Chapter 236.1: Rebirth of the Phoenix


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This time, Tang Doudou slept for a long while. She even dreamed of various strange things. The strangest was that she dreamed of Mu Ye.

She dreamed of Shen Moru landing hit after hit on him, but he didn't make a sound and simply gazed quietly at her. His gaze made her feel like her heart was about to break.

His gaze seemed to be blaming her, asking her why she chose to forget.

What did she forget?

She couldn't remember. No matter how she tried, she just couldn't remember. She ran over to ask him, but Shen Moru had abruptly turned around and the alarm jolted her awake.


So it was just a dream.

But why did it feel so real, like it had really happened before?

Mu Ye... what exactly had she forgotten?

She had definitely forgotten something important. When she got poisoned in Blue Moon Lake, it felt as if something was emerging in her mind, some sort of memory, but it had been interrupted by Yuner. If it weren't for that, she definitely would have remembered back then!

In addition, she was certain that the memory belonged completely to her and not to the original Li Xueyi.

"Lady Doudou, you're awake!" Qing Yu's voice appeared in the room and immediately pulled Tang Doudou back to reality.

"En," replied Tang Doudou. She found that her throat was very dry, so she asked, "Qing Yu, is there any water?"

"There is." On her way over, Qing Yu stopped by the table and poured a cup of water. After handing it over, she asked, "Lady must be hungry, right? I'll go get some food for you. After you finish eating, rest for a while. Doctor Shen has also already sent the medicinal pill over. Once you take that, you will be healthy enough to bounce around again."

"It's not like I'm a bunny." Tang Doudou laughed. In the end, her throat was so dry that she only felt better after drinking the entire cup of water.

"Is it morning right now or noon?"

"It's just past the time for the afternoon meal so everyone is taking an afternoon nap right now." Qing Yu took the cup and put it back, then prepared to get some food for her.

Tang Doudou called out to stop her. "Wait for me, I'll go with you."

After sleeping for an entire day, she felt like her bones had turned to mush. If she didn't get up and walk a bit, she'd really become a cripple. Moreover, she wanted to play with Meng Yu. And most importantly, she heard that this was a rural area so this place definitely had a lot of local food and wild game. It wasn't easy for her to finally have a chance to play in the kitchen so she definitely had to visit!

Qing Yu looked back at her with hesitation.

"Don't worry, I'll be fine! Didn't the doctor say that I was fine as well? I'll be completely recovered once I take the medicine!" After she finished speaking, she didn't wait for Qing Yu to agree before pulling her and opening the door.

During the height of summer, one to two o'clock was the hottest time of the day.

In this ancient era, it wasn't especially hot. In this house in the countryside, it was even less so. However, at the moment she pushed open the door, a gust of hot wind blew in and made it hard for her to open her eyes.

Qing Yu immediately got an umbrella from the side of the room and used it to shield her from the scorching sunlight. She said in a helpless tone, "Our kitchen is pretty far from here. I'm worried that your body won't be able to handle it."

"Far? We're not using the village's kitchen?" If it was a newly built one, then there was no point going there.

"Master said that we're already bothering the villagers a lot by lodging here, so for the other things if we can do it ourselves then we should in order to avoid bothering the villagers even more."

If Baili Yu had been a government official, he definitely would have been a good one.

Upon hearing this, Tang Doudou silently labeled Baili Yu as a good official, then started reconsidering her decision. She wanted to see Meng Yu ah, but at this time of day, if she walked for too long she really might faint from heat stroke on the way. If that happened, it would just delay everyone even more.

The fact that Baili Yu had been rushing to leave Cloud City definitely meant that there was something urgent he had to attend to. She wouldn't be able to rest easy if those matters ended up being delayed because of her.

"Eh? The lady is awake!" Suddenly, an old man with white hair came out from the next room. When he saw Tang Doudou and Qing Yu, he greeted them with a smile.

"Lady, this is the village chief." Qing Yu explained to her quietly.

So this was the village chief!

Since she was staying at his place and he looked at least eighty, Tang Doudou felt bad and hastily went over to support him. "Village Chief Grandpa, did we disturb your rest?"

"No, not at all..." The village chief smiled happily when he heard Tang Doudou call him Village Chief Grandpa in such a sweet manner. He patted her hand and said, "When people get old, they won't be able to sleep after a nap. I heard that you guys were going to the kitchen. That means this little girl still hasn't eaten yet?"

Qing Yu and Tang Doudou shared a glance. Neither of them was sure how to reply.

Based on how cordial people who lived in the countryside were, if they said they already ate since he already heard what they said earlier, he'd definitely felt like they weren't being honest. However, if they said that they hadn't eaten yet, he'd definitely insist that they eat here as his guests.

When they didn't reply, the village chief started speculating. "From how you two are acting, I must have been right. You haven't eaten yet, right?"

"Don't be so polite. You children are just too polite. You guys brought this old man some liveliness by coming to this village. You know, it's been a long time since any outsiders have come here!"

"No outsiders have come here? Why?" asked Tang Doudou curiously. Then she secretly sent Qing Yu a look to get Qing Yu to go get some food from the kitchen. If she brought food over, then they wouldn't have to trouble the old village chief.

Qing Yu caught the signal and was just about to leave but the old village chief noticed.

"You guys are looking down on this old man!"

The old village chief immediately got angry and it was actually a bit scary. Tang Doudou hastily said with an apologetic smile, "How could we? Village Chief, why don't you tell us why no one comes here even though this place is right on the road?"

The village chief humphed and didn't answer her. Instead, he said to Qing Yu. "If you leave, that means you're looking down on me. If you respect me, then help me for a while as I make something for you two to eat."

"It's so hot right now, how I can allow you ladies to run around outside? What if you guys faint from the heat?" As he grumbled some complaints, he walked into the nearby kitchen.

Tang Doudou and Qing Yu didn't know whether to laugh or to cry, but in the end, they obediently walked in after him.


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