Chapter 205.2: Overwhelming Victory Over Murong Ming


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Murong Ming's mouth was stomped on along with his chin so he couldn't even scream before he was kicked flying again.

Following that was a brutal, one-sided beating. It was a spectacle too horrible to endure, even Su Yi couldn't help but cover his eyes. He sent Tang Doudou a meaningful look playfully. "Girl, what relationship do you have with Ming Mengxin?"

Tang Doudou was also covering her eyes but she could see through the cracks. When she saw how beaten up Murong Ming was, she felt exceptionally refreshed. "Pei! Don't make up things. I have nothing to do with him, nothing at all!"

"None?" Su Yi remarked with a questioning tone, "If you don't have any relationship with him, then why is he helping you get revenge?"

"Get revenge?"

"Could it be that you don't feel completely refreshed and rejuvenated right now?"

Tang Doudou gave a long 'oh' and said, "It is a little refreshing..."

"Right? Hehe, girl, 'fess up honestly. What kind of relationship do you have with him? He looks much more pleasing to the eye than Baili Yu!"

"How is he pleasing to the eye? He's so gloomy he's like a ghost!" Tang Doudou immediately retorted. Although Ming Mengxin had never done anything to her and was even helping her get revenge, for some reason she couldn't bring herself to like him. She couldn't help but feel that he was very strange

Su Yi tsked. When he saw that Ming Mengxin had practically beaten Murong Ming beyond recognition, he stood up and said, "This friend, now would be a good time to stop!"

Ming Mengxin slowly lowered his extended hand and gazed deeply at Tang Doudou. Then he knocked Murong Ming down like he was kicking away an old quilt. Murong Yu's gaze sharpened but he didn't call anyone up to catch Murong Ming. A few people squeezed through the crowd, picked Murong Ming up, and ran. From the looks of it, Su Yi's earlier guess wasn't off. Murong Ming's martial arts improvement wasn't related to Murong Yu.

"Ahem, it's already quite late and everyone must be tired. Let's all go back and rest, then continue tomorrow!" said Su Yi.

If he had said this earlier, a lot of people definitely would have objected. However, after Ming Mengxin showed his abilities, many of them became timid. He had strange martial arts and was cruel and ruthless. No matter what, one had to think things through carefully before rushing up. Otherwise, the consequence of losing may be that they would become completely crippled.

Matchmaking was a festive occasion. Even if they didn't manage to marry the Young City Lord, at least they participated in the liveliness.

Nangong Yan who had been quiet for half the day suddenly spoke again. "This gongzi's martial arts is truly impressive. I'm afraid that no one would dare go up to challenge him even after a day. I feel that Young City Lord's husband this time will definitely be this gongzi!"

It had been an hour so the effect of the medicine had already worn off, yet Baili Yu still hadn't shown up. Nangong Yan found it weird, but currently she was focused on first having Tang Doudou's marriage be decided on. This was her second plan. As long as the marriage was already set, even if he came, there was no way he would try to fight over a person in front of everyone. Moreover, Ming Mengxin was this strong. If he really ended up fighting with Baili Yu, the victor probably wouldn't be certain.


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