Chapter 223.1: Let Her On


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Even if she was really feeling seasick, there was no way she would be able to fall asleep here!

Tang Doudou pushed Baili Yu away and looked towards the willow trees on the shore where Nangong Yan was. "I don't want to sleep. How about we let her on after all?"

Baili Yu looked up and over towards the surface of the lake. "Alright."

Phew. Good thing it wasn't that earlier sentence again, otherwise, she probably would have jumped to her feet and cursed at him.

"Big Brother Yu, you should ask the boatman to turn the boat around and let that lady on. It's so hot today, it'd be bad if she got heatstroke."

The moment Yu Fenger heard this, he jogged over to find the boatman with a beaming smile.

"Beautiful Big Sister..."

"En, what is it?"

"I want to stay on that small boat awhile, can I?" Hai Yuner pointed at the small boat that had been following after this one the entire time, which was also the boat Baili Yu and Tang Doudou came from.

Didn't he say earlier that there was danger on that boat?

Since there was danger, why did Yuner want to go on it?


She thought that Yuner was just scared due to Baili Yu’s presence and was about to soothe him when Baili Yu suddenly interjected, "Let him go."

Those words were filled with hidden meanings. Tang Doudou looked over right in time to meet Baili Yu's lowering gaze. He suddenly smiled. His deep eyes that shone with a brilliant light which seemed to contain all of the starry skies gradually got closer.

Baili Yu paused next to her ear and said, "Don't worry, I'll go with him."

Goosebumps immediately popped up all over her back when that cool breath hit the side of her ear. Tang Doudou hastily turned away to look towards the side as she complained bashfully, "Can't you talk properly!?"

Baili Yu reached out and turned her head to face him again. "This husband seriously doesn't want to see any woman other than Wife, but this husband really doesn't want to part with Wife either... So why don't you come along as well?"

His words surprised everyone present. Yuner had said just a while ago that there was something wrong with that boat, so why did they keep wanting to hop over one after another?

Yuner moved his lips, wanting to say something, but was scared into swallowing his words when Baili Yu sent him a look.

"T-that side..." Tang Doudou wanted to say it was very dangerous and she was afraid of dying, so could they stay here? Moreover, she had already said to let Nangong Yan onto this boat, so if they went to the other one, wouldn't it be like they were messing with her?

A light bulb suddenly lit up and Tang Doudou caught onto Baili Yu's idea. She gave a silly grin and blurted out, "So that's what you..."

"Shhh. Wife, don't say it. If you say it out loud, it won't be fun anymore."

"Yes, yes, yes! Have to keep it secret!"

Jin Longbiao, who was at the side, was completely bewildered by this conversation, but he didn't dare to ask. Who asked him to have tried to shift the blame onto Baili Yu earlier? It was already a mercy that the person wasn't holding a grudge, so it was best for him not to stick his nose into things that were none of his business.

By the time this conversation was over, the boat was already near shore. The impatience on Nangong Yan's face could be faintly made out through the layer of willow branches.

Murong Yu was standing next to her and fanning her nonstop. Although it was pleasantly cool on Blue Moon Lake, it was still very hot and humid near the shore.

The stone pavement was especially hot. Waves of heat floated up from them like they had been roasted by flames. It was extremely uncomfortable.

Hence, even though Murong Yu was continuously fanning her, Nangong Yan still felt terrible. She didn't even wait for the boat to come close before she started limping forward. Murong Yu hastily followed after her. "Yan er, your leg is injured so let's wait until the boat gets closer before getting on."

It was thanks to him arriving in time earlier that she didn't faint from heat stroke and cause her plan this time to be ruined. However, she didn't feel very grateful to Murong Yu, since the only reason he was treating her well was because he wanted to gain a connection to Wind Cloud Island.

That's why she felt it was only natural that Murong Yu treated her well.

"Big Brother Murong, I know. I just wanted to see who was on the boat." Originally she wanted to use qinggong to leap onto the boat since her ankle had already been treated with medicine. However, when she got to the shore, she discovered that even though her leg had gotten much better, she still couldn't use qinggong.

Murong Yu could tell what she had been thinking, but he didn't offer to bring her over. The slap Liu Zhiyuan had been dealt was still sharp in his mind.

As the boat gradually came closer, what Nangong Yan saw was the scene of Tang Doudou and Baili Yu whispering intimately to each other and Yu Fenger looking over with glowing eyes.

Who was that person? Why was his gaze so disgusting!?

Nangong Yan retrieved her gaze in disgust. When she looked again, she realized that there was a young man sitting near Tang Doudou as well. The scene of the three people sitting together looked very strange.

The boat finally stopped next to the shore and a footstool was let down. Nangong Yan impatiently walked over.

However, this time Murong Yu didn't follow.

"Big Brother Murong, why aren't you coming?" Though Nangong Yan asked this, inwardly she was praying that Murong Yu would stop following her.

"I had only come because I was worried about Yan er going alone. Since I've already sent you here safely and since Baili gongzi is here, there's no need for me to worry about your safety any longer." As Murong Yu spoke, he cupped his fist towards the people on the boat. Then he said politely, "Gentlemen that have come from afar, if you feel that any part of Cloud City's reception is unsatisfactory, you can tell our Young City Lord directly. I believe that our Young City Lord will definitely give everyone a satisfying reply. Murong still has work to do so Murong will take his leave first!"

"Big Brother Murong, thanks for walking Yan er over. Since Big Brother Murong still has matters to attend to, Yan er won't keep you any longer."

"En, you should hurry and get on!"

When Yu Fenger saw that Nangong Yan seemed to have a cute and sweet personality, he beamed to the point his eyes curved. He said to Murong Yu, "Master Murong is too courteous. Cloud City has beautiful scenery and even more beautiful people. There's no part that's unsatisfactory!"

"As long as Sire is satisfied."

While they were exchanging words, Nangong Yan had already gotten onto the boat. As soon as she got on, she pouted and said, "Senior Brother, you're too evil, to ride the palanquin with Sister-in-Law and make me walk on my own! Now, this is just great, my ankle's all swollen and I almost got heat stroke! If you don't compensate me for this, I'll go back and tell Master!"

When will Nangong Yan be able to get rid of her habit of putting on an act?

Though Tang Doudou felt a headache, she didn't say anything.

However, Yu Fenger was completely convinced by Nangong Yan's words and felt heartache for her. He immediately shot Tang Doudou a glare. "Girl ah, that wasn't a nice thing to do. How could you let a little lady walk so far?"

Aiy. This habit of Yu Fenger's was also helpless.

However ah- She glanced at Murong Yu who was still on the shore and smiled. "Big Brother Yu, you're wrongly accusing me. The beautiful lady had someone accompanying her, so of course, I couldn't have been so insensitive, right?"

"Oooh, so it was like that!" Yu Fenger gave a long 'oh.' He was purely admiring beautiful things and didn't actually have any thoughts towards Nangong Yan.

Nangong Yan reacted as if her secret thoughts had been exposed. Her cheeks were flushed as she said bashfully, "Sister-in-Law, you're mistaken. Big Brother Murong was just coincidentally passing by, so he helped Yan er out..."

En, it indeed was a coincidental encounter, but how did she sprain her ankle?

Tang Doudou curved her eyes and smiled amiably. "So it was like that."


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