Chapter 227.1: Smashing Her Own Foot


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She continued observing for a while and became certain that there was something beneath Nangong Yan.

She had been wondering why Nangong Yan would be so well-behaved as to continue to sit there crying instead of running away.

So it turned out that it was because she was trying to hide the thing under her butt. But what exactly was it?

Why would she cover it despite the humiliation?

"Hehe, do you see it now?" asked Jun Xin.

"I see it, but I can't tell what exactly it is." Although they weren't very far away, Nangong Yan had concealed it too well. Even though Tang Doudou could see it, she couldn't make out what it was.

Jun Xin didn't tell her the answer and simply let her continue watching.

It was unknown how long Nangong Yan had been crying. Her voice had already turned hoarse, so she stopped bawling and started sobbing soundlessly.

However, Tang Doudou still wasn't seeing the show Jun Xin had promised.

"Where's the show? The people have already started leaving. Did you make a mistake?"

Jun Xin just shot her a look, then said, "It's here."

"What's here..." Before she even finished speaking, she saw Yu Fenger run down from the boat holding something.

"Big Brother Yu? Does Nangong Yan's current situation have to do with Big Brother Yu?"

"Stop making random guesses and just wait!" Jun Xin rapped her forehead, then patted her on the head. "Also, don't get so stirred up. Nangong Yan won't be able to hurt Yu Fenger."

She felt him softly patting her head as if he was stroking fur and her expression immediately darkened. Was this guy treating her like a pet?

"Stinkin' brat, move your hand." She reached out to push away Jun Xin's palm but accidentally used too much force. Jun Xin was pushed back and crashed into the branch behind them.

There was a creak, then a crack. Both of their facial colors changed. Before Jun Xin could grab Tang Doudou and leap onto another branch, the branch broke and the two fell into the water.

"Save, save..." She was still traumatized from having almost drowned in Plum Garden. The moment she felt the water, she squeezed her eyes shut and started screaming.

Jun Xin had landed not far from her. Seeing that her voice was making people look over, he hastily went over and covered her mouth. "Stinkin' woman, stop shouting and look. This water isn't deep. You won't drown."

Even as he spoke, guilt flickered in his eyes. Tang Doudou's fear of water was his fault. If he had grabbed her sooner that time and hadn't allowed her to fall into the lotus pond, she probably wouldn't be like this.

"Mmf... mmff..." After hearing what Jun Xin said, she noticed that the cool sensation only reached her knees and opened her eyes. When she saw that the water was indeed shallow, she let out a breath in relief. She wanted to speak, but her mouth was covered so tightly that it was hard to even breathe.

Jun Xin hastily released her. Shooting her a look, he feigned disdain. "As expected of a woman, you have no guts."

"Tch, so what if I'm a woman? Do you think all men have the guts of leopards!?" She glowered at Jun Xin as she wrung out her wet skirt and headed towards the shore.

Jun Xin followed her. "Your clothes are all wet, so let's just head back and get changed?"

"It's hot today so we can just treat it as cooling off," replied Tang Doudou casually. Then she no longer paid attention to Jun Xin and walked over to look towards the crowd only to see that Nangong Yan was looking at Yu Fenger with tearful eyes as if she had suffered a great grievance.

Yu Fenger was holding something and crouched down in front of her, trying to persuade her about something. However, Nangong Yan continuously shook her head and seemed to be trying to get Yu Fenger to go away. Although Tang Doudou couldn't hear what the two were saying, she could tell from their expressions that Nangong Yan's tone was definitely not polite.

"What are they saying?" She had been watching for a while but still couldn't figure it out so she could only ask Jun Xin.

Jun Xin smiled and said, "Yu Fenger's probably telling her to head back first and let Baili Yu help resolve this matter."

"But what exactly happened to her? She seems to be trying to blow this matter up?"

"Of course she wants to make it big. If she doesn’t, how else could she reveal your true despicable self to the world?" Jun Xin finally said something interesting.

But, how was she involved?

This wasn't logicial ah!

She hasn't done anything lately?

"Let's head over." She was still puzzled, but Jun Xin had already started pulling her towards the crowd.

Right at this time, Murong Yu and a law enforcement team showed up and rushed in this direction.

Tang Doudou hastily pulled Jun Xin back. "Murong Yu is coming."

"That's exactly what Nangong Yan wants and also what we want!" Jun Xin grinned. "Weren't you curious about what she was sitting on? I'll tell you now. In a bit, you need to..."

As he spoke, he moved closer to her ear to tell her what she should do.

Tang Doudou couldn't help but admit respect for Jun Xin after she heard the plan. This was too bloody genius! He was the only one that would be able to think of such a vicious plan!

But, she liked it!

Hehe. Nangong Yan ah, Nangong Yan, this time I'll let you taste the flavor having the stone you yourself lifted crush your foot!


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