Chapter 215.2: Only Opens Unrestrictedly For You


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Fine. She was clearly overthinking things, because the interior of the room was very normal. As always, Baili Yu was laying on a couch. His distinctive languid aura could be felt through the screen even before his figure was seen.

Da fudge? He even put up a screen this time?

When Tang Doudou saw that Nangong Yan was behaving herself and sitting on a chair away from the screen and drinking tea, she loosened a breath in relief and walked in.

However, she didn't know what to say.

Baili Yu didn't speak either and the atmosphere immediately turned stiff.

It didn't continue for too long though. Nangong Yan gave a tender laugh, then said to Baili Yu, "Senior Brother, since Sister-in-Law is here as well, why don't we just go together?"

Baili Yu still didn't make a sound. Tang Doudou who was standing in the room felt abnormally awkward. When Nangong Yan called her 'sister-in-law,' she felt goosebumps rise up so much that they fell.

Just when she thought that Baili Yu would pay no attention to Nangong Yan, he spoke. As always, it was languid. As always, no emotions could be made out. "En."

He actually agreed!

Tang Doudou immediately felt countless grass mud horses run through her heart. Depressed wasn't enough to describe what she felt!

She really wanted to just turn and walk away. However, when she saw delight appear on Nangong Yan's face and the provocative look she sent over, her legs refused to move. It was as if they had established roots.

"Perfect. I wanted to take a walk around as well." She shot a look back at Nangong Yan. It was cold and filled with disdain. Hell, as long as martial arts wasn't involved, it was easy as pie to deal with a little brat like Nangong Yan.

After she finished speaking, she lifted her chin and walked towards the screens.

"Big evil spirit.." She pinched her throat to call out in a voice that was so sticky and sweet it was almost unbearable to hear.

Following that, she walked through the screens. "It's been so long since we've seen each other, did you miss... me- ah!"

Before she even finished speaking, she was immediately hit with regret upon seeing the scene behind the screen. She really, really regretted it!

Baili Yu who was behind the screen also froze.

But soon his dark red lips curved up. He stopped handling the clothing and slowly lowered his jade-like fingers. The originally already covered scene was instantly revealed in full.

"Wife, what do you think? Do you think I missed you?" His tone was very deep and low, just loud enough for her to hear it clearly. It was unknown if Nangong Yan who was outside could hear it or not.

Tang Doudou gulped. She felt like right now, she should apply 'of the Thirty-Six Stratagems, fleeing is the best measure.' Never did it occur to her that Baili Yu was actually changing behind the screens. Fudge. No wonder. He never used screens before...

However, when Nangong Yan walked in earlier...

"Wife, don't worry. This husband's chest only opens unrestrictedly for Wife."

Tang Doudou had already witnessed his skill at teasing, but she didn't have much immunity towards it anymore. When she saw his firm, jade-like chest, she recalled the way she had bit him back then... Ahem. It didn't occur to her at that time, but when she thought about it now, it was a really erotic move...

Something was off. Although Baili Yu was usually licentious- Pei! It's 'usually seductive,' but he had quite severe mysophobia. How could he possibly be changing right here, right now, with just a screen set up?

Moreover, Nangong Yan was even outside. When Tang Doudou's thoughts reached this point, she became unhappy again. If she didn't come and only Nangong Yan came in. If this screen wasn't here. If...

Just as possibilities were running through her heart, she suddenly saw something that didn't quite fit in.

What was that?

Tang Doudou rushed over. Before Baili Yu could react, she pulled the thing out. It was a bloody bandage. Her expression immediately filled with worry. "What is this? You!"

Before she could finish speaking, a certain person had pulled her into his arms and covered her mouth gently yet also tyrannically. After greedily drinking in the feeling for a little while, he finally let go reluctantly. His hoarse voice sounded next to her ear. "Don't disclose it."

Tang Doudou's heart tightened. "How did you get injured?"

Wasn't he still fine yesterday at the martial arts matchmaking competition?

Baili Yu had missed this girl a lot. God knows how he had managed to suppress those urges to go look for her during this time. When he saw her come in and only ask about irrelevant things, he really wanted to thoroughly punish her. However, when he recalled that Nangong Yan was outside, he couldn't help but become depressed. If it weren't for the fact that he had been too focused on treating his injury and didn't pay attention to what was happening outside, how could he have missed the fact that Tang Doudou had come?

However, he hadn't expected her to come so fast. He thought that Su Yi would, at the very least, keep her in the City Lord Residence until most of those people had left before allowing her out.


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