Chapter 247.2: Let's Elope


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"Pff!" Tang Doudou hadn't drunk any water but she still almost choked. Elope?

"I'm serious. If you really don't want Baili Yu anymore, then just elope with me!" Jun Xin looked at her offhandedly, but inwardly, he was extremely nervous.

If Tang Doudou nodded, he'd definitely take her away without hesitation.

"Even if I were to elope, I wouldn't do it with a brat like you!" Tang Doudou jumped up from her chair. It wasn't that she didn't notice the nervousness and earnestness hidden behind his laid-back tone, but she seriously couldn't bring herself to let go of Baili Yu. Even now, when she was furious, she still cared about that damned evil spirit.

"Haha, I'm just joking. Old lady, you couldn't have thought that this young master was offering for real, right?" Jun Xin's heart squeezed with pain but he put on an overly bright smile. Reaching out, he patted Tang Doudou on the back of her head before striding past those chairs and heading towards the exit. "You're not coming? Could it be that you want to spend the night here?"

Tang Doudou's nose stung as she watched him leave with a big smile, but she held back her tears. This dumb kid.

Jun Xin originally wanted to send Tang Doudou back to the residence, but she didn't want to go back so he could only find an inn for her to stay in.

"Just go to sleep. Everything will be fine when you wake up." Jun Xin stood at the door and spoke to her in an impatient tone. After he finished speaking, he closed the door.

Standing with his back against the door, he sighed, then slapped himself lightly. Hadn't he already made his decision? Why did he waver again?

After spending a while frustrated with himself, he glanced towards the room behind him.

He should just explain to her tomorrow about what Baili Yu was doing!

However, when he left the inn and jumped onto the roof, he saw that Baili Yu was standing there.

"Why are you here?" He rubbed his head, feeling a bit guilty because of what he had said earlier.

Baili Yu turned towards him. "Qing Moran refuses to cooperate, so I came to find you for help."

"She won't cooperate? Isn't it more like you aren't trying? If you were willing to hook a finger and sell your looks a little, how could she refuse to behave?" He actually came because of this little matter rather than for Tang Doudou? Jun Xin who was originally still feeling guilty immediately became irritated.

"You really aren't going?" Baili Yu didn't get angry and continued speaking softly in his usual tone that contained a hint of a smile.

Jun Xin glanced at the smile that he had been a little scared of since childhood, then shrugged. "I'll go, how could I not go? However, Qing Moran probably doesn't like my type."

After he finished speaking, he jumped off the roof. However, he seemed to recall something and turned around. "If we leave, what about Tang Doudou?"

"You're going, I'm not." Baili Yu smiled at him. "When you get back, help me throw Bai Lianhua into the sea!"

His words showed that he had already found out about today's events.

Jun Xin felt a bit unwilling. Although Tang Doudou hadn't agreed when he asked her today, she might've agreed after Baili Yu treated her coldly a few days.

However, that thought formed, he felt that he was being ridiculous. Shooting Baili Yu a disdainful eye roll, he said, "How come I have to be the bad guy every single time?"


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