Chapter 249.1: Appearance


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Before the attack even reached that side, the hidden person was forced to show himself due to the strong oppressive pressure.

However, he was completely clothed in black so his features couldn't be make out at all. In his hand was an ordinary sword which spoke nothing about his true identity.

Feng Long was just wondering who this person was when Baili Yu attacked again mercilessly. Flowers that were clearly gentle and beautiful, at this time, now became the sharpest weapons in the world. In the night air, they whistled as they shot towards that person.

The flowers burst open to split into thousands of pieces as it pierced through the darkness. The person trapped in the middle of the storm was immediately pierced to the point his body was filled with holes. Then he fell back with his eyes still open, dead.

Based on the direction his long sword was pointing, one could see that he had died without even a chance to resist.


That person collapsed to the ground heavily and his sword fell to the side.

Baili Yu retrieved his hand and the originally raging petals disappeared like melting snow, as if they had never been there.

"Master." Feng Long saluted him, then handed that bead over. "Jun Xin had me bring this over. He said he needed a definite reply within an hour."

"Have him act as needed, there's no need for hesitation." Baili Yu didn't take the bead and headed straight towards the corpse.

Feng Long didn't understand but didn't dare to ask since he seemed to be a bad mood. Instead, she glanced towards that person then her expression instantly turned serious. "Master, watch out!"

Right after she spoke, there was a flash of red and a line of blood appeared on the person originally pretending to be dead. There was another flash of red as the item disappeared back into Baili Yu's broad sleeves.

It was the Blood Shadow Blade.

When Feng Long saw that the person was truly dead this time, she cupped her fist and said, "This subordinate shall withdraw."

Baili Yu said 'en' as he continued walking towards that person. When he got near, he lifted his hand again and the black cloth covering that person's face immediately became shreds, revealing an unfamiliar face.

Baili Yu's expression turned slightly puzzled when he saw the face. He lifted his hand again and that face instantly turned into a mangled mess of flesh and blood.

It wasn't a human skin mask?

He knitted his brows and continued waving his hand. Feng Long knew that the following scene would be extremely bloody so she hastily turned to leave.

Not long after she left, Baili Yu had finished dismembering the man with a hint of an unreadable smile on his face. However, he still didn't obtain the answer he wanted. He tugged at his red robe a bit angrily, then jumped back into the window he had left from.

When he got inside the room, he tore his robe into shreds, revealing his sturdy upper body. His front was smooth as jade, yet his back was filled with sinister-looking wounds.

Following that, he quietly climbed onto the bed and pulled Tang Doudou, who was already sound asleep, into his arms. A satisfied smile appeared on his face. However, he soon recalled something and lightly bit Tang Doudou's face as a punishment. A slight sigh spilled out between his lips. Sometimes he really had no choice but to agree that what Jun Xin said was right. She really was a dumb woman.

However, what exactly was with Mu Ye?

What exactly happened between her and Mu Ye during the three months that they had disappeared?

How come Mu Ye was the most important person to her in her subconsciousness?

And she didn't even seem to know it. If it weren't for the fact that Qing Moran's music fished out the feelings buried in the depths of her heart, he probably wouldn't have known about it either.

He sighed again. There were people yearning for her everywhere. He, this fiancée, sure had it tough.

Not only did he have to guard against those within the home, he had to guard against outsiders too.

It seemed like he had to hurry and marry her in order to fully break off some people's hopes. Only then would he be able to sleep without worries.

When Baili Yu's thoughts reached this point, he laughed again. Lifting a strand of Tang Doudou's hair, he played with it as he looked at her. He felt like he could never get enough of looking at her face. When he got happy from watching her, he would even peck her softly to express his happiness.

A certain person that was sleeping like a pig would, at this time, push away that annoying thing that was disturbing her dreams, then flip around to continue sleeping.

Not even she herself realized that because Baili Yu had been climbing onto her bed every day, she no longer had trouble falling asleep due to an unfamiliar bed.

It was another early morning.

Tang Doudou was overheating due to the hot sunlight and kicked off the blanket covering her. However, no matter what she did, she couldn't sleep anymore so she finally opened her eyes sleepily. She looked around for a while before her mind finally cleared up a little. What happened yesterday came back to her in a rush as well.

"Damned fox, stinking fox, shameless rotten fox! I'll draw two circles to curse you so that your damned kidneys rot!" When she recalled how Baili Yu ignored her and left yesterday, fury filled her heart but not even cursing relieved her anger.

“Damned evil spirit, stinkin' evil spirit! You’d better hope you don't fall into this Alliance Head's hands, otherwise I'll cut your little... Pei, cut you into pieces! It's seriously infuriating! Isn't it that she knows how to play the guqin? What's so amazing about that? This baby even knows how to sing!"

"You know how to sing?"


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