Chapter 212.1: Who Exactly Hurt You, Hurt Her


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After she finished speaking, she stomped out without waiting for Su Yi to react. She rushed straight out of the City Lord Residence without a pause.

Who cared about being Alliance Head? Who cared about his Seven Great Saint Tribes? Who cared about some City Lord, Disseminating Tassel Fragrance...

What did any of it have to do with her? She had only coincidentally transmigrated to this world into Li Xueyi's body. The real Li Xueyi was already dead, so why did she have to bear so much!?

The more she thought about it, the more she felt wronged by everything that had happened. Several times she had almost lost her life and had to stifle her anger for no reason...

She was seriously tired of this kind of life. When she thought about the tranquil moment from this afternoon in which they just watched smoke rise from chimneys, her nose started stinging. She wished so much that time could have stopped at that moment.

She didn't blame Su Yi, she didn't blame anyone. She only blamed herself for being too weak, too simple, too rash... for never considering the consequences of her actions and not being able to see through the essence of things; for thinking of everything in terms that were too simple, for only thinking of today and not the future.

She thought that she might as well die. After she died, maybe she would transmigrate back.

Even if she couldn't transmigrate back, after she died she wouldn't have to be involved in these things anymore.

She crouched down beneath the eaves at a corner of a street. This world was large, yet it was difficult to find a place that truly belonged to her, that was her home.

Where should she go now?

Or should she just wait here for Su Yi to come find her?

However, right now, he was probably randomly throwing stuff in the City Lord Residence while swearing never to care about her again.

Maybe she should just wait for Liu Zhiyuan to come after her and off her with one slash. Then everything would be over.

"Little Xueyi?" Just as she was quickly giving up all hope in life, a familiar voice came from above her head. She looked up and saw that Feng Wu was currently walked through the street holding an umbrella. She tilted her head back further to look at the sky and discovered that at some time it had started raining.

Perhaps Feng Wu saw that Tang Doudou's eyes were red because she hastily closed the umbrella and crouched down under the eaves next to Tang Doudou to ask, "What happened? Why were you crying? Who bullied you? Tell Big Sister Feng Wu, I'll help you teach him a lesson!"

"It's nothing." Tang Doudou looked at Feng Wu, then buried her head in her arms again like a turtle. She couldn't cover up her sobs as she spoke. "Big Sister Feng Wu, you should just go. There's no need to mind me."

"How can I do that?" Of course Feng Wu refused to do so. She lifted Tang Doudou's head up and asked worriedly, "What exactly happened?"

"Nothing, really." Tang Doudou knew that Feng Wu was worrying about her, but she really didn't know what she should say. There was no way she could say that she had transmigrated over, that she wasn't the real Li Xueyi, right?

Setting aside the question of whether Feng Wu would believe her or not, even if she did believe it, what would change?

There was only one Li Xueyi. No one would let her off and allow her to leave this so-called Jianghu just because she wasn't the real Li Xueyi.

She finally understood what was meant by 'people within the Jianghu didn't have the freedom to act independently.'

Sometimes, even if you didn't want it to, life would still continue. Tomorrow, the sun would still rise the way it did every day.

"Aiy, child." Feng Wu sighed and didn't continue to try to persuade her. She simply stood next to her and silently watched the rain that had already grown heavy. Rain fell and flowed down the eaves, making pattering sounds and blurring the scene ahead. In the rainy night, even the brightest lights in the city turned dim and hazy.

"Big Sis Feng Wu!" Tang Doudou felt very apologetic when she saw Feng Wu standing next to her, but she didn't know what to say.

She bit her lips. She wasn't the type to be immersed in her sorrow and worries even if she hadn't finished thinking through things. Moreover, how could she not be moved when she saw Feng Wu silently keeping her company like this?

"Little Xueyi." Seeing that Tang Doudou had taken the initiative to speak, Feng Wu once again crouched down and looked into Tang Doudou's eyes earnestly as she said, "I know what you're thinking right now, and I also understand how you feel. After you lost your memories, you became different from how you were before. However, I like you as you are now, because you now know what it means to smile, to suffer. You seem much more human."

"You want to leave all of these conflicts and entangling worries to go live a nice and simple life, right?"

She had been alive for almost a hundred years; how could she not be able to tell what was currently troubling Tang Doudou?


"But there are simply too many things that are binding you down like countless thorny vines. It hurts to struggle, but also hurts when you don't struggle."

Feng Wu's words were exactly right. Tang Doudou's mood had just improved but now she felt distressed again. It didn't just hurt. After hurting, she still couldn't struggle free. It was pain layered on pain.

"However, isn't life simply like this? Any place where there are people, there is a Jianghu. If the Jianghu was metaphorically compared to those thorny vines, even if you struggle free from these vines, you would still enter another patch of vines."

"Rather than trying to struggle painfully, why not make yourself become strong and sharp!? Cut through the entangling vines! Then, even if you enter another patch of vines, you'll have nothing to fear!"

That's right!

Why did she have to struggle? Why didn't it occur to her to just cut through it!?

Fleeing from things would only make things more complicated. Matters would only be resolved if she faced them. As long as it was a problem, there would be a way to resolve it!

These words immediately made Tang Doudou feel enlightened. She looked towards Feng Wu gratefully. "Thank you, Big Sister Feng Wu. I understand now!"

Only then did Feng Wu give a gratified smile and offer Tang Doudou her hand. "Let's go, come to Big Sister's place and tell me what happened."

"En!" Tang Doudou replied happily as she placed her hand in Feng Wu's palm. However, she almost instinctively retracted her hand when she felt that chilling cold. She knitted her brows. "You..."

"Whose life is easy ah!" Feng Wu sighed as she pulled Tang Doudou up from the ground.

Tang Doudou suddenly recalled that Su Yi and Feng Wu looked completely different from their ages. Could it be that their current states had something to do with why their hands were so cold?


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