Chapter 253.1: Became Lost


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Cerulean Mountain.

After traveling for half the night, Baili Yu brought Tang Doudou to a mountain cave to rest. Early the next morning, the two walked out again from the cave.

Although the moon was bright yesterday, there were large trees all around and the further in they walked, the darker it became, so she hadn't really been able to see where they were.

Now that the sun was out, and she was able to get a good look, all that was around was still lush tree trunks. It was currently the height of summer and the chirping of insects were everywhere. However, the forest was cool, so it wasn't very hot to walk in.

After a while, Baili Yu asked, "Is Wife hungry?"

Tang Doudou rubbed her stomach, then nodded honestly.

Baili Yu then picked a fruit from a nearby tree and handed it to her.

It was a beautiful bright red fruit. It immediately caused her to recall the fruits of the sacred tree that Mu Ye had given her back when they were on the sacred tree, so she asked skeptically, "Is it edible?"

"Try it?"

... However, Baili Yu's personality has always been cautious in all aspects so he probably wouldn't be like Mu Ye.

Tang Doudou took the offered fruit and bit into it, and the refreshing sweet taste of the fruit immediately exploded in her mouth. All her hesitation disappeared and she finished eating the fruit in a few bites.

After spitting out the pit of the fruit, she asked, "Big evil spirit, how did you know that this fruit was edible?"

Baili Yu was a master that lived like a prince, in complete comfort and ease. He brought Meng Yu with him everywhere he went because he was really picky about food. With how picky he was, how was it possible for him to randomly pick wild fruits to eat?

Baili Yu picked some more for her to hold on to. "Sometimes, when Meng Yu got in a bad mood, she would refuse to cook. During those times, I would use fruits to fill my stomach. However, I'd often get tired of the fruits so Ye Chuan would search for some more exquisite wild fruits to bring back. As time passed, I gradually got to know about most wild fruits."

Sweatdrops appeared on Tang Doudou's head when she heard this. No wonder she always felt that Meng Yu was a lot bolder and had much more of a temper than normal maids, so it turned out to be 'haughtiness born of special treatment' ah!

"Why aren't you eating?" Tang Doudou ate a lot but Baili Yu didn't eat a single one.

Baili Yu smiled, "Wife should hurry and eat. Once we leave the forest, there'll be nothing for you to eat."

Tang Doudou mulled over these words for a while but couldn't figure out any hidden meanings, so she could only go with the literal meaning and start picking some fruits. She took off a layer of clothing and used it to carry the fruits. If what Baili Yu said turned out to be for real, she had no desire to travel hungry.

"Baili Yu, wait for me!" As she was picking the fruits, Baili Yu had already walked some distance away.

She called him a couple times, but when she looked again, Baili Yu was already gone. This gave her quite a scare. This dense forest looked the same in all directions so without Baili Yu, she probably wouldn't be able to find her way out of this forest!

"Baili Yu! Baili Yu!" Tang Doudou couldn't be bothered to pick fruits anymore and she hastily ran in the direction Baili Yu disappeared in. However, even after running a long time, she didn't hear Baili Yu's voice at all. No one responded to her calls either.

Could it be that he had abandoned her and ran off?

If he wanted to run off, he could have run off last night instead of waiting until now. He probably discovered some urgent situation and didn't have the time to tell her before heading off to deal with it.

Tang Doudou felt like someone had probably appeared that Baili Yu chased after. This was more possible.

But right now, should she wait in the original place for him to come back, or continue walking?

If she waited in the original place... in such a dark forest, it was hard to guarantee that nothing would happen.

But if she left, what if Baili Yu couldn't find her?

Just was she was conflicted over what to do, the leaves behind her suddenly moved making a rustle that sounded like the movement of a snake!

Tang Doudou's heartstrings abruptly tightened. She slowly looked behind her but didn't see anything.

She thought she had imagined it due to nerves and was just about to relax when something flashed by in front of her eyes!

Tang Doudou fell back in surprise, then tried to locate that thing but it was already gone.

However, she didn't dare to stay in her original place anymore. She got back up and started running in a random direction with the fruit.

After she got far away, a gray figure landed in the place that Tang Doudou had just fallen.

It was the gray monkey that Mu Ye had sent to follow the two.

It looked in the direction that Tang Doudou ran in, then in the direction that Baili Yu left. Scratching its head, it thought for a while then ran in the direction Tang Doudou had gone.


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