Chapter 232.1: Beautiful Mountains and Rivers


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"Hoarfrost Poison?" muttered Bai Feiyun. It seemed that he hadn't heard of it before.

"You haven't heard of it before?"

Bai Feiyun lowered the medicinal book he was holding as he shook his head.

Did that mean he hadn't heard of it, or that he had?

Tang Doudou was too anxious to wait and pressed, "Xiao Bai..."

"Calm down..." Bai Feiyun shot her a look telling her not to panic, then showed her the medicinal book he was holding. He patiently pointed at a certain column of letters. "Is it this poison?"

Tang Doudou looked over but found that she didn't recognize a single word. "What's written?"

"Hoarfrost Poison ah."

"That coincidental?" Tang Doudou's eyes widened. How could such a coincidence occur? For Hoarfrost Poison to appear in his medicinal book right after she started asking about it?

It was too unbelievable. She suspected Xiao Bai of messing with her.

"I wouldn't lie to you. How about this? Since you can't read this, you should just bring this book with you and have Baili Yu or Jun Xin look at it for you." Bai Feiyun closed the medicinal book and handed it to her.

Tang Doudou was puzzled. Why he didn't directly tell her and instead told her to take the medicinal book to Baili Yu?

However, from the looks of it, Xiao Bai didn't know that Baili Yu was poisoned with the Hoarfrost Poison. That was fortunate. Her decision earlier had been a little careless.

"This book was the one Senior Cang was reading before he left. You believe now, right?"

So it was like that. Ever since Old Man Cang found out that her Disseminating Tassel Fragrance had been cured, he had closed himself in his secret room to peruse these medicinal texts. The fact that he read this book last made it clear that this was a very important book.

Since this medicinal book belonged to Cang Baicao and he also happened to know how to cure the Hoarfrost Poison, it was possible that this was the exact book that Cang Baicao learned about the method to cure Hoarfrost Poison from!

When Tang Doudou's thoughts reached this point, she started feeling overjoyed. She hadn't expected to gain such a good harvest.

"Xiao Bai, if I take this thing and Cang Baicao misses it when he comes back, would you end up in trouble?" To people like Cang Baicao, medicinal books mattered more than life.

"There are limits to the knowledge that can be gained from paper. Senior Cang only uses these medicinal books when he researches, so most of the time these books are just piled up and ignored. Moreover, it's not like you're planning to keep this book. You can just send someone to deliver it back once you're done with it."

"Then I'll be taking it!" Tang Doudou immediately beamed after she heard what Bai Feiyun said. Then she asked, "Xiao Bai, you're not planning to head back to Huai City?"

"I won't be heading back for the time being. Senior Cang has a lot of books here that can't be found in the outside world so I'm planning to take advantage of this time to study them."

So he was working on advancing his expertise ah!

In reality, studying medicine suited his temperament way more than dealing with those annoying matters in the martial arts alliance.

When Tang Doudou's thoughts reached this point, she stood up and said, "Then I'll leave first. Xiao Bai, take care of yourself! Remember to think of me!"

Bai Feiyun smiled. "Have a safe journey."

As Tang Doudou left Cang Residence with the book, she started mulling over the question of whether to have Baili Yu look at this book or to look directly for Jun Xin.

Neither idea seemed appealing. For some unknown reason, though she was clearly holding a book that talked about the Hoarfrost Poison, she felt inexplicably uneasy.

Suddenly, someone fell out from the door in front of her and almost knocked her over.

"Hey! What are you doing!?" Tang Doudou shouted in the direction of the door. Even though she hadn't been paying a lot of attention, it was obvious that the person who fell out had been pushed.

As expected, when she looked over, there were two arrogant-looking servants standing at the door. However, after she shouted at them, the two reacted as if they had seen a ghost and hastily ran inside, then shut the door.

Tang Doudou glanced at the signboard above the door and saw that it was the residence of Ximen Qing, the person who was known to be the number one in needlework.

The only reason she had been able to recognize the signboard was thanks to all the teaching Bai Feiyun gave her when she had just arrived in Cloud City.

Since the doors had already been closed and she was also about to leave Cloud City, she decided not to be nosy and leave.

However, she was still a bit curious about the person that had been pushed out so as she was walking away, she glanced towards the ground.

It was a woman.

Her messy hair covered her features and she was wearing blue garments. Although her clothing was tattered beyond belief, one could still tell that she had a pretty good figure. At the same time, the visible parts of her skin were filled with bruises and scars.

The more Tang Doudou noticed, the more disturbed she felt. She was just about to turn away when she happened to meet that woman's eyes. She recognized the person with just one glance!

Because her impression of this person was too strong.

It was actually San Yu!

"You- why are you in Cloud City? Are you alright?" When Tang Doudou saw that it was San Yu, she hastily shoved the book into her clothes and walked over to help her up. "San Yu, why are you here? How did you end up like this?"

In the past, San Yu's expression was always indifferent as if there was nothing in the world she was concerned about. The only time she acted with emotion like a normal young girl was when she was facing Yuner.

However, at this time she looked flustered and turned her head away. Lowering her voice, she said, "You're mistaking me for someone else, I don't know you."

After she said that, she stood up to leave.

It clearly was her, so why was she pretending not to know her?

There was clearly something fishy about all of this. When Tang Doudou's thoughts reached this point, she was even more convinced that she couldn't let San Yu leave just like this. However, San Yu looked determined to leave, so it seemed that if she wanted to stop her, she'd have to use a strong method.

Suddenly, she had a flash of inspiration and hastily grabbed San Yu. "Wait. Even if you don't know me, you should know Yuner, right? He's also in Cloud City right now!"

Yuner had been driven out of the Prime Minister Residence because he wanted to save her and had suffered countless days of being shunned and tormented. If she hadn't happened to encounter Yuner that day when she returned to Cloud City, his current whereabouts and the things he would have gone through were unimaginable.

In the past, San Yu had treated Yuner very well. As of now, Yuner had even saved her, so logically she should have some reaction to the news that Yuner was in Cloud City.

However, her reaction disappointed Tang Doudou. San Yu's expression did not change at all as she flung off Tang Doudou's hand and said coldly, "I don't know you or any Yuner. Stop bothering me!"

San Yu's response stumped Tang Doudou. She couldn't help but wonder if she really got the wrong person?

She was only taken aback for a brief moment, but by the time she came back to her senses, San Yu had already walked far away. From her figure, it seemed that she had other injuries since her back was hunched as she walked. What exactly was going on?

Maybe she should go back and ask Yuner. Yuner seemed like a completely different person now. Maybe he could figure out what was going on.


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