Chapter 211.2: Su Yi Was Angry


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Jun Xin only turned to look towards his arm once her figure had disappeared completely inside.

What did Bai Feiyun mean by what he had said earlier? Why would this wound be so itchy?

He took out his danger and sliced through the bandages, then flicked off the medicine on top of the wound. The wound beneath that was turning bluish black was revealed.

"I've been poisoned?" Jun Xin's expression was strange as he glanced in the direction of Cang Baicao's residence. However, when he moved, he headed in the opposite direction.

Meanwhile, after Tang Doudou had entered the City Lord Residence, she sneakily peeked into the courtyard.

There was no one here?

Could it be that Su Yi had headed out to attend to a matter and had yet to come back?

That was definitely the case. Otherwise, according to his usual behavior, at around this time he would be idling leisurely in this courtyard and whistling.

When the possibility that Su Yi hadn't come back yet occurred to her, the large rock pressing on her heart immediately fell. She patted her chest and voiced her decision, "Let's take advantage of this time while he's still gone to sleep!"

She was really worried that Su Yi would look for her and start talking about some plan or matchmaking stuff again. It was fine if he just wanted to talk about it, but he wouldn't even tell her what exactly it was about.

Tang Doudou shook her head and turned around. A magnified face abruptly came into view. The two large glowering eyes were exceptionally frightening. "Ah!"

She turned around to run outside but her clothes were grabbed. Su Yi's seething voice came from behind her. "So you've finally decided to come back?"

"Uh, we encountered an unexpected incident on the way and were delayed a little..." Since she had been caught by Su Yi, all she could do was force a couple laughs and turn back around. "Why did you suddenly appear behind me? You almost scared me to death!"

"Quit acting. You already knew that I was behind you when you turned around." Su Yi ruthlessly exposed her lies.

So frank, couldn't we be proper friends?

After laughing for a bit, Tang Doudou obediently admitted it. "Fine, I was wrong."

Didn't the proverbs put it well?

Being honest begot leniency, being rebellious begot strictness!

Hopefully Su Yi would take into consideration her good attitude and not hold it against her too much.

However, her obedient manner just made Su Yi, who was extremely angry, feel as if he was hitting cotton, unable to exert any force. He said gloomily, "Stop acting so frivolously and come with me."

After he said that, he turned around and headed towards the study.

Tang Doudou stuck her tongue out behind his back and very unwillingly followed.

Right after entering the study, she saw Su Yi vexedly kick away the chair in front of him before sitting down. He glanced at Tang Doudou, then demanded, "Who was the person you ran after?"

Tang Doudou was currently thinking about how he had kicked the chair. She knew that he was definitely in a horrible mood and so was currently trying to figure out how to put things in a way that wouldn't make her situation worse. Hence, she didn't pay much attention to his tone.

"On, it was a pretty strange person. I've seen him once before in Mist City." Tang Doudou hadn't even brought up the matter of the child lamp and gave a simple answer. Unexpectedly, right after she spoke she heard an enormous 'bang.'

She was dumbstruck as she looked at the shattered ink stone that Su Yi had thrown to the ground. For a moment she was completely confused and didn't know what to do.

What had she done? She didn't do anything ah?

Following that, she became angry as well. What did Su Yi mean by this!?

"It was you that wouldn't tell me anything yet still wanted me to cooperate with you! Now that I've cooperated and an unexpected accident messed up your plan, you're taking your anger out on me!? I'm telling you! This Sis! Won't accompany! Any! Longer! Goodbye!"

It was seriously too infuriating. From the start this incident wasn't her fault, yet she had stayed outside so long due to a guilty conscience before she could bring herself to come back. Earlier, she had also been trying to act more well-behaved so that he wouldn't be too angry, but unexpectedly...


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