Chapter 251.2: Grant a Song


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"That's right ah! Singing!" She plopped down to sit next to Baili Yu, then hooked her finger in his direction. "You want to hear?"

Baili Yu lifted his brows. "If Wife is willing to grant a song, this husband will naturally listen attentively."

"Ahem!" Tang Doudou cleared her throat.

Baili Yu waited curiously.

"Alright, I'm starting!" Tang Doudou stood up and faced the azure ocean. Her eyes grew deep and reflective as she opened her mouth. "Ah! Large ocean, such vast waters..."

Baili Yu's face twitched and he almost fell into the ocean. Could he take back what he said earlier?

However, Tang Doudou was already completely absorbed in the beauty of her own song. "Ah! Beautiful ladies, such great legs..."

Baili Yu's smile stiffened on his face. The expression in his eyes could no longer be made out.

Since Baili Yu didn't say anything, Tang Doudou turned around and asked, "It doesn't sound good?"

"It's still alright."

Still alright? Then that meant it didn't sound good!

Tang Doudou was a little depressed. However, she had already boasted about it she couldn't very well accept defeat like this!

"Then why don't I switch for a different song?"

"Alright." That large ocean, legs, also counted as a song?

Baili Yu thought about it, then said, "Wife can choose a gentler song."

Gentle? Tang Doudou's eyes lit up. Then how about this one?

"Over there by the mountains, over there by the sea; is a group of little blue sprites..."

"How about this time?"

"Very good."

"Then listen to this one!"

Baili Yu: ...

Tang Doudou was enjoying herself singing. After singing all three hundred nursery rhymes, she started humming some strange tunes. In any case, she didn't let Baili Yu's ears rest for even a second.

At the start, Baili Yu felt like these songs were unbearable to listen to, but after listening for a long time, he started feeling like there was some flavor to it. In the end, he started humming along with Tang Doudou.

His voice was very quiet and soft so it was impossible to hear if one didn't listen carefully. However, his low and magnetic voice was very distinct in this quiet ocean environment.

That's why, the moment he started humming, Tang Doudou was captivated. She shut up and looked over there only to see that he had at some time closed his eyes. His scarlet lips were slightly parted as a devastatingly beautiful tune drifted out.

When she recalled how she sung earlier, she felt like crawling into a barrel!

However, as Tang Doudou listened, her expression slowly turned strange and she looked towards Baili Yu nervously.

She couldn't help but wonder if she really hummed 'Old Driver' earlier.

And why did Baili Yu choose to sing this song out of all the songs?

She didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. Could it be it was because it was catchy? But she didn't dare to ask because she was afraid Baili Yu would ask her about the name of this song and the lyrics!

Luckily she had only hummed a part of it earlier and didn't actually sing it.

Otherwise, if Baili Yu found out about what an inappropriate song he was humming, he'd probably kicked her right off the boat!

At the start, sailing in the boat was rather a novelty, but after looking at this vast blue water for a long time, Tang Doudou started feeling dizzy and a bit like vomiting.

"Based on our current speed, it'll probably take another half a day for us to arrive. Wife should rest for a while first. I'll wake you up later."

When Baili Yu saw that Tang Doudou's face was pale, he took off his outer coat and wrapped it around Tang Doudou, then pulled her into his arms.

Tang Doudou yawned even as she tried to keep her eyes open. When she heard this, she murmured a reply, then closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Once she fell asleep, the smile on Baili Yu's face gradually faded. He gazed towards the calm ocean surface as he thought about something.

After the sun set, the bright moon rose from the surface of the sea. As the clear cold light spilled onto the sea, the temperature got cold.

Tang Doudou subconsciously snuggled into Baili Yu's chest but was woken up by the feeling of something hard.

"What did you put in your chest?" The place it hit was Tang Doudou's face, so she reached out to grab it.

"Don't move!" Right as she was reaching over, Baili Yu caught her hand and his low voice transmitted over.

Tang Doudou, who was still only half-awake, was puzzled. Why couldn't she grab it? Could it be that hard thing was...

Pei! Who in the world has that growing on their chest!?

Tang Doudou slapped away these unrealistic thoughts and looked up to check Baili Yu's expression. However, all she saw was a sharp chin that seemed to glow beneath the moonlight.

Seeming to sense her gaze, Baili Yu looked down and pressed his jade-like finger against his lips as he softly made a shush sound. Following that, he lifted his head again and gazed towards the distance.

Tang Doudou caught his meaning and also looked in that direction.

When she saw what was over there, she gulped, then glanced around the boat, seeming to be trying to gauge the safety level of this boat.

Right at this moment, Baili Yu roughly shoved her head into his chest and a large force flooded out from his body. A strong gale arose around them and lifted the waves to form a barrier of water around the boat.


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