Chapter 225.2: Refuse to Take the Offered Toast and Having to Take the Punishment Drink


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He discovered a figure near the cliff to the left.

That person's back was facing them. His black hair was pulled up into a high ponytail and he was wearing a black outfit that showed his broad back and slender waist. When the sharp cold wind of the mountain blew, the corners of his robes were swept up, revealing a pair of long legs that were slightly bent as he leaned against the rock wall. As if he had sensed the person's gaze, he turned to look in this direction. His unruly eyes seemed to contain the light of stars as he grinned nefariously. "Hai, long time no see ah, Saint Envoy Xiang."

"Ming Mengxin?" asked that person in an uncertain tone.

Most of the Saint Envoys wore a black robe that concealed them from head to toe in order to avoid letting people discover their true appearances. Due to this, even if two Saint Envoys encountered each other on the streets without a mask, they likely wouldn't recognize each other.

Ming Mengxing was a special case though. His blood didn't dry up and his flesh didn't lose its luster despite the fact that he practiced the Saint Envoys' martial arts.

Still, very few Saint Envoys had seen his true appearance. The only reason Saint Envoy Xiang had ventured this guess was because of his unique eyes.

"Saint Envoy Xiang truly has a short memory, characteristic of eminent persons. We saw each other just last month in Green Maple City. How could you have forgotten me so soon?" Jun Xin walked over slowly. As the faint blue light floated in front, lighting the way, it made it seem as if he was treading on starlight.

These words verified his identity. He was undoubtedly Ming Mengxin.

Saint Envoy Xiang stood up and stared at Ming Mengxin. "Are you betraying the Saint Tribe?"

"Betraying? When have I ever been loyal to it?" Jun Xin smiled demonically as he caught the antique lamp. "I was just borrowing it to investigate some things. What stupid Saint Tribe? They're just a bunch of lunatics delusionally trying to revive some Saint Tribe. How laughable..."

"You!" Saint Envoy Xiang was so enraged by his tone that he almost coughed blood, but he couldn't find the words to refute and could only say, "The Saint Tribes won't forgive you!"

"How naive. Do you think the Saint Tribes would find out?" asked Jun Xin with an evil smirk.

Saint Envoy Xiang's face immediately turned pale as panic appeared in his eyes. It was already hard enough to deal with Baili Yu, yet Ming Mengxin had shown up as well. From the looks of it, he was going to fall here.

His gaze darkened, then he quickly pulled out five Thunderbolt Beads and threw them towards Jun Xin and Baili Yu.

Thunderbolt Beads were concealed weapons that had immense damage power. Even pinnacle experts couldn't underestimate them.

A single bead already costed a shocking amount, but for the sake of escaping, he could only endure the emotional pain and throw out five of them at once. He was about to take advantage of this chance to escape when he saw that the beads had stopped in mid air while still spinning.

Thunderbolt Beads only exploded once they made contact with something. Now that they had been stopped in the air, they couldn't do anything.

Saint Envoy Xiang was stunned. Has Baili Yu's martial arts already reached this level?

To be able to block something in midair, was this still martial arts?

However, he no longer had much more time to think about this as the Thunderbolt Beads were now flying back at him. He didn't have the ability to stop the beads in midair and could only retreat backwards. However, the beads continued chasing after him as if Baili Yu was controlling them.

"Don't play around anymore, she's still at Blue Moon Lake!" Jun Xin inwardly sighed as he watched Saint Envoy Xiang being chased around by the Thunderbolt Beads. Baili Yu was seriously a devil. He was probably the only one in the world that could toy with a Saint Envoy like he was a little mouse.

It was a good thing he had turned back early and didn't continue opposing him.

Upon hearing this, Baili Yu gave a light laugh. "With the Mandate of Heaven's Child there, nothing will happen to her..."

Unexpectedly, right after he spoke, they saw a figure running towards them as if his life depended on it. Naturally, the person was Yuner.

However, Tang Doudou wasn't next to him. When they saw his flustered appearance, both of them simultaneously had bad premonitions.

Baili Yu extended his hand and the Thunderbolt Beads immediately stopped. Before Saint Envoy Xiang could even react, they shot forward again. With a loud bang, they smashed into the tree next to him, injuring him with the enormous shockwave. His eyes rolled back and he instantly passed out.

Meanwhile, Jun Xin was already heading towards Yuner.

Baili Yu's expression turned serious as he called, "Ye Chuan."

Ye Chuan walked out of the forest leading a group of subordinates. He looked towards the ground at Saint Envoy Xiang, then instructed his subordinates to carry him away.

"What? You said that she's been poisoned? And she's even disappeared?"

When Baili Yu walked over, it was right in time to hear Jun Xin's angry shouting. "What exactly have you been doing!? Why didn't you keep an eye on her!?"

"Ah Xin, you'll scare Yuner." Baili Yu put his hand on Jun Xin's shoulder, indicating for him to calm down.

However, Jun Xin refused. He had only agreed to help Baili Yu because he guaranteed to protect her. But it's only been a few days and something had happened to the person again.

"Quit trying to brush it over. If something happens to her this time, even if you try to kill me I'll still bring her away!"

After he finished speaking, he grabbed Yuner and made to leave.

Baili Yu shook his head, feeling helpless in face of Jun Xin's irascible personality. However, he suppressed his temper and blocked him. "I've said that nothing would happen to her, so she'll be fine."

Jun Xin frowned and shouted, "The person's already disappeared! What's the use in you saying this? Move! I'm going to look for her!"

"Ah Xin, it was probably the mysterious black-clothed person that took her away. Could it be that you're not curious who he is?"

Jun Xin continued to be furious. "Of course I want to know, but there's no way I want to find out like this! If she found out you did this, she'll definitely hate you to death!"


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Prady

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