Chapter 206.2: He Has Come


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She really wanted to laugh but that feeling immediately disappeared, because Ming Mengxin had taken out a certain object.

Tang Doudou's facial color immediately changed. Hadn't Baili Yu put that lamp in Plum Garden?

Why would it appear in Ming Mengxin's hands!?

Jesus ah, this was seriously too strange!

She looked towards Baili Yu and found that he had already leapt onto the stage and landed not far from Ming Mengxin. Meanwhile, Nangong Yan was angrily stomping in place.

Liu Zhiyuan whispered something to her but only met with a harsh berate. Following that, Nangong Yan turned and walked back to her seat to continue watching.

No one could stop Baili Yu from doing what he wanted, not even Master. That's why she learned to be very obedient and only made some small moves behind his back. In front of Senior Brother, she always acted innocent and unaffected, and supported all his decisions unconditionally.

Luckily, she could tell from the conversation earlier that Baili Yu thought he had simply fallen asleep and didn't suspect her of drugging him.

She looked worriedly towards Baili Yu, then directed her wrathful gaze towards Tang Doudou. It was all this woman's fault. If something happened to Senior Brother, even if it was just that he lost half a strand of hair, she'd have this stinking woman buried!

She'd make her understand that people of Wind Cloud Island aren't people that a person with lowly bloodline like her could claim connections with!

Tang Doudou was completely baffled by Nangong Yan's furious glare. She scratched her head, then decided to ignore her. Gripping the hems of her clothes nervously, she asked, "What if he can't beat him?"

Su Yi replied with a smile, "I think you should be worrying about Ming Mengxin instead. That little fox's tolerance is practically nonexistent, who knows how badly he'll beat the kid... However, the question is, should I act to save him at that time? That kid's not bad."

When Tang Doudou saw how excitedly he was staring at Ming Mengxin, she felt goosebumps rise all over. It couldn't be that this old brat had some sort of unique fetish?

The atmosphere on this side was still pretty good, but the atmosphere on the stage wasn't good at all.

After Ming Mengxin pulled out that antique lamp, he simply looked at Baili Yu silently.

Baili Yu was still smiling as he glanced at the lamp meaningfully. Then he looked at Ming Mengxin for a few moments, before saying, "Ah Xin, we meet again."

Ah Xin?

Tang Doudou rubbed her head, recalling faintly that he had also called Jun Xin this way. She subconsciously glanced below the stage but saw that Jun Xin had left at some unknown time.

Where did that guy go?

He definitely saw something tasty and went to secretly eat! Disloyal guy!

Following that, she retrieved her gaze and looked towards the two on the stage with confusion. They knew each other.

She didn't link Jun Xin with Ming Mengxin because the two were truly too different. Anyone who didn't know the situation wouldn't have been able to link those two people together.

As for the way Baili Yu called him 'Ah Xin,' both their names had 'Xin' in it so it wasn't surprising!

However, Baili Yu's intimate tone was worthy of being mulled over.

Ming Mengxin didn't speak. No emotions could be made out from his cold eyes either. Just as everyone was completely confused as to how he would deal with Baili Yu, he suddenly reached up towards his mask.

There was a collective inhale as everyone held their breaths and stretched their necks to see better. They were extremely curious about Ming Mengxin's appearance.

For some unknown reason, Tang Doudou also felt very nervous. She felt as if the face below the mask would cause her to be extremely stirred up.

"You said before that you would never call this name again." Ming Mengxin laughed lightly, his tone filled with taunting and contempt. "Baili Yu, I never expected that a day would come when you would actually beg me."

After he finished speaking, he pulled off the mask. The silver butterfly mask cut a beautiful arc through the air and landed on the ground, rocking slightly.


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