Chapter 216.1: Show of Conjugal Love Draws Hatred


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Could it be that something had happened?

Baili Yu's gaze was deep as he stared at Tang Doudou, who was, in turn, staring at his chest. His fox-like eyes narrowed and sparkled with nefarious intentions. He blew away the strands of hair next to Tang Doudou's ears and whispered, "What? In Wife's eyes, all that's worth looking at is this husband's chest?"

His movements were filled with ambiguous meanings and his tone was like a mellow and rich wine, irresistibly intoxicating.

In reality, Tang Doudou was just trying to find out where his injury was. She scanned his chest but couldn't find any injuries. It was very likely that the wound was on his back. However, if she asked him to take off his clothes and show her his back...

With how dirty-minded Baili Yu was, he'd definitely jump to the conclusion that she wanted to do something.

In all honesty ah, although she did want to do a little something, she wouldn't do it here!

From the start, there were some peach-colored thoughts in her head, so now that Baili Yu teased her like this, her face immediately turned red. She silently cursed, this tormenting little evil spirit was seriously always trying to tempt her!

"Stop messing around and let me have a look at your injury." The blood on the bandage was still fresh and hadn't dried. This meant that he had only been changing the medicine. From the looks of it, he had been treating himself earlier, that was why he hadn't heard what she said outside.

When Tang Doudou's thoughts got to this point, she felt her heart fill with sweetness again. She just knew that the big evil spirit wouldn't forsake her.

Baili Yu watched as her expression went through various changes. When her little lips sneakily started curving upwards, he couldn't help but say with a chuckle, "You really want to see?"

If he had tried to change the topic, Tang Doudou definitely would have persisted. However, when she saw a faint smile hovering around his lips, a strange possibility occurred to her and she hesitated. Could it be that the place where his injury was located was a little unusual?

Perhaps, on the butt?

An image appeared in her mind. The scene of a harsh wound on his snow-white skin and Baili Yu asking with a bashful expression, "Wife, are you done looking? This husband is so embarrassed~~" (Imagine, very girly + feminine tone)


Tang Doudou immediately slapped away the unhealthy images in her mind and coughed lightly a few times. "I just want to see if the injury was serious. If it's inconvenient, then let's just forget it!"

The meaning was, if the location of the injury was inconvenient, then don't show it to her!

Baili Yu's slender peach-flower eyes curved slightly. His beautiful, to the point it was almost dazzling, face suddenly drew close to Tang Doudou. "It's very convenient, so I'll have to trouble Wife!"

After he finished speaking, he removed his arm from Tang Doudou's waist and lay back.

As Tang Doudou watched in confusion, he extended his slender fingers and lightly swept them over his open collar to push his clothes back, revealing his broad shoulders. The line of his shoulders flowed elegantly, and the muscles on his arm were even and delicate, and at the same time filled with strength.

His skin was very white, but it wasn't an unhealthy pale, nor did it make him seem weak and delicate. It was a beautiful and hazy white, like moonlight streaming through misty clouds.

Tang Doudou swallowed and her heart thumped nonstop. How was this letting her see his injury? It was practically unrestrained seduction, alright?

What was even more exciting was the fact that there was still someone outside!

Tang Doudou's heart couldn't take it anymore. Her nose felt a little hot as if she was about to have a nosebleed again.

"I-I'd better get out first after all. You should just handle it yourself!" After quickly saying that she covered her nose and ran out as if fleeing.

When she got out, she saw that Nangong Yan was sitting on the chair and looking restlessly towards the screen. When she saw Tang Doudou come out, she immediately glared at her with resentment. However, when she noticed that blood was streaming out through the cracks in Tang Doudou's fingers, she became puzzled.

What had they been doing inside?

Why was Tang Doudou covering her mouth? Why was blood leaking out?

A few moments later, something seemed to occur to her and her expression became filled with disgust as she indignantly turned her head away.

Tang Doudou currently didn't have the time to pay attention to her. She rushed to the door and opened it, only to see that the maid from earlier was there. "Lady Doudou?"

"I-I need paper... Pei pei! No, I need a handkerchief. Do you have one?" The flow was a bit too strong so she had no choice but to cover her mouth as well. Hence her voice was a bit muffled and she couldn't tell if that maid understood what she said.

She blinked her eyes, but the maid was still frozen in shock. It seemed that she didn't understand?

Tang Doudou could only tilt her head back and move her hand away to ask, "D-do you have something for wiping a nosebleed?"

"Ah!" The maid was alarmed and immediately pulled out a handkerchief to help wipe away the blood. However, that handkerchief was made of muslin; the more she wiped, the more the blood got spread around. The maid could only put it down helplessly and say, "Lady Doudou, I think I had better go find a doctor!"

What doctor? It wasn't like she was sick.

"No, just bring me to wash up!"  She tilted back her head, recalling that back in school when she had nosebleeds, she would only need to pat some cold water on the back of her neck to get the nosebleed to stop.

The maid hesitated for a while, then she saw her master walk out from within the room.  However, Tang Doudou was tilting her head back and her back was facing the room, so she didn't see Baili Yu walk over.

Meanwhile, Nangong Yan had also stood up. When she saw that Baili Yu ignored her, inside her sleeves her hands clenched into fists and her nails dug into her hand.

This lowly wretch seduced away Senior Brother the moment she came in!

She hated it. She hated herself for purposefully acting reserved and not getting close to Senior Brother. Otherwise... otherwise...


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