Chapter 239.2: Let's Get Married


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"Master, I've finished investigating the origin of those black-clothed men." On an embankment not far from the village houses, Baili Yu, dressed in fiery red, was standing beneath a mulberry tree and listening to his subordinate's report.

"They aren't aiming for us. They're only lingering hesitantly around the outskirts of the village because they saw that we had large numbers and they weren't sure of the situation."

"But I saw that the leading black-clothed man's attire seemed like that of the God Firmament Hall."

God Firmament Hall? Then it should be the Seven Great Saint Tribes?

Baili Yu waved, indicating for him to withdraw. Then he looked towards the house that was still dimly lit. Tian Weishi. They were probably here to find him. But what was the connection between all of this?

Things seemed to be becoming increasingly complicated. It was just as Jun Xin said, every time they understood the Seven Great Saint Tribes a bit more, they would feel that the Saint Tribes were even more complex and harder to understand than before. The mist in front of their eyes only appeared denser.

Lifting his hand, he slowly pulled away his sleeve to look at the black veins on his jade-like wrist. Those veins appeared like sinister centipedes that pulsed slightly.

A conflicted look emerged in Baili Yu's eyes as he stared at his horrifying veins, as if he was making a hard choice.

When the moon rose and lit the night with soft moonlight, Baili Yu finally lowered his hand and his broad sleeves fell to conceal his arm once again. He leaned back against the mulberry tree and slowly closed his eyes to focus on the sensation of the cool moonlight.

Master, I really am useless.

Tang Doudou discussed the Hoarfrost Poison with Tian Weishi the entire night. In the end, she couldn't stay awake any more and passed out right there on the ground. She didn't even notice when Tian Weishi left.

However, when she woke up, she found that someone had already carried her to the bed and taken off her outer garments.

She thought Qing Yu was the one who had helped her and flipped over to sleep some more. However, after she flipped over, she realized that something was off.

There was someone here!

Tang Doudou's drowsiness instantly vanished when she noticed that there was someone else on the bed and she reflexively kicked with all her strength. Hell! To dare climb into her bed!

Unexpectedly, her leg was caught by a pair of large hands. A teasing voice came from above her head. "Wife is so heartless, to want to make this husband descendant-less first thing in the morning."

Tang Doudou immediately came back to her senses when she heard this voice. It had been silly of her. Who else aside from this evil spirit would have the nerve and be bored enough to climb into her bed?

She tried retrieving her leg but couldn't so she gave up.

"Who asked you to climb in here without a sound? I thought it was some Deng disciple bastard."

Baili Yu laughed, then reached out to twirl her hair around his finger and smell it. He then drew closer to the side of her face.

Tang Doudou's leg was still in his hand as he drew close to the point that their breaths mixed. "Wife, let's get married," he said softly.

Tang Doudou immediately rolled her eyes. He climbed into her bed in the middle of the night like a ghost just to say this?

Tsk. He wanted to marry her just like this? As if it'd be that easy!

"Get married?" She smiled. "Sure!"

Joy immediately appeared on Baili Yu's face when he heard her straightforward reply. His eyes curved into happy arcs and he was just about to lower his head to reward her for being so good when Tang Doudou blocked him with her hand.

A trace of puzzlement flashed through his eyes as he asked softly, "Wife? What do you mean by this?"


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