Chapter 204.1: Lady and 'My Newer'


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“But don’t worry, there’s no need for us to look for people. Someone will go up and freaking destroy his tool for us!”

Su Yi was so happy that he even started to use her vocabulary.

However, Tang Doudou didn’t dare to casually believe his words. He had said earlier that those people would go up but in the end, not a single one has gone up…

And reality was seriously outside of people’s expectations. When those people heard those arrogant words, they rushed up angrily and were all sent flying.

Soon, that one person was the only one left on the stage. He glanced at Su Yi and Tang Doudou coldly, then asked, “I’ve defeated all of them, so does that mean that I’m the only one who gets to advance?”

The manager didn’t seem surprised at all and clapped as he said, “Chivalrous hero, wonderful skill. That’s right, since they have lost at hero’s hand, then they have naturally lost the right to advance!”

“Humph!” The man simply gave a cold humph without speaking.

At this time, Nangong Yan gave a delicate laugh and attracted everyone’s attention. “City Lord Su, from what I see, there doesn’t seem to be anyone willing to go onstage and challenge him, so why not just betroth Young City Lord to my family’s servant?”

How arrogant and fearless!?

What an amazing woman!?

To dare hit Su Yi’s face in front of so many people, who exactly was this woman?

Nangong Yan’s words immediately caused the crowd to go wild and speculate who she was.

“I saw her together with Baili Yu a few days ago!” Someone suddenly cried out, “And I even heard her call Baili Yu Senior Brother!”

“It’s Nangong Yan!”

“So it was her!”

“No wonder she dared to be so unbridled!”

“Looks like this will be fun…”

Nangong Yan’s appearance triggered a lot of discussions as they guessed at what was going on. There were a lot of people that were interested in seeing how Su Yi would react.

Tang Doudou glanced at Su Yi out of the corner of her eye and saw that the old brat was calm as always. He didn’t seem to feel humiliated by Nangong Yan’s words at all, in fact, he didn’t seem to notice her at all and was actually staring with interest towards a certain place below the stage. Tang Doudou followed his gaze but didn’t seen anyone special.

How strange?

Tang Doudou muttered to herself as she retrieved her gaze.

Then she looked towards Nangong Yan and found that her current expression wasn’t calm at all. How come?

Tang Doudou soon realized why. It was because Su Yi ignored her!

Although she knew that Su Yi was focused on watching something else and so didn’t notice this situation, from Nangong Yan’s point of view, it seemed like Su Yi was ignoring her due to disdain!

It made her seem like a little clown that was putting on a show on her own. Behind her, everyone was gossiping about this, and in front of her was Su Yi and his disciple who didn’t show her proper respect at all!

It was hateful!

Hatred streaked through Nangong Yan’s eyes. It hadn’t been easy for her to drug Senior Brother unconscious today and take advantage of this chance to come and mess up Li Xueyi’s martial arts marriage convention. She even took the trouble to bring Liu Zhiyuan here. He was an apex expert. As long as Senior Brother didn’t show up, there weren’t many people that were a match for him on the Jianghu.

Even if something unexpected happened and Liu Zhiyuan was defeated by someone, she could still humiliate Li Xueyi with the fact that he was her servant. However, unexpectedly the people in question weren't paying attention to her at all!

However, who was she?

If one scheme didn’t work, then just go with another scheme. Nangong Yan suppressed her anger and looked towards Su Yi with a bright smile. “Could it be that City Lord Su had only called these martial arts comrades here to play and didn’t truly intend to find a marriage partner for the Young City Lord?”

This sentence was quite vicious ah!

It was unexpected that though Nangong Yan wasn’t very old, she had such deep and shrewd schemes. A single sentence drew a line between Su Yi and all the people that came to Cloud City, and even drew a line between her and Su Yi. This was the so-called, ‘hit two birds with one stone’; it was done beautifully!

When Tang Doudou saw that Su Yi still showed no intentions of responding to Nangong Yan, her eyes suddenly lit up with a realization. It wasn’t that Su Yi was ignoring Nangong Yan but that he wanted to give her a chance to personally strike back!


When this possibility occured to Tang Doudou, she became delighted. Right now, she couldn’t do anything to Nangong Yan due to her status, but it was still fine to slap her face verbally a few times, right?

She was useless at fighting and beating people up, but verbal battles were her strong suit!

“Aiyah! Today’s wind is really blowing strangely, what a strong scent of ‘my newer’ ah!” She stopped looking at Nangong Yan and wrinkled up her nose as she fanned the air with her little hand, making this remark at a normal volume.

Though she didn’t say it loudly, she was high up so everyone heard it very clearly.


A lot of people instantly burst out laughing. From the looks of it, this Young City Lord also wasn’t a vegetarian master! (Only eating vegetables means that you’re passive, you don’t attack.)

However, Nangong Yan didn’t understand it because she had grown up under the careful raising of her elders. How could she possibly know what ‘my newer’ was!?

Those eyes that looked limpid but concealed deep shrewdness were, for a few moments, bewildered.

“Ahem, lady over there, could it be that you don’t smell it?” asked Tang Doudou curiously.

Nangong Yan of course knew that she definitely wasn’t saying this with any good intentions and that the earlier sentence was also definitely not anything good. However, she simply couldn’t understand it at all. It infuriated her. She actually didn’t know what this woman was talking about.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Young City Lord is purposefully changing the topic. It couldn’t be that you’re feeling nervous since my words hit the mark?”

“What nervousness? Lady, you had better hurry and go home to get some medicine. You probably have very severe rhinitis? Otherwise how could you not be able to smell such a strong smell? Tsk tsk…” She had already said that everything Nangong Yan said earlier was fart, so why would she admit to those words now?


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