Chapter 201.2: Martial Arts Matchmaking Competition


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Tang Doudou was confused and continued asking, “What did he give you guys?”

The maid just gave a mysterious smile without replying.

“Aiyah, can’t you just tell me? Oh, that’s right, what’s your name?”

“Young City Lord, please don’t pressure me, it was the City Lord that told us we weren’t allowed to tell you.” The maid shook her head firmly, showing no intention to bulge.

That old brat…

Tang Doudou silently cursed him as she bit into the pastry in her hand. Her eyes suddenly lit up. If she wanted to know, wasn’t it simple?

The old brat said before that the position of Lord of Cloud City would be hers sooner or later. When she became Cloud City’s master, he’d have to spill the beans and tell her everything! At that time, it’d be up her to decide if she felt like listening or not, humph...

She snickered evilly, realizing that the current life wasn’t that bad.

With some intermittent conversation, time passed quickly and they soon arrived at the matchmaking site.

It was the large plaza at the center of Cloud City. In the past, Tang Doudou had seen it from the air but no matter how she tried, she couldn’t walk over there. Speaking of which, there weren’t a lot of people in Cloud City but the city was so large that it was frightening. It was at least two times bigger than Huai City.

This plaza was also very large. It could probably contain several ten thousand people without being crowded.

The entire population of Cloud City couldn’t add up to several ten thousands. However, Tang Doudou was surprised by how many people had come to Cloud City.

How did she know which people were inhabitants of Cloud City and which were outsiders? This was all thanks to Su Yi. He had separated the two groups with the crudest method. The left side was very sparse and they all looked as if they were just here to check out the liveliness. They also didn’t reveal strange expressions upon seeing the two palanquins. It was obvious with a glance that they were people of Cloud City. Moreover, Murong Yu and the rest were sitting on a stage in front of them.

The right side was very crowded and full of heads looking around curiously; it was clear that those were outsiders.

However, unexpectedly, she didn’t see Baili Yu on either side. She didn’t even see Jun Xin.

It made her become a little depressed.

However, her attention was soon attracted by the enormous arena in front of her.

Especially the four bold calligraphy words: Martial Arts Matchmaking Competition!

She almost burst out laughing. What the heck? Could it be that a leftover woman like her who came to the ancient era actually needed to use this method in order to get married!? (A leftover woman is a woman with a successful career that has remained single.)

However, wasn’t this a little too boorish of a method?

Although she didn’t expect Su Yi to be able to think of some refined and cultured way to hold a matchmaking competition, she hadn’t expected him to actually use such a simple and rough method.

Not to mention, hadn't he said that the marriage was going to be based on wealth and treasures?

As Tang Doudou entertained all these random thoughts, the palanquin reached the tall stage and stopped at the side.

She looked in Su Yi’s direction and saw him fly out majestically. He whirled in the air and his dark blue garments swept outwards in a rampant manner as he descended down onto the seat.

His appearance was seriously as flashy as one could possibly be. That, when supplemented with his outstanding looks, immediately caused a bunch of girls to start shrieking wildly.

The maid said to Tang Doudou, “Young City Lord, it’s about time to get out.”

“Oh!” Upon hearing that, Tang Doudou put down the pastry in her hand and made to climb out. The maid immediately pulled her back.

“Young City Lord, you plan to go out like this?” The maid’s tone was very helpless.

Tang Doudou tilted her head and thought about it. The flashy scene of how Su Yi leaped out flashed through her mind…

Could it be that she too… Forget it. She had better just get out the normal way.

“It’s fine, this way is fine. Trying to act awesome without any basis is deadly. Being low-key while enjoying luxury is the best way to blind people!” After she finished speaking, she laughed heartily and walked out.

That maid stood in place, slightly stunned. Although she didn’t understand all of what Tang Doudou said, it didn’t matter since that wasn’t what she meant either!


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