Chapter 200.1: A Remarkable Background


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Regardless of whether Su Yi believed it or not, the fact was that things had already happened. As of now, he could only try and fix them. Luckily the girl had lost her memories and completely forgot about the fact that she had been collaborating with Murong Yu. As for the item she was looking for, it was definitely that thing.

The fact that she had been able to investigate that far while keeping it from him showed that she truly was amazing before she lost her memories.

As for now…

She was like a silly little clown. All she thought about all day was going to find that little fox. It was truly the case of an ignorant person knowing no fear.

When Su Yi’s thoughts got to this point, he stood up. After ordering someone to look after Tang Doudou, he prepared to look for Murong Yu to have a heart to heart talk. He had already explained everything clearly back then when he was about to sign the contract. He got the benefit, yet didn’t want to pay any price? Where in the world would such a good deal exist?

The most hateful thing was that he actually dared to drag his disciple into it! There was no way that Li Xueyi was a clairvoyant and could find out about that matter without someone first telling her.

Tang Doudou was watching through the crack in the door when Su Yi left. Naturally, she also saw when someone else took Su Yi’s place at guarding the door.

Fudge. From the looks of this, this stinkin’ old guy really did want to lock her up ah!

If only she could still use inner strength.

Tang Doudou went back to sit on the bed. At the very least there was no way he’d keep her locked up forever, right?

As of now, she had already recovered so Su Yi definitely wouldn’t keep using excuses to hold off the people that had come to the city. The matter of deciding on a groom would probably take place in the next few days. At that time, she’d probably be let out to show her face?

En. Then she could only wait until that time before figuring out a way to look for Baili Yu!

Thinking to here, Tang Doudou lay back down on the bed and closed her eyes. If she properly rested during the next few days, perhaps she’ll be able to use inner strength sooner than expected…

However, before even half an incense stick’s time had passed, someone knocked on the door.

It seemed to be the person guarding the door. “Young City Lord! Young City Lord!”

She was just about to fall asleep ah!

Tang Doudou burrowed into her blankets, not wanting to answer, but the knocking wouldn’t stop. She couldn’t fall back asleep so she shouted in irritatation. “If you have something to say, just say it. If you have fart to release, then release it. Stop knocking!”

Her mood tended to be quite bad when her sleep was interrupted.

The person outside probably hadn’t expected for her to react this fiercely. He was stunned for a few moments before he spoke. “There’s someone outside looking for Young City Lord.”


“He said that he’s Jun Xin…” Before he even finished speaking, the door was opened with a ‘bang.’ Tang Doudou appeared in front of him like a gust of wind.

“Where is he?”

Her mood couldn’t be simply described as stirred up.

It was Jun Xin ah!

She really hadn’t expected for this guy to be the one looking for her!

Moreover, she also had something very important to ask him!

When the servant saw her so stirred up, he hastily pointed towards the entrance. “This subordinate didn’t know if his words were true so this subordinate had him wait outside the door.”

Tang Doudou looked over and saw a familiar figure crouched there.

She immediately jumped up and ran over.

“Jun Xin, Jun Xin, haha…” She ran over while laughing happily. Jun Xin probably heard her voice because he abruptly turned around. A trace of gentleness seemed to pass through his unruly eyes but soon turned into disgust. His impulse to rush up and hug her was immediately crushed back into his heart.

“Stinkin’ br… no, now it’s stinkin’ woman!” Jun Xin sized her up and said, “As a woman, you should act least have the appearance of a woman. You look so eccentric you seem like a crazy old lady! If the men that came to Cloud City saw you like this, I wonder who would still want to marry you!?”

It had been such a long time since they’ve seen each other yet this little butt-aged brat was still so sharp-tongued. Didn’t he know to be more considerate now that he found out she was a girl? He f-ing deserved to be single for his entire life.

However, when Tang Doudou looked at herself, she instantly understood that Jun Xin was simply telling the truth. Earlier, she had been rolling back and forth on the bed, so her hair was mussed to the point it was almost like a bird’s nest and her clothing was also very crumpled.

However, there was no way she would admit that Jun Xin was right. She immediately punched Jun Xin’s shoulder before asking with sparkling eyes, “Heh, why are you here?”

“Wouldn’t it be a waste to miss a show as entertaining as this?”

“The hell? You’re actually here to watch me be made into a fool!? Isn’t that way too heartless!?” She thought that this kid was here to visit her. Unexpectedly it had just been for the purpose of checking out the liveliness!

Surprisingly, Jun Xin grabbed her hand and, glancing towards the City Lord Residence, said in a low voice, “Don’t cause a big fuss, I’m looking for you in regards to a serious matter.”

She just knew that he was here for a reason. She replied with her voice lowered, “I can’t go out right now.”

After she finished speaking, she used her gaze to indicate the little tail not far behind her.

Jun Xin also looked over there, then said rather helplessly, “Looks like Su Yi is really worried about you ah!”

“Not at all! In the past I was always allowed to go anywhere I pleased!” She rolled her eyes, then pulled Jun Xin towards the City Lord Residence. “Let’s talk inside the room.”

However, Jun Xin stopped her and refused to step into the courtyard. “Since you can’t go out today, then let’s wait a few days. I won’t go in today.”

“No, don’t leave!” She finally got someone to talk to, there was no way she was letting him go!

Moreover, she really did have to ask Jun Xin about some very important matters. No matter what, those tails that were shadowing her wouldn’t dare to eavesdrop on her, right?

A trace of hesitation flashed across Jun Xin’s face. When Tang Doudou saw that there was leeway, she immediately started dragging Jun Xin inside.

She didn’t notice the irrepressible expression of pain that flitted across Jun Xin’s face when she pulled him into the City Lord Residence.


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