Chapter 224.2: The Corpse is Poisonous


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"Beautiful Big Sister..." There was the sound of footsteps. Before she even looked up, she heard Yuner's voice. "You shouldn't blame Baili gongzi, he didn't keep it from Beautiful Big Sister on purpose."

Whether it was on purpose or not, what was done had been done. What was the point of talking about it further?

Originally she thought that he understood her, but expectedly when they met again this time, he had done things to infuriate her time and time again. She almost couldn't stop herself from questioning whether she and Baili Yu were truly mutually in love.

However, every time she encountered danger or felt helpless, when she closed her eyes, the only image that would appear was him. When she was happy she would think of him, when she was sad she'd still think of him.

Could this still not be like, not be love?

For the first time, she felt emotionally exhausted. So love was also such a tiring thing ah!

Yuner saw that she wasn't in a very good mood and scratched his head, not sure how to comfort her. All he could do was stand guard at her side silently while keeping a vigilant watch on the surroundings.

He indeed did not know martial arts, but Jun Xin had taught him something else that was effective as self-defense.

The small boat was still rocking, but it wasn't as violent as before.

Baili Yu was also no longer at the bow of the ship.

"Yuner, do you know how to row a boat?" Tang Doudou had thought for a while and felt like going to look for Jun Xin might be the best choice.

She had a faint feeling that this matter was related to the Seven Great Saint Tribes. However, how did it end up occurring so coincidentally, right after Su Yi left Cloud City?

And the way Feng Wu had rushed back to Mist City also seemed way too coincidental.

She couldn't help but link these matters together. Her gaze suddenly swept across the boatman's corpse. Should she check his body for anything that would identify him?

Ever since Mu Ye almost died, she had come to fear corpses less. Moreover, this was someone that had tried to kill them.

She stood up and walked to the corpse, then slowly crouched down. The moment her hand made contact with the corpse, a stabbing pain hit her eyes!

What made her even more astonished was that a strange feeling came over her. It felt like something was awakening in her consciousness.

"Tss, ouch!" She cried softly as she covered her eyes and turned around to look for Yuner only to find that her vision was completely blurry. "Yuner, why can't I see anymore..."

Right after she called for Yuner, she heard his flustered voice. "Oh no, this corpse has poison!"

"N-no way right?" But she had a physique that was immune to a hundred poisons! How could she get poisoned so easily?

Despite that, her gradually blurring vision told her that she had really been poisoned.

She crouched on the ground, seeming to be in pain, which caused Yuner to panic. However, Yuner didn't dare touch that corpse. It was still alright if only one of them was poisoned. If both of them ended up poisoned, things would really get troublesome.

When Tang Doudou didn't hear any reaction from Yuner, she guessed that he had been scared out of his wits and said hastily, "You should go call Big Brother Yu and the others and see if they have time to come help!"

The two boats weren't very far apart so Yu Fenger and the others probably noticed the situation over here. However, they still haven't come over even now. Could it be that something had happened to them as well?

Regardless of whether it was to call them for help or to ascertain whether they were alright, all Yuner needed to do was go out and take a look.

However, Yuner didn't move. He looked at Tang Doudou, who seemed to be increasingly pained, with hesitation in his eyes. Then, he reached out and pressed his hand on Tang Doudou's shoulder.

"Yuner, what are you doing?" The moment he put his hand on her, Tang Doudou felt her blood boil and surge as if it wanted to rush out of her body from the place where he was pressing.

The reality reflected this feeling. There was no injury at the place Yuner had touched, but a bead of blood emerged from that location. The shock instantly sent Tang Doudou's soul flying. Was this still Yuner?


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