Chapter 217.1: Everything Wife Says Is Right


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"Senior Brother, are you guys ready yet? You already agreed to play with Yan er, it couldn't be that you want to go back on your words now?"

Nangong Yan's dissatisfied voice suddenly came from the door.

Tang Doudou pressed her lips together unhappily. That woman sure had thick skin. Anyone with eyes could tell that the big evil spirit didn't want to deal with her, yet she acted as if she didn't know and insisted on shamelessly sticking to him.

When Tang Doudou recalled how Nangong Yan had stabbed her before, she became even angrier. After wiping her face clean, she threw the handkerchief into the water basin and shot Baili Yu a glare.

The meaning was, it's all your fault. Now you've made me, this precious baby, unhappy! What are you going to do about it!?

Baili Yu's eyes narrowed slightly. He felt exceptionally happy to see her jealous expression. "This husband truly loves it when Wife is like this."

"No matter how much you sweet talk me, it's useless!" Tang Doudou rubbed her stomach and said unhappily, "It still hurts even now."

"It's all my fault for failing to protect you." When Baili Yu saw her rub her stomach with an expression filled with grievances, he felt as if his heart was breaking. Her disappearance last time had made him realize that she was the only thing in the world he could not live without. He came to realize how truly important she was to him.

When he found out that Nangong Yan had almost killed Tang Doudou, he was overcome with rage and had rushed to Nangong Yan's door. However, he was stopped by someone...

At this time, Baili Yu's eyes became filled with cold murderous intent and an oppressive aura emitted from him. Tang Doudou immediately looked towards him, puzzled.

Baili Yu lowered his eyes and restrained all his emotions. When he looked up again, the murderous intent was already gone, replaced by a warm and gentle smile.

Tang Doudou had sensed the murderous intent, but when she turned around and saw Baili Yu's smiling expression, she thought it had been her misperception. After all, a person like Baili Yu wouldn't let his emotions leak out even if he wanted to kill someone.

It was just as Jun Xin said - he was a smiling fox. The more brightly he smiled towards you, the crueler of a death you'd face.

The good thing was, the smile he had for her was always different.

"Do you really think you're a deity?" She shot Baili Yu a mischievous smile and folded her hands behind her back as she declared fiercely, "I was just joking with you earlier. Of course I have to take revenge for myself. I swear, sooner or later I'll pay her back for that stab!"

Then she patted Baili Yu's shoulder in a solemn manner as she said, "I also understand your predicament, so there's no need for you to blame yourself for this!"

The way she feigned seriousness only made Baili Yu feel sorrier for her. He really wanted to pull her into his arms and shower her with affection.

"Humph! And she hates me, doesn't she? Then I'll just swagger around in front of her every day and bring you along to do it! Let's show her what's true mutual love and make her jealous to death!"

Although this was what she said, if she had the opportunity, she definitely wouldn't hesitate to give Nangong Yan a stab in order to relieve her grudge!

Baili Yu rubbed her head gently as he silently vowed to help her get revenge.

"That's right, there's still one more thing that Jun Xin wanted me to tell you."

"What?" What else did Jun Xin want to say? Why didn't he say it yesterday? Tang Doudou scratched her head in confusion.

"Jun Xin said that on the way to Green Maple City, he encountered Shen Moru and Mu Ye who was unconscious..."

Before he even finished speaking, Tang Doudou had grabbed his hand excitedly. "You're saying that there's news about Mu Ye?"

Baili Yu looked at her with a helpless expression, then nodded and continued, "En. Not only that, Shen Moru had been injured at that time, so Jun Xin managed to rescue Mu Ye and bring him back to Huai City."

"Then, then how is he now!?" She would never have imagined it!

Who would have imagined that such a coincidence would occur? That Jun Xin would end up encountering that bastard Shen Moru!?

It was just that they were both people of the Seven Great Saint Tribes and Shen Moru was even a rank above Jun Xin. Wouldn't Jun Xin's actions provoke the Seven Great Saint Tribes?

She could tell from the reactions of the people in Tree Valley that Shen Moru was quite highly respected.

"After Ah Xin got back to Huai City, he heard that Su Yi had brought you back here so he threw Mu Ye in Bai Courtyard and immediately headed here with Yuner."

In reality, Jun Xin had a very indifferent and rational personality. He had probably only saved Mu Ye back then in order to find out Tang Doudou's whereabouts rather than out of a desire to prevent injustice. It was not unexpected that he had discarded Mu Ye as soon as he found out where Tang Doudou was.

Baili Yu understood Jun Xin so he didn't find it unexpected, but Tang Doudou didn't understand it ah!

She cursed Jun Xin for being a stinkin' little butt-aged brat and couldn't find the words to express her speechlessness. "Next time I see that brat, I'll definitely kick his stinkin' ass, then bite him to death!"

It was unknown whether Mu Ye was dead or alive. There probably existed no one that would ignore a person in that situation, even if he was a stranger!

Hence, Tang Doudou couldn't understand what Jun Xin had been thinking. At the very least he should have called for a doctor!

She wondered how Mu Ye was doing right now.

Tang Doudou sighed before looking back up at Baili Yu.

Baili Yu immediately said with a smile, "Don't worry, I sent people out to locate him right after you told me that he had rescued you. When I heard that he was in Huai City, I sent someone there to keep an eye on the situation. My subordinate reported that he woke up not long after Jun Xin left and went back to the Demonic Sect. I think he's probably fine right now."

Tang Doudou finally felt relieved when she heard this. Then she patted his chest with a smile and said, "Big evil spirit, nice work!"

"Many thanks for Wife's praise." Baili Yu grabbed the restless little hand and narrowed his fox-like eyes. "This husband has helped Wife out with a task, so shouldn't this husband get a reward..."

"En, you should get a reward!" Baili Yu thought she would play dumb, but unexpectedly she actually started considering it seriously. As he gazed at the earnest expression on her face, he felt that it was really Heaven's grace that had granted her to him.


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