Chapter 218.2: To Attract Bees and Butterflies


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"Isn't it pretty good like this?” Although he said that, Baili Yu actually thought that it was precisely this never-yielding characteristic of hers that made him feel like she was a rare treasure and love her so much.

She was not like those women, who only knew how to fight for favor and affection. She would genuinely laugh, genuinely cry and clearly separate right from wrong and distinguish feelings of gratitude and resentment.

She was similar to the women that he had seen before, yet still very different. In short, she was special. She was a woman that made him feel as if the more he looked at her, the more he did not want to part with her.

The burning vigor that ignited in her eyes didn’t escape Baili Yu’s sight. Or perhaps it should be said, she never concealed any of her thoughts in front of Baili Yu.

Looks like his little woman wanted to become a big woman now!

“Hey, big evil spirit, you don't understand this sister’s sorrow ah!” She clapped Baili Yu on the shoulder and started to count on her fingers as she counted off the incidents from when she had encountered Mu Ye’s assassination in Rutaceae Pavilion to the recent event where Liu Zhiyuan had hurt Jun Xin. “You see? Wasn’t it all because I had you guys by my side that I managed to avert disasters?  

"To have so many people treat Wife well, that is also one of Wife’s ability.” After listening to her story, Baili Yu simply smiled lightly. Then he rubbed her nose and said deliberately, “Women ought to be protected, isn’t that so?”

“There is nothing wrong with protecting women of course, but that doesn’t mean that I can simply be at ease and become a sheltered turtle just because there are people to protect me right? Speaking of Mu Ye, he’s the great Demonic Sect's Sect Leader. If it wasn’t for me being a burden at that time, how could he have possibly almost died at the hands of Shen Moru? Even if he hadn't been able to defeat Shen Moru, escaping definitely wouldn't have been a problem!”

"Wife, there is no need to be unduly humble. I heard that at that time, you were the one that forced Shen Moru to retreat……”

“That’s right ah, because at that time I seemed to have exploded and became powerful. Otherwise, I reckon that Mu Ye and I would already be reporting to the King of Hell at his palace right now.” When the conversation got to here, Baili Yu’s eyes filled with darkness. That matter was also a heavy weight in his heart. Like Tang Doudou had said, he was not god. It was impossible for him to be at her side at all times, so it was not surprising at all that she wanted to become stronger.

Moreover, there was still a matter lingering in his heart. It was a matter that, even if he had to exhaust his entire life’s efforts to accomplish, he must do so.

“Indeed, Mu Ye does treat Wife very well,” After he pushed his current thoughts to the bottom of his heart, Baili Yu suddenly blurted out this one sentence.

“That’s right ah, why does he treat me so well?” Speaking of this, Tang Doudou was also baffled. When she thought that Mu Ye had died then, her state of mind was quite complicated, so much so that she couldn’t even describe it.

When Baili Yu saw her pondering over this issue earnestly like that, he could only shake his head helplessly and sigh. She was really a dense woman.

When a man was willing to die for a woman, apart from love, what other explanation was there?

His little woman ah, often complained that he attracted bees and butterflies (attract the attention of the opposite sex), yet she wasn’t aware that she attracted way more colonies of bees and butterflies.


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