Chapter 211.1: Su Yi Was Angry


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"You had better have Senior Cang take a look at your injury!" She glanced at the street and saw that it looked a little familiar. It probably wasn't far from Cang Baicao's residence. She knew that because she had strolled through the streets when she had been staying in Cang Baicao's residence.

However, for the sake of quickly and accurately finding the place, she ran to the vendor stalls and asked for directions.

When Jun Xin saw that she wasn't planning to look for Baili Yu and actually had been worrying about his injury, that trace of pain in his heart immediately disappeared. He pressed on his arm with one hand and followed after her.

"Got it, thanks!" By the time Jun Xin got over there, Tang Doudou had already finished asking for directions and was smiling while thanking the person repeatedly with bows. When she turned around and saw that Jun Xin was behind her, she said, "Hehe, I've already gotten the directions. Let's go, Big Sister will take you to get your injury treated!"

After she finished speaking, she moved to pull Jun Xin's hand. Halfway through the motion, she recalled his injury and hastily retrieved her hand again and put it behind her back. "Let's go!"

Jun Xin nodded and walked forward with her.

This time they didn't have to walk for long before they reached a street that Tang Doudou was extremely familiar with. Following that, they rushed for a while before finally reaching Cang Baicao's residence doors. Tang Doudou went up and slapped on the door a few times, then the door opened.

"Alliance Head? Why are you here?" Bai Feiyun had opened the door. When he saw Tang Doudou, surprise flashed through his eyes, then he questioned her gently.

Tang Doudou pulled Jun Xin over. "This kid got injured while trying to save me. Is Senior Cang here?"

"What? Another person tried to kill you?" Bai Feiyun's expression turned serious as he moved out of the way. "Senior Cang is still engrossed in investigating the matter regarding the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance. I don't think it'll be easy to get him out in a short time. You guys should come in first, I can take a look at his injury."

"That works!" She had heard them say earlier that Bai Feiyun's current medical expertise was in no way inferior to Cang Baicao's. In addition, Jun Xin's injury was only a knife wound so it wasn't a severe problem. Hence she immediately pulled Jun Xin along and walked in.

She was walking in front, so she didn't notice that Jun Xin had looked at Bai Feiyun with a bit of suspicion.

Once the three went in, Bai Feiyun had Jun Xin take off his upper garment. Jun Xin glanced at Tang Doudou, then took out a small knife and, with a few slashes, made all the cloth that made up his sleeve fall to the ground in pieces, revealing the injury within.

So simple and crude. Tang Doudou was pretty speechless, but then immediately poked her head over to look. When she saw that horrifying injury, her anger flared up again. "Sooner or later I'll pay her back for these two stabs!"

"It was Nangong Yan's doing again?" Bai Feiyun got out the necessary items, then indicated for Jun Xin to sit down. He took in Tang Doudou's furious expression and asked her questions as he started dealing with the wound.

Tang Doudou rubbed her nose and said in a depressed tone, "Who else other than her would have such big guts?"

"She indeed has a lot of guts," replied Bai Feiyun mildly. "Young Master Jun's wound didn't injure his meridians, so he'll be fine after medicine is applied and a few days of rest."

Tang Doudou also felt that something was off when she saw Bai Feiyun's expressionless manner. Although Bai Feiyun had always been quite cold and indifferent, he had never treated her coldly. Sometimes he would even mock her with a few sharp remarks. When had he become like this?

It seemed like Bai Feiyun had become a bit distant from her ever since they got to Cloud City.

"Xiao Bai ah..."


"Ahem, it's nothing." Forget it, it was best if she didn't ask. She then propped up her chin as she watched Bai Feiyun apply medicine on Jun Xin's injury. "Then is there a need to avoid certain foods?"

When she was recovering earlier, she had to avoid quite a lot of food. Su Yi was often like, you can't eat this and you can't eat that.

Bai Feiyun shook his head. "There's no need. The injury isn't serious, so it'll be fine just to abstain from too much alcohol and pepper if you don't want it to leave a scar."


