Chapter 204.2: Lady and 'My Newer'


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Nangong Yan started becoming anxious when Tang Doudou refused to get involved in the topic of the marriage. How could she not be anxious?

That drug would only keep Baili Yu unconscious for an hour at most. Once the hour was over, when he discovered that she was the one that drugged him, he would definitely send her back to the island without mercy.

“There’s no smell at all! Stop making things up!” No matter how shrewd she was, no matter how much she hid her personality, in the end she was still only a young girl that was about seventeen years of age. The temper molded from being indulged as a wealthy young lady soon started to flare up when she lost control of the conversation.

When it came to being a glib talker, there was no way she could compete with Tang Doudou, this expert that had seen all sorts of great debates on various topics.

When Nangong Yan got angry, Tang Doudou immediately felt happy and shrugged in a cocky manner. “In the past, I always thought that the saying ‘once one stayed long in the lady’s room, one no longer smells its fragrance; once one stayed long in the abalone market, one no longer smelled its stink’ was not logical. However, from the looks of it, it was still the ancients that had more foresight!”

Several people understood what she meant, but a lot of people still didn’t understand. Some were itching for the two to get into a heated argument, so someone immediately asked, “Young City Lord, what exactly do you mean by that?”

One was Baili Yu’s Junior Sister, one was Li Xueyi who had unclear relationships with Baili Yu. If these two got in a fight, it would truly be a hard-to-come-by spectacle!

These people were probably motivated by a desire to see the world in chaos. Right after that person spoke, several people echoed agreement.

Upon seeing this, Tang Doudou said with a smile, “It’s really simple ah, the meaning is, when one is immersed in the fragrance of irises and orchids in a room for a long time, one will no longer smell the scent, but the truth is that one’s body is already filled with the scent. When one goes to a place that sells abalone, after staying there a long while, one no longer smells the stink because one’s nose has adapted to the environment… The fact that this lady can’t smell ‘my newer’ probably means that she has either stayed with ‘my newer’ too long, or that something is wrong with her nose! It is rather a pity for someone so young…”

When things were put this clearly, if Nangong Yan still didn’t understand what it meant she might as well go swallow ‘my newer’ and commit suicide! (A long time ago, educated people didn’t really want to say the word for poop so they decided to read the character in parts. Poop/manure is written like this ‘粪便’, but this is what they say instead, ‘米田共.’)

Her snow-white face instantly became black as coal as she shouted towards Liu Zhiyuan who was on the stage. “Let’s go!”

If she continued to try and compete with words, she would probably just fall to a further disadvantage. It seemed like the stab last time didn’t teach enough of a lesson. She’d have to properly greet this stinking sharp-tongued woman once she got back!

The hatred in Nangong Yan’s eyes was very obvious. When Jun Xin saw that Liu Zhiyuan was about to leave with her, he turned to the side and asked, “Yuner, can I go up now?”

He really wanted to teach that Liu Zhiyuan a proper lesson to help Tang Doudou vent her anger.

As for Nangong Yan, he’ll leave her alone for now to slowly deal with her!

Yuner’s clear eyes moved. “You can, but if you go up now, Big Brother Jun Xin, you definitely wouldn’t be able to marry Beautiful Big Sister anymore.”

“This time no one will be able to marry her.” A strange smile appeared on Jun Xin’s face. He took out a silver mask and made to head up.

However, a person leapt out from the other side. Jun Xin immediately stopped then smiled coldly. Was Murong Ming going up to seek death?

It was seriously unexpected that after Nangong Yan’s subordinate went up, the next person that went up would actually be Murong Ming.

Tang Doudou sent a kick towards Su Yi. “Old brat, look who came up!”

“Stinkin’ girl, don’t you know it’s important to respect your master? To not know any propriety at all, serves you right for not being able to get married!” Su Yi softly cursed before finally turning back around. When he saw that it was Murong Ming, he immediately started laughing. “Heh, is this kid here to seek death?”

“It doesn’t seem so.” Tang Doudou narrowed her eyes. She had noticed that after Murong Ming appeared, Nangong Yan’s originally angry expression had instantly turned happy. Earlier she had been about to command Liu Zhiyuan to leave with her, but now she had sat back down. It was unknown what she was planning.

“If you want to leave, it’d have to be after you lose!” After Murong Ming got on stage, he glanced at Liu Zhiyuan disdainfully as the fan in his hand moved slightly. His elegant and graceful manner immediately caused the young girls below the stage to become restless.

This was the first guy with rather good looks that had come on stage. Earlier, all the men were watching the show but the women had nothing interesting to watch at all.

When he spoke such strong self-confidence words calmly, it instantly won a lot of favorable impressions.

Liu Zhiyuan didn’t reply to Murong Ming’s provocation and instead glanced at Nangong Yan. This was normal. After all, she was his master.

When he saw that his master was sitting there without giving any reaction, he knew what she intended.

Liu Zhiyuan then turned towards Murong Ming and slowly lifted the sword in his hand.

“What were you looking at earlier?” Tang Doudou whispered to Su Yi who was watching the battle with interest.

Su Yi slanted a glance at her. “Of course it’s something good. However, Disciple, your performance truly exceeded Master’s expectations ah. In the past you only knew how to use physical force. It’s unexpected that after you became crippled, your verbal strength became so strong… However, what exactly is that ‘my newer’?”

Da fudge? You’re the freaking cripple!

Tang Doudou silently refuted in her heart. However, on the outside she laughed 'hehe' and said, “Of course ‘my newer’ is something good. If you want to know, then tell me what good thing you were looking at earlier? Let’s exchange our good things; neither of us will lose out ah!”


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