Chapter 222.1: Mandate of Heaven's Child


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Baili Yu's expression turned serious as he looked towards the ship’s hold.

Danger? What danger? Tang Doudou's brain was filled with question marks as she followed Baili Yu's line of sight and looked over. Yuner started walking slowly out from the hold after Tang Doudou looked over.

"Beautiful Big Sister, you guys shouldn't go back there. There's danger on that boat," said Yuner.

"But we just came from that side and there wasn't any danger..." said Tang Doudou. Then she recalled Baili Yu's earlier expression. If it really wasn't dangerous, Baili Yu probably wouldn't have paid any attention to Yuner. She glanced up at him and asked, "How 'bout it? Wait awhile?"

"En." As she predicted, Baili Yu immediately agreed and sat back down while hugging her.

Yu Fenger couldn't help but ask curiously, "Yuner, how did you know that there's danger on that boat?"

He wasn't the only one curious. Everyone apart from Baili Yu was looking towards Yuner curiously.

Yuner glanced at them uneasily. It took him a moment to gather up the courage to sit down with them. "Everything I said is true."

Tang Doudou nodded and said encouragingly, "En, we know that everything Yuner said is true. Yuner doesn't need to be scared. You probably already know that everyone here is a good person after interacting with us for such a long time. You can speak freely; there's no need to be afraid."

"I know..." Beautiful Big Sister was a good person. Big Brother Yu and the others were also good people. But... Yuner didn't dare to look at Baili Yu. "But Yuner doesn't know how to explain."

"Just tell us how you know that there is danger on that boat?" prompted Yu Fenger.

Tang Doudou nodded as well, but the one that spoke in the end wasn't Yuner but Baili Yu. "There's no point asking. He won't be able to explain it."


Baili Yu smiled; it was a smile as tranquil as the spring wind. "Because that's something he simply figured out, right?"

The last question was directed at Yuner.

As expected, it was impossible to keep anything from this man.

Yuner felt even more reverence for Baili Yu. He lowered his head and nodded slightly. "Y-yes, I figured it out."

"Figured out?" Tang Doudou was befuddled by the two. How could a person simply figure something like this out?

Could it be divination?

Jesus ah, who would have thought that Yuner knew how to do this?

Perhaps Yuner knew what she was thinking, because he lifted his head and said bashfully, "Yuner doesn't know how either, it's just a feeling. Yuner felt that it was best for Beautiful Big Sister not to go back to that boat because you'll encounter danger."

Yu Fenger became so shocked his face changed color. He abruptly stood up and blurted out, "Mandate of Heaven's child!"

"Mandate of Heaven's child?" Tang Doudou was getting more and more confused. She looked towards Baili Yu who was unperturbed as usual, then back at Yu Fenger. "Big Brother Yu? What's Mandate of Heaven's child?"

Only then did Yu Fenger seem to realize that he had accidentally blurted this out. He smiled stiffly and said, "I-it's nothing. There's nothing like that."

He lifted his wine cup in order to mask his flustered state.

Tang Doudou didn't continue questioning and simply stared at Yu Fenger until he felt goosebumps all over. Finally, he said, "Doudou, it's not that Big Brother wants to keep it from you, but this is a long story ah..."

"Then just make the long story short."

"Knowing about it isn't anything good either."

"Yuner is my friend. There's no way I'd be able to sit still and ignore it if something happens to him."

After she finished speaking, she continued staring at Yu Fenger. She'd like to see what other excuses he could come up with.

As expected, Yu Fenger ran out of ideas and said, "Aiy, Baili gongzi probably knows more about this than we do, so why not let him explain?"

Baili Yu didn't make a sound.

Of course, Tang Doudou didn't try to push Baili Yu to speak either. Yu Fenger was the one who brought up the Mandate of Heaven's child, so it was most fitting for him to explain it.

"Big Brother Yu..."

"Fine fine, I'll talk, I'll talk..."

"Legends say that the Mandate of Heaven's child is the one destined to contend with the descendants of the Xuanyuan Tribe over the power to govern the world."

What the fudge?

Tang Doudou looked at Yuner in astonishment. She never imagined that he came from such a huge background. However, no matter how she looked, he didn't seem to have the mettle to contend with the descendants of the Xuanyuan Tribe for control of the world?

"From the looks of it, Yuner probably hasn't awakened yet." Yu Fenger rubbed his nose, seeming to be thinking along the same lines as Tang Doudou. "However, awakening and not awakening doesn't seem to matter much right now since the Seven Great Saint Tribes are already a thing of the past."

"So it's like that!" Tang Doudou finally understood. However, soon after, another question popped up. "How does Big Brother Yu know about these things?"

Golden Wind Jade Dew were just mountain bandits, so how did they end up knowing about the Seven Great Saint Tribes?

And even about something as important as the Mandate of Heaven's child!

How could it not be important?

In the era of the Saint Tribes, the Mandate of Heaven's child would definitely be an influential and strong power that contended for sovereignty from the shadows. Back then, the Xuanyuan Tribe was an enormous influence and oppressed the other Saint Tribes to the point they could barely breathe. Even if the people interested didn't use the Mandate of Heaven as a basis to seize the throne, they could still use it to pressure the Xuanyuan Tribe.

The book Su Yi had handed her had the majority of the basic information about the Saint Tribes. The only information it didn't have was on the Mandate of Heaven's child.

At present, Tang Doudou wasn't completely ignorant about the Seven Great Saint Tribes. At the very least, she knew that most of the people that knew about the Saint Tribes' existence were people that were involved with the Tribes.

Thus, since Yu Fenger knew about the Saint Tribes, he definitely had some connection to them!

Yu Fenger knew that he wouldn't be able to escape this question from the moment he accidentally blurted out 'Mandate of Heaven's child.' However, before he even spoke, Jin Longbiao took the initiative to say, "Doudou ah! We weren't purposefully trying to hide it from you. It was just that Baili gongzi probably already knew about this matter, so the fact that he didn't tell you probably meant that he didn't want you to know. Since that was the case, how could we dare to tell you?"

So he was saying that this was Baili Yu's fault?

Tang Doudou didn't believe him. Although Jin Longbiao looked carefree and completely unsophisticated, the truth was that he was much more shrewd than Yu Fenger.

"Aiyah, how can you say that!? If you say it like this..."

"It'd be worse if I didn't say it clearly!"

"You thoughtless brute! All you know is to spout blind nonsense!"

"Everything I'm saying true, it's not like I lied to Doudou!"

Tang Doudou felt a headache upon seeing Golden Wind Jade Dew bickering again. She tried to mediate but it only made them argue harder. In the end, she could only shoot Baili Yu a look requesting for help.

Baili Yu simply said with a smile, "There's no need to mind them."

Tang Doudou instantly understood. So these two were purposefully fighting to change the topic. This meant that they were definitely keeping something important a secret from her.

However, he knew everything as well, so why was he also keeping it from her? Could it be that it was fun to watch her naively wander around, not knowing a single thing?

Or was it that he felt that as long as he was here, she didn't need to know anything?

It was just like what he said earlier about just leaving with him. Now that she thought about it, he sometimes acted a little like a male chauvinist.

At this time, Hai Yuner who hadn't spoken for a while suddenly said, "Big brothers, don't argue anymore. Yuner senses that the danger is about to be here."


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