"Are you going back to the City Lord Residence?" asked Bai Feiyun.

Only then did Tang Doudou look up to check the color of the sky. She scratched her head, and after hesitating awhile, stood up and said, "Then I'll head back first. I'll have to trouble you with Jun Xin."

"I'll send you back!" Unexpectedly, when Jun Xin heard that she was going to leave, he hastily stood up and the medicine that had just been applied fell all over the table.

A trace of annoyance flashed through Bai Feiyun's eyes, but he didn't say anything.

"Aiyah, it's not like I'm a kid. Moreover, it isn't very far away, I'll be able to get there in a few steps. You should just let Xiao Bai finish dealing with your wound. I'll come to find you to play again tomorrow!"

"It's just a small injury, its insignificant." Jun Xin was persistent. "A lot of things can happen in the time of a few steps. In any case, I'm about to head back to the place I'm staying too, since Yuner is still waiting. I'll just walk with you since it's on the way!"

Tang Doudou was about to try to dissuade him again when Bai Feiyun interjected, "Young Master Jun, even if you want to send the Alliance Head back, you still need to have this insignificant injury treated first. Otherwise, it'll end up very troublesome later."

After he finished speaking, he looked towards Tang Doudou. "Alliance Head isn't in a rush either, right?"

"That's right, that's right!"

"Then, Young Master Jun, please sit down."

After half an incense stick's time, Bai Feiyun saw the two off at the door. Tang Doudou waved towards him as she said, "Xiao Bai, we're leaving now. You should head back!"

Bai Feiyun nodded. "Alright. Be careful heading back. If the wound seems abnormal, remember to hurry and come look for me."

How could anything abnormal happen when his medical expertise was that good? Tang Doudou waved goodbye at him without minding his words and left with Jun Xin.

A strange cold smile appeared on Bai Feiyun's face after they left. He looked towards the piece of gauze still in his hand. With a slight shake, it turned into powder and spilled down through the gaps between his fingers.

The City Lord Residence was truly not very far from Cang Baicao's residence, but it also wasn't as close as being only a couple steps away like Tang Doudou had said. They had to walk through two long streets, then turn left into a wide alley. The residence with a rather stronger imposing aura compared to that of the neighboring residences in the middle of the alley on the right side was the City Lord Residence.

When she thought about it, she also felt that she had been pretty stupid back then. How did she end up believing Nangong Yan's words? And she even helped her block those people. If she had discovered that something was off back then, she probably could've escaped with her qinggong.

Sometimes, a lot of things couldn't be completely blamed on others. One also had to properly reflect on their actions.

"We've reached the door. You're finally at ease now, right?" Why had she never noticed before that Jun Xin was so fastidious? However, since he was doing this to ensure her safety, she decided to treat this kid more nicely in the future!

"Stinkin' woman, be more careful when you head out in the future. Hurry up and go in! This little master is also tired and will be going back to rest!" Jun Xin folded his arms. He shouldn't be misunderstood for trying to act cool. The reality was that his injury was itching like crazy. If it weren't for the fact that he had good self-control, he would have already reached over to scratch it. However, he didn't want Tang Doudou to worry so he could only force himself to endure it.

"En, I'm heading in now. You should go back and properly rest!"

The doors of the City Lord Residence weren't tightly closed like the way they had been in the past. From the looks of it, this was Su Yi's doing. He was making it so that it was easier for her to return.

Tang Doudou sighed. Su Yi truly did treat her very well.

After walking a few steps, she suddenly stopped again and turned around. "Jun Xin, thank you for today!"

Jun Xin was originally about to scratch his wound now that she was leaving. When he saw her turn around out of the corner of his eye, he hastily tried to put his hand back down but before he could she had already turned around completely. He hastily changed the direction of his hand and scratched the back of his head as he forced a couple laughs. "Ahem, this young master was just meddling out of boredom, no need to be so polite..."

Tang Doudou saw that he was giving a very bright fake smile and silently cursed 'butt-aged brat' before turning to walk into the City Lord Residence.


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