoy."

"No need to be polite. It just happened that I encountered this right when I came back, otherwise I wouldn't be helping either." The Saint Envoy laughed softly. "Then I'll be leaving first." After he finished speaking, he didn't bother to wait for the black-clothed people to reply before disappearing like the wind.

"Big Bro, are we really going to let him go like this? This is the task that Saint King entrusted to us!" Right after the Saint Envoy left, someone expressed their discontent.

"But he's a Saint Envoy!" The person who was addressed as 'big bro' had a very serious expression on his face. He turned around to glance at the rest and said, "Compared to that woman, the Saint King will probably be more interested to hear of Lan Jia's return! Let's go! Let's report this news to the Saint King first and tell him it was Lan Jia who insisted on helping. Saint King wouldn't blame us once he learns of the situation!"

After he finished speaking, he took the initiative to start heading back.

The other black-clothed men looked at each other for a few moments, then followed.

Only the person at the very back seemed to still be concerned. He turned around and glanced in the direction Lan Jia had run in as his unreadable eyes seemed to deepen with thought.

Following that, he retrieved all of his emotions and became a normal black-clothed person again as he followed the people in front.

Tang Doudou ran haphazardly through the forest. Originally, she wanted to use qinggong but then she felt it would be waste to use what little inner strength she had on qinggong. If she ended up encountering an urgent situation, without her inner strength, she wouldn't even be able to cry.

As she ran, she kept glancing behind her. When she heard that the rustling sound behind her was still present, she started cursing silently. What exactly was it that kept following her!? It kept following her at a steady place but didn't attack when it got close. It seemed to be playing a game with her.

When her thoughts reached up to this point, her head cleared up. Continuing to run like this wasn't a solution. It was more likely for her to tire herself to death before she managed to shake off the pursuit this time.

She stopped running and looked behind her guardedly. As she expected, that thing also stopped. However, her sudden stop seemed to have taken it by surprise as it couldn't control its speed and got within a couple dozen steps in front of her before it managed to stop.

Since Tang Doudou was staring hard at that side, that thing didn't dare to move and just hid in the forest while watching her back.

The two continued to stare at each other with deep passion for a long while before Tang Doudou took the initiative to move.

If it was really something that planned to attack, it would have already done something in this time. Since it didn't attack, she could only take the initiative to attack!

Fudge! She had to get a good look at what exactly scared her poor heart half to death!

That thing seemed to have sensed her intentions. Slight rustling came from the place where it was hiding as if it was about to flee.

Tang Doudou had already seen how fast this thing was when she first discovered it. It was very fast, to the point she could barely see it when it moved.

The wild fruits she was carrying were getting in the way, so she threw them onto the ground but secretly kept one inside her clothes.

Following that, she slowly approached that thing. Peeking to check the direction, she abruptly took the wild fruit she hid and threw it in that direction!

That thing didn't see that she had hid a wild fruit, much less expected for her to attack with this. There was a lot of violent rustling from the underbrush before it became still again.

From the looks of it, her wild fruit had scared that thing badly and it was about to jump out when it saw that it was just a wild fruit.

However, when Tang Doudou threw the fruit, she was only a dozen steps away. She quickly closed the distance so by the time that thing stopped moving, Tang Doudou was right in front of it.

Though the underbrush was dense, Tang Doudou was still able to see the thing that had been chasing after her due to their close proximity. It was actually a little gray monkey.

Perhaps it noticed that she had got close because it also slowly lifted its head. When it saw that it was her, a currying-favor expression appeared in its round and bright black eyes. Then it started bowing towards her with both hands in front of it.

Tang Doudou took in its naive and charming appearance, then found it funny. She had actually almost wet her pants from fear due to this little monkey?

The monkey wasn't large and was only about the size of a kitten. Its fur looked very soft and it had a lot of expressions. She could tell from the way the monkey was bowing with its hands out that it had a lot of human characteristics.

Originally, she wanted to teach the bad thing that had been following her a lesson, but her anger instantly dissipated when she found that it was a furry monkey.

It was also her fault for being easily scared, wasn't it?

Tang Doudou bent down. The little monkey thought that she was going to harm it and hastily scuttled back. It landed on a trunk nearby and quickly climbed up to a high tree branch before crouching on it and looked at her warily.

Tang Doudou didn't bother with that small monkey and moved to pick up the fruit that she had just thrown. Then she waved towards the monkey and said, "You don't look dumb so you can probably understand human speech. Don't follow me anymore, got it!?"

After she said that, she went back to pick up the bundle of fruits she had thrown on the ground. Following that, she looked around. A bitter smile appeared on her face. Where was she?

However, there was no choice but to continue walking.

She didn't know where Baili Yu went at all. What would he do once he returned and couldn't find her?

She sighed and was just about to keep walking when that little monkey screeched. Following that, she felt something heavy on her back. The monkey had jumped onto her back.

If it weren't for this monkey, she wouldn't have run so far away. However, now that it had been discovered, it had actually decided to continue bothering her. She turned around, irritated, to scold this hateful monkey when she saw that there was a black-clothed person standing behind them.


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[caption id="attachment_93971" align="alignnone" width="215"] This gray langur baby was photographed at a temple where a pack of wild monkeys live near the city of Bhubaneshvar in India. The picture was taken by amateur photographer Sotskov Nikolay, 29, from Ramenskoye in the Moscow region of Russian. (kns news/ Sotskov Nikolay)[/caption]


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