Chapter 221.1: Don't Go, There's Danger


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They were pure to the point the depths could be seen and without a trace of contamination.

They were identical to the eyes he saw back then. However, this pair of eyes seemed even more limpid and didn't contain the hatred that those eyes contained back then.

"Big evil spirit, what's with you?" When Tang Doudou saw him space out while looking at Yuner, she elbowed his chest and questioned him worriedly.

"I spaced out for a moment thinking about something..." Baili Yu laughed lightly, then retrieved his gaze to glance at her. "Isn't this kid from that Prime Minister Hai's family? Why is he here?"

So the Prime Minister's surname was Hai ah!

"It's all cause of that brat Jun Xin. If he was going to help a person, he should just help them, yet he insisted on making a deal and having Yuner run with him such a long way."

So it was him, no wonder.

"Big Brother Jun Xin treats me really well. Beautiful Big Sister shouldn't talk about Big Brother Jun Xin this way," said Hai Yuner in a small voice. Then he let go of the sleeve he was holding onto and ducked behind Tang Doudou fearfully.

He had only walked over to stop this Beautiful Big Brother earlier because he saw that the Beautiful Big Brother was about to attack Yu Fenger. If it weren't for that, he definitely wouldn't have gotten close to this Beautiful Big Brother. He was especially afraid of this big brother since the emotions in his eyes and the baleful aura around him were so intense.

It was terrifying to face his stare!

"I know that he's not a bad person. He's just too tsundere, like a forever immature brat! Haha!" Tang Doudou laughed, then pulled Baili Yu and Yu Fenger over to squeeze into a spot next to Xi Qiuyue. "I never thought that I'd be able to encounter you guys here. We truly have predestined affinity!"

Jin Longbiao laughed heartily. "Isn't there a good phrase for this? Fate brings people together no matter how far away they may be, else even if they're standing face to face, they will miss each other!"

"Long time no see, Big Brother Jin. Your literary grace has gotten so much better all of a sudden!" Some people were happy to see her sit down, but some were terrified. Xi Qiuyue for one didn't dare to even glance at her. As for Bai Lianhua, she was smiling brightly but everyone present could see the unhappiness in her eyes.

"With how boorish he is, what literary grace could he have? It's all things that he heard in plays! Doudou likes teasing your Big Brother Jin too much!“ said Yu Fenger as he covered his mouth and laughed.

Like Nangong Yan, Bai Lianhua was also not someone easy to deal with. She immediately suppressed that trace of unhappiness and said with a sweet smile, "I've always thought that Alliance Head Li seemed a bit delicate and cute rather than manly. Unexpectedly, Alliance Head Li turned out to really be a woman. I am truly sorry for that misunderstanding back then."

Tang Doudou actually had a pretty good impression of Bai Lianhua. Although she tended to scheme a little and seemed a bit like a green tea bitch, not much had actually happened between them. Moreover, there was the fact that Bai Lianhua was Bai Feiyun's relative, so Tang Doudou found her much more pleasing to the eye than Nangong Yan.

"Hehe, that's all in the past. Miss Bai, no need to mind it too much."

Bai Lianhua smiled. "That's true, it's all in the past already. Come, let Lianhua offer Alliance Head Li a toast. Lianhua wishes that the bitterness is finished and sweetness begins for you and Big Brother Baili!"

This was the first time she had called him 'Big Brother Baili' in front of so many people. After she finished speaking, she nervously lifted the wine cup and peeked at Baili Yu out of the corner of her eye. When she saw that he didn't show any reaction, she loosened a breath of relief.

Following that, Tang Doudou also lifted her wine cup. "Haha, then I won't stand on ceremony!"

She was just about to tilt her head back and down the drink when someone snatched the cup away from her. "Don't try to show off when you can't stand alcohol."

Who else but Baili Yu would snatch away her drink?

Tang Doudou immediately pouted and said unhappily, "I'm happy today, so let me drink a little!"

"Be good, alright?" Then Baili Yu tilted his head back and drank the wine before looking towards Bai Lianhua. "I've drunk it in my wife's stead, I hope Miss Bai won't mind?"

Heavens ah!

Baili Yu was really taking the initiative to talk to her, and his tone wasn't as alienating as before either. Although that smile was for Tang Doudou, at this time he was still facing her.

Bai Lianhua's heart thumped nonstop. She hastily replied, "Of course not!"

Then she also downed her drink in one go in order to calm herself down.

"Haha, Miss Bai is also a refreshing person!" said Yu Fenger with a smile. Jin Longbiao and Tang Doudou knew Yu Fenger's personality well. He was the type that liked guys and girls all the same as long as they looked pretty.

Bai Lianhua's cheeks immediately flushed when the intense alcohol went down her throat. When she heard the praise, she felt giddy enough to float up to the clouds. "Yu gongzi is overpraising. It's just that in the past, Lianhua always thought that acting this way was being immodest. Only later did Lianhua come to realize that this is being true to one's self. It is truly Lianhua's fortune to be able to drink with everyone."

Tsk tsk. Look at Bai Lianhua in comparison to Nangong Yan, even the way she talked was much more pleasing than the way Nangong Yan spoke. At the very least, her manners didn't seem artificial!

"True, true..." said Yu Fenger with a merry laugh.

Although the scene looked very harmonious, due to Baili Yu's presence, everyone was still a little on edge. Golden Wind Jade Dew was doing well since they thought of Tang Doudou as family so they naturally treated Baili Yu, this brother-in-law, as one of them. They spoke what they thought and drank freely.

Xi Qiuyue, on the other hand, was not as comfortable. Although there was no deep grudge or great hatred between him and Baili Yu, nor did they have any small regular grievances between them, the incident last time was undeniably unpleasant. That incident didn't have a lot to do with Xi Qiuyue, but he was the type that wouldn't be able to get past a problem once it arose in his heart.

However, it wasn't like he was very scared of Baili Yu. After all, based on seniority Baili Yu still had to call him Imperial Older Brother. There was also the fact that he was a general that had once led a great army. The only reason he had stayed low-key these past years was for the sake of his nephew, Xi Qiulin.

"Everyone, take your time eating. Ben wang will be leaving first!" He stood up and took only a moment to glance at Yuner before moving to jump off the boat.

However, Bai Lianhua abruptly stood up and called out, "Sangfroid Prince!"

Only then did Xi Qiuyue recall that Bai Lianhua had come here with him. Was she calling him because she wanted to leave as well?

But wasn't she having plenty of fun with them?

"Does Miss Bai need something?" Although he really wanted to just turn and leave, when he saw the hesitation in Bai Lianhua's eyes, these words slipped out of his mouth before he could even think.

Bai Lianhua's little face turned slightly red. She peeked at the expressions of the people around, then said, "I seem to be a little drunk. If Sangfroid Prince is planning to leave, could you bring Lianhua along?"

Xi Qiuyue hesitated for a while. "Alright."

Bai Lianhua hastily thanked him. "Many thanks, Sangfroid Prince."

"No need." Then he turned around and waited for her to say goodbye to the people present.

"Alliance Head Li, Big Brother Baili, and Big Brother Yu, Lianhua will be leaving first then!" After she finished speaking, she immediately got up.


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