Chapter 219.2: Devastating Heat of Midsummer


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When Nangong Yan heard Tang Doudou mention the word ‘fan’, her eyes instantly lit up. With a sweet expression, she offered the fan in her hands. “Senior Brother is really petty, it’s just a fan but you won’t even let Sister-in-Law use it! It's so hot today, how would it be possible for Sister-in-Law to catch a chill unless you use the Crystal Ice Soul Jade Fan? Sister-in-law, here you go. If Senior Brother won't let you use his, just use Yan er’s!”

…Tang Doudou was speechless. Just now, Baili Yu’s words were obviously showing concern for her. How come once those words passed through Nangong Yan's mouth, they turned into Baili Yu being petty instead?

When Nangong Yan saw that Tang Doudou didn't move to accept her fan, she pursed her lips. “What? Could it be that Sister-in-Law dislikes Yan er’s fan?”

They had been here for a while already. Even though there were not many people on the street, you could still see many heads poking out of the building windows on both sides. They were watching the scene with interest. It was to be expected, after all, who asked them to show their faces like that yesterday? Now everyone from Cloud City knew who these three were. As for Murong Yu, he was even more well-known.

And now the four of them appeared on the street together. The spectators didn’t seek to watch anything lively or exciting, since just the sight of Baili Yu and the Young City Lord was enough to be a beautiful scenery in the summertime ah!

As for Murong Yu and Nangong Yan, they could only act as foil.

But there were also many people who liked Nangong Yan's delicate and cute looks. It seemed as if Tang Doudou was currently making things difficult for her. The moment her face filled with grievances, people started to gossip about it.They were pretty much remarking that their Young City Lord was quite narrow-minded, as she was even competing with a young lady.

When Tang Doudou heard these people say all sorts the things, she narrowed her eyes and prepared to say something to counterattack.

But then, out of the corners of her eyes, she saw a hand take the fan from Nangong Yan’s hand lightly. “Since Junior Sister is being so kind, then Wife should not stand on so much ceremony and just take it.”

Tang Doudou was still wondering what exactly Baili Yu planned to do when she saw the familiar looking Chrysanthemum Glass Jade Palanquin appear in front of her. The ones that carried the palanquin were still the same two rows of pretty maids. When they reached them, they looked in unison towards Baili Yu and saluted, “We pay our respects to Master!”

They then faced Tang Doudou and saluted, “We pay our respects to Madam!”

Following that, they opened the door of the Chrysanthemum Glass Jade Palanquin, then stood to either side with their hands lowered silently.

The call of 'Madam' had annoyed the hell out of Nangong Yan. This group of hateful servants! In the past, they were still extremely respectful towards her, clearly also knowing that she was the best candidate to be Senior Brother’s wife. But now they were actually addressing this lowly wretch as Madam in front of her!

This lowly wretch was also truly shameless. Not only were they not married, they weren't even engaged! Yet she dared to regard herself as the Madam!

This fast uniform development scared Tang Doudou quite badly. She reached out and pinched Baili Yu’s waist as she leaned in close and said, “Stinkin’ evil spirit, this is an unfair cheap trick ah!”

Her way of thinking was surprisingly identical to Nangong Yan's for once. They weren’t married yet, so if she acknowledge this one word ‘Madam’, then wouldn’t this allow others to say that she was poorly educated and impatient to get married?

At that time, the reputations that would suffer a hit would be the reputation of the City Lord Residence and the reputation of Su Yi.

Baili Yu also leaned over and whispered gently next to her ear, “It's something that will happen sooner or later. If I let others know that you are my wife a bit earlier, that will help to severe their little hopes towards Wife.”

When the spectators saw the two of them whispering to one another, many sighed sadly. It seemed that the rumors about the two already having a love affair were really true ah!

Tang Doudou still wanted to curse, but before she could, Baili Yu grabbed her hand and started walking to the Chrysanthemum Glass Jade Palanquin. “This one’s palanquin can only accommodate two people, so this one will not invite Murong gongzi to join us. This one hopes that Murong gongzi wouldn’t mind.”

After he finished saying that, he pulled Tang Doudou, who had wanted to say something but hesitated, into the palanquin. The palanquin door slowly closed. Many people extended their necks to take a good look at the unbelievably luxurious palanquin of the rumors. It appeared that the inner part of the palanquin was truly very exquisite and luxurious and the most important point was that it was very spacious!

It was so large that there'd be plenty of room even if four or five more people entered.

Murong Yu saw that as well and the corners of his mouth twitched. Baili Yu had deliberately closed the door slowly just for him to see, huh?

However, even if Baili Yu didn’t say it like that, he also wouldn’t have thickened his skin and shamelessly tried to sit inside. Who didn’t know that up until now, the only person that had been allowed to enter the Chrysanthemum Glass Jade Palanquin was Li Xueyi?

This thought also occured to Nangong Yan, thus she didn’t dare to act rashly and step forward.  She would only humiliate herself if she got rejected.

But hadn’t they already agreed that they would walk there?

Then why did the Chrysanthemum Glass Jade Palanquin appear here?!

More importantly, she had spent a lot of effort earlier to get that fan, but they took it with them into the palanquin.  

The Chrysanthemum Glass Jade Palanquin was warm during winter and cool during summer, there was no need for a fan at all!

What was most hateful was, why would Senior Brother help that stinkin’ woman bully her? Could it be that she really didn't matter at all in Senior Brother’s eyes?

No, that was impossible. If he didn't care for her, how come that year…..

Tang Doudou put down the window curtains and withdrew her gaze. Turning towards a certain someone who was lying down napping, she said with a mischievous laugh,, “This time you've angered Nangong Yan quite badly. Look at her expression, it looks like she itches to rush and beat me to death!”

“Wife must be joking, I haven’t angered her at all. It is merely her angering herself.” Baili Yu had his eyes half-closed. His head felt somewhat heavy; it seemed that the matter of the curing the Hoarfrost Poison had to be addressed soon.    

“Hehe, that's true!” After she said that, she saw the round fan that had dropped on the floor. She smirked and said, “I think ah, we can still add more fuel to the fire!”


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