Chapter 240.2: Vow Bound By Hair


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When Baili Yu saw her disdainful expression, he felt stuck between laughing and crying. There was actually someone in this world that would disdain this ring for being so simple. This was the symbol of all the Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce's wealth ah!

But he was alright with it since this person was her.

"Lately, the Chamber of Commerce's business hadn't been doing well, so I can only ask Wife to endure this period of time. Once business recovers a little, I'll definitely give Wife a wonderfully grand wedding." Baili Yu couldn't help but tease her when he saw how disdainful she was of the ring.

As expected, Tang Doudou immediately started worrying when she heard about this. She grabbed his arm and asked, "Why haven't you ever mentioned this before?"

"Wife, if the Chamber of Commerce went bankrupt, would you still marry me?" Baili Yu took her hand in his as he looked at her with a heated gaze.

Did she seem like a woman that was greedy for wealth? Tang Doudou was a little angry. Could it be that Baili Yu thought that she was only with him for his wealth?

Seeming to know that she would think this, Baili Yu made a troubled expression. "I was just worried that Wife would leave me after finding out, that's why I didn't dare to tell you."

The more Tang Doudou heard, the angrier she got. So this was what she was like in his heart!

However, she recalled how he had been so busy lately and was always gone. It made sense now. It was because that large chamber of commerce was on the edge of becoming bankrupt! Even though that was the case, he still decided to stay here for so many days for the sake of her health.

If it weren't for the fact that he loved her, why would he do this for her? No matter what, the Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce was his life's work. If it really went bankrupt, he'd definitely be very hurt!

When Tang Doudou's thoughts got to this point, a strong valiant feeling emerged in her heart.

"What's there to be scared about? For better or for worse, I'm the grand Young City Lord of Cloud City, the future city lord! I have plenty of money! If the chamber of commerce goes bankrupt, then so be it! If it comes to it, I'll take care of feeding you!" She silently added in her heart, it'd be perfect if you didn't have money anymore. That way those women wouldn't be so obsessed with him.

What Tang Doudou said delighted Baili Yu. This little woman actually said that she'd take care of feeding him. It was seriously too cute!

"But the Lord of Cloud City is also really poor." Although he was so happy he was practically on cloud nine, on the surface he maintained a depressed expression. He wanted to see what else Tang Doudou would say.

Tang Doudou scratched her head. That seemed true ah.

Su Yi's City Lord Residence didn't even have a single servant. All that was in his house were crappy pieces of copper and iron. She hadn't seen a single thing that seemed valuable.

Now that she thought about it, he really was poor!

"Then why don't we just put the position of Cloud City's Lord on auction once Su Yi dies?" Weren't there a lot of people that wanted the position of city lord?

Then she should just open an auction and sell it to the highest bidder. In any case, she had no desire to be some city lord.

It was still alright while Su Yi was here, but if Su Yi passed away, her goal would be to get as far away from Cloud City as possible!

Auction off the position of city lord?

Baili Yu observed a moment of silence for Su Yi who was a thousand miles away. He had wasted his time raising such a white-eyed wolf. It sure was sad.

However, Su Yi's sadness was his happiness!

After all, this white-eyed wolf's elbows were turned towards him. For his sake, she was even willing to auction off the position of city lord! She truly cared about him a lot!

Baili Yu had no idea that Tang Doudou was thinking this: The position of city lord was nothing but an empty title. If she became City Lord, someone would probably overthrow her in just a few days. Rather than go through all that struggle, it'd be better to openly auction it off. That way, not only could she gain a sum of money, she could also carry Baili Yu off.

It would be a waste not to take advantage of that chance to kill two birds with one stone.

Tang Doudou didn't know that her idea would actually be put to use in the future. Of course, at that time, no matter how much she lowered the price, there was no one willing to bid on this position of city lord.

Of course, that occurred later, so we won't go into details. Right now, after Tang Doudou said this, Baili Yu cut off two strands of hair, one from each of them. He quickly weaved them together into a long rope then wrapped it with a red string. Then he looped the rope through the thumb ring and carefully tied it around Tang Doudou's neck. Taking her hand and weaving his fingers between hers, he vowed, "This love bound by hair will last forever. Through life and death, we will always be together."


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