Chapter 214.1: Unbelievably Dumb


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Upon hearing this commotion, Feng Wu fixed her hair a little, then walked in with a bright smile. "Aiy. Who was it that made our City Lord Su this angry?"

Su Yi, who was standing in the courtyard with smashed objects all around him, looked up. When he saw that it was her, his expression became a little gentler as he asked, "Why are you here?"

Feng Wu folded her hands behind her back and walked up to him. When she got close, she said with a mischievous smile, "I heard that a certain person was smashing stuff in his house. I was worried that once he smashed himself penniless, he would come to me to borrow money, so of course I had to come to take a look!"

"You heard?" Su Yi knitted his brows as he put down the vase in his hands. "Who did you hear it from?"

After he finished speaking, something seemed to occur to him and he looked towards Feng Wu in surprise. "That girl is at your place?"

"Girl? But I clearly heard a certain person calling her a white-eyed wolf?" Feng Wu looked with towards the vase in his hand with a slight smile. "That's the Misty Dawn Clouds Sky Vase. There's only one of its kind in the world and it's priceless. Doesn't your heart ache at all to smash it like this?"

"It's nothing but a crappy vase!" A trace of unnaturalness had flashed across Su Yi's face when Feng Wu exposed his true thoughts.

Feng Wu said, "How old are you already? Yet your temper is still so rash. Couldn't you have talked it out properly?"

"She was the one who angered me."

The next morning, a ray of sunlight passed through the window and landed on the bed.

The person on the bed shifted a little, before sleepily opening her eyes. "Ah, it's already morning?"

She turned to look towards the side, but didn't see Feng Wu. Tang Doudou sat up and looked around the room, but Feng Wu was nowhere in sight.

"Could it be that she's gone out?" muttered Tang Doudou, slightly confused. She picked up the coat beside the bed and put it on, then washed up before heading out.

When they got here yesterday, it was late at night and rainy, so Tang Doudou only faintly recall there being a courtyard outside and doors beyond that.

She thought that the sun had just risen, but when she stepped out she realized that it was quite late in the day. The sunlight was scorching her slightly as it shone.

"It really is summer now." Tang Doudou couldn't help but sigh. She had seriously been getting too muddled by life, she hadn't even been able to keep track of the seasons. Now that she thought about it, a few more months would make it one year since she had come to this space-time.

Just as she was sighing about this, she suddenly spotted a person standing in the middle of the courtyard.

She immediately closed the door she had just opened and leaned her back against it. Patting her chest, she remarked, still feeling lingering shock, "Why is he here?"

Then she became conflicted. Should she obediently go outside?

Or quietly slip away?

From the looks of it, Feng Wu was the one who had brought him here?

That was the only possibility, as who else but Feng Wu knew that she was here?

When she thought of Feng Wu, she recalled what Feng Wu had said to her yesterday and her eyes immediately became filled with resolve. She had already made her decision, so what was she still hesitating for!?

After taking a deep breath, she pushed open the doors. Just as she was about to walk out, she saw Feng Wu walk out from the other side and ask, "Why are you here?"

Crap. Su Yi was here to look for Feng Wu, and she had...

But it was already too late to turn around. The sound she made when she opened the door had already caught the attention of the two. They simultaneously looked in her direction.

When Su Yi saw her, his brows immediately furrowed and he subconsciously emitted an angry aura.

Tang Doudou really wanted to just turn around and run, but her legs disappointed her and refused to move.

With no other choice, she could only force a smile and wave at the furious-looking Su Yi. "Hai! Good morning ah, the weather is nice today! Are you going on an outing? Going for a stroll? Haha..."

Fudge! Even she couldn't keep it up anymore. She stopped smiling and pressed her lips together in a pout as she looked towards Su Yi with a helpless expression in her clear eyes.

"Whenever I see your foolish appearance, I can't help but get angry!" In the end, Su Yi was the first to be defeated. He seriously couldn't stand the look in her eyes anymore. After muttering a complaint, he started walking over with large steps.

That suffocating aura of fury also receded like the tide and Tang Doudou instantly regained control of her legs. When she saw Su Yi heading over, she hastily retreated backwards a little. "I-I was too angry back then, I didn't say those things on purpose!"

"After messing up and doing those stupid things! You still had the nerve to get angry!?" When that was brought up, Su Yi's anger which had originally pretty much faded flared up again.

When Tang Doudou saw that he was about to explode again, she turned towards Feng Wu and blinked meaningfully. However, to her surprise, Feng Wu acted as if she didn't see her at all. She looked to the left, to the right - in every direction but where she was.

Tang Doudou instantly felt like crying, but didn't have the tears. Big Sis Feng Wu ah, you can't be like this ah!

"Stop trying to earn pity. Gather up your stuff and come with me."

"No... Weren't you here to look for Big Sister Feng Wu?" Tang Doudou had subconsciously wanted to refuse when he told her to come back to the City Lord Residence with him but her words were forced back by Su Yi's sharp look. She hastily changed her words and said instead, "If you guys have matters to discuss, you guys should just work on that. I can head back on my own later..."

"We can discuss that matter any time. Since I ended up encountering you here, it'll save me the effort of having to look around for you." Su Yi replied impatiently. Then he turned around and walked into the courtyard. "I'll wait fifteen minutes. Pack up and let's go."

Only then did Feng Wu walk over. She looked at the two and said with a smile, "Doudou probably doesn't have anything she needs to pack. I've already thrown away her wet clothes from last night."

For some reason Tang Doudou felt like Feng Wu's smile was filled with schadenfreude. Moreover, now she couldn't even delay for a few minutes ah!

She nodded bitterly, then looked towards the sky. "Yes, there's nothing to get."

"Then let's go!"

Su Yi gave a light humph as he strode out of the courtyard.

If it weren't for the fact he was worried she would get stabbed again by someone on her way back and that he'd have to put in a lot of effort to save her again, there was no way he would have taken the time to come over here and personally bring her back.


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