Chapter 201.1: Martial Arts Matchmaking Competition


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A sleepless night.

When Tang Doudou woke up, she was almost scared to death.

“Y-you guys, why didn’t you guys knock before coming in! What the heck are these things?” Tang Doudou immediately noticed that something was off and glanced around the room.

There were two rows of maids in the room. They were dressed conservatively and holding things like garments, head ornaments, and jewelry in their hands. Tang Doudou was momentarily dazzled by the sight.

Her question was directed towards the person towering over the bed who looked like the leading manager.

The manager’s surname was also Su. He looked about forty and seemed quite good-natured. When he saw that Tang Doudou was awake, he saluted her calmly and started explaining, “Replying Young City Lord, we’ve been sent by the City Lord to help Young City Lord wash up and get dressed.”

After he finished speaking, he made a gesture and the maids walked over. They knelt down on the ground and lifted the things they were carrying up above their heads.

Manager Su said with a smile, “Young City Lord, please pick what you like.”

Tang Doudou was still a little out of it. She had no idea what was going on. It wasn’t like it was an Imperial Palace drafting, was there a need to make it this ceremonious?

Imperial Palace drafting for women to enter the Imperial harem.

Manager Su didn’t urge her to hurry and just had everyone continue to kneel while holding the items up for Tang Doudou to see. When had Tang Doudou ever experienced having so many people kneel to her? She hastily told everyone to get up.

However, it was completely useless. When she saw everyone sneakily peeking at Manager Su out of the corner of their eyes, she instantly understood. After a few coughs, she said, “My throat doesn’t feel well so have them withdraw first. I’ll go pick something once I wash up.”

Manager Su didn’t dare harbor objections towards his master’s decision so he waved and had those servant girls leave. Following that, he walked over together with the other two maids that were standing at the side in order to help Tang Doudou wash up. However, Tang Doudou chased them out as well.

Manager Su excused himself and withdrew.

Tang Doudou then turned to look at the ornaments and garments that filled the room and was speechless. Was Su Yi trying to dress her up and sell her?

Although Tang Doudou was very speechless, she still picked out an outfit for herself. After she finished getting dressed, she had Manager Su call someone in to help style her hair. Who asked her to be only able to do a ponytail?

Unexpectedly, this one process took an entire hour. By the time it was done and she was ready to go out, the sun was already high in the sky.

Tang Doudou lifted her hand to block the scorching sunlight. Manager Su, who was next to her, immediately called for someone to hold up a sun umbrella for her.

Tang Doudou subconsciously said thanks, and then was made dumbstruck by the scene in front of her. What exactly did that old brat want? Was he trying to establish himself as king?

If he was, then do it! Why bring her?

If one looked out from the City Lord Residence towards the street, it wasn't even possible to see the end of the line of strict guards. Each of the guards was staring attentively forward and standing up straight. In the center of the troops, there were about twenty guards that were wearing identical garments, alternating in black and red, carrying an enormous bright yellow palanquin. The palanquin was engraved with very exquisite birds and beasts. At the head was something that resembled both a dragon and a phoenix. Its head was lifted in an imposing manner and it looked incomparably dignified.

Golden yellow gauze curtains enveloped the center seat where a figure could be faintly made out.

There was even a display of exotic fruits next to the seat. A row of beautiful and dignified servant girls stood to each side. There were a total of nine. The odd one out was standing next to the seat and fanning the person on the seat with a fan.

There was no need to guess. The person sitting in the center was precisely Su Yi.

Tang Doudou look towards the slightly smaller palanquin. Manager Su bowed and made a ‘please’ gesture. “Young City Lord, please go ahead!”

Tang Doudou’s face twitched. The hell? Wasn’t this attempt to act cool way too excessive?

She lifted her heavy skirt and got into the palanquin while trembling. Fudge, Su Yi didn’t get struck by lightning so she’d probably be fine as well, right?

After she sat down, the two servant girls at the side let down the golden yellow curtains, causing her view to be completely blocked. Just as she was feeling a little uncomfortable in this enclosed space, she heard a gentle female voice say, “Young City Lord, you can see the outside from the side.”

The side?

Tang Doudou turned her head slightly and saw that there was an enormous mirror in front of her. It wasn’t a muddy yellow copper mirror but the sleek mirrors she used to have in the past. The outside surroundings could be seen in the mirror. After she had gotten onto the palanquin, the people outside had started slowly moving forward.

Cloud City had this sort of technique?

Tang Doudou clicked her tongue in wonder. It was seriously amazing!

The maid next to her spoke again, “Does Young City Lord want to eat? Later it’ll be really busy so you won’t be able to eat for a long while.”

This maid was rather amusing. Tang Doudou stretched her neck in order to see and found that it was a girl who looked very lovable and clever with gentle eyes. Her overall aura was very comfortable.

“Where are we going?” asked Tang Doudou.

The maid replied, “Of course it’s to Young City Lord’s matchmaking location. Didn’t Manager Su tell Young City Lord?”

Of course he hadn’t. If he had, why would she still be asking?

However, her guess had been pretty much on the mark. From the looks of it, Su Yi had told Manager Su to inform her, but why didn’t Manager Su tell her?

Puzzlement appeared in Tang Doudou’s eyes as she looked in the mirror at Manager Su who was walking with the rest of the procession.

“He told me, but I forgot, haha…”

The servant girl gave a slight smile as she passed her a plate of tasty-looking light refreshments. “City Lord had these prepared, Young City Lord should take advantage of this chance to eat your fill.”

“Thanks.” Only an idiot would refuse to eat when there was food offered. Moreover, the person had even warned that she wouldn’t be able to eat for a very long time later. Only an imbecile would refuse to eat in order to keep up an aloof appearance.

“No need to be polite, Young City Lord.”

As Tang Doudou ate, she suddenly recalled something and asked, “Why haven’t I seen you guys before?”

The City Lord Residence had always been quiet and deserted; she and Su Yi were the only ones there. She hadn’t even seen a feather of a bird in the City Lord Residence before, so where did these guards and maids come from?

“Replying Young City Lord, we were all recruited last minute from within the city by the City Lord.” The maid gave a cute, crafty smile.

Cough cough…” Tang Doudou almost choked to death from the pastry she was eating when she heard these words.

These were last minute recruits?

The fudge? Wasn’t the quality of these last-minute recruits a little too high?

Tang Doudou glanced at the neat ranks of guards and couldn’t help but sigh. Cloud City was seriously such a mysterious place.

Since they were all recruited from the city, didn’t that mean that all of them had extremely good martial arts?

As if guessing her thoughts, the maid said, “After all, the people that have come to Cloud City this time aren’t ordinary people. The City Lord is also thinking about safety in doing this.”

That made a lot more sense. It was true that it would be dangerous if people from the Seven Great Saint Tribes were also in the mix of people that had come!

Tang Doudou nodded, then looked towards this maid who had a natural and easy-going manner. She couldn’t help but think of Qing Yin as she asked, “How much money did it take to hire you?”


“What I mean is, how much money did Su Yi spend in order to recruit you?”

“Money?” That servant girl shook her head. Just as Tang Doudou thought it had been for free, she said, “Young City Lord, the things City Lord gave us are not things that can be measured with money.”


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