Chapter 194.1: Appearance of An Antidote


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Baili Yu replied with a smile, “What, you’re not afraid of Master anymore?”

“When have I ever been afraid of him!? That loathsome old guy! Sooner or later I’ll pluck his beard off! He’s always locking me up on the island and he never lets me out!” Nangong Yan pouted as she walked towards Baili Yu. In the manner of a spoilt child, she moved to grab Baili Yu’s arm but ended up missing.

“Senior Brother…” A trace of disappointment flashed through her eyes as she looked towards the figure that had appeared next to the window. However, immediately afterward it was replaced by an even more brilliant smile. She retrieved her hands, seeming unaffected, and said, “Won’t you bring me out to play?”

“I’m not Master, and you’re not a child anymore. If you want to go play somewhere, then go on your own. Don’t keep looking for me every day, your family’s Sister-in-Law will get jealous.” Although there was a smile on Baili Yu’s face, the words he said made it hard for the listener to keep the smile on her face.

Nangong Yan was so angered that her teeth itched, but her ability to act was much greater than that of normal people, hence not a trace of envy could be seen in her gaze. All that her eyes contained was curiosity. “Senior Brother, what exactly does my Sister-in-Law look like? Why hasn’t she come visit even though you’ve already been in Cloud City for so long?”

“Children shouldn’t wonder about so much.”

He had said just earlier that she wasn’t a child anymore, yet now he was saying that children shouldn’t wonder about so much… Nangong Yan felt another stab from the thorn in her heart. Just because she wasn’t that person, no matter what she did, in Senior Brother’s eyes it was incorrect and wrong!

“Senior Brother, you’re too biased!” Although this was the case, Nangong Yan still didn’t get angry. She simply grumbled with a smile and then called for the subordinate that had come with her before skipping out the door.

After she left, Baili Yu’s gaze immediately darkened. Earlier, Su Yi and all the others were there. Why was Tang Doudou the only one that wasn’t there?

Was it that something had happened to her, or was it that Su Yi had hidden her away?

His thoughts ran rampant. He really itched to just barge into Su Yi’s house and beat him up until he handed the person over.


A genuine smile appeared on Baili Yu’s face. If he really did that, how was he supposed to marry that girl?

Although she was heartless and always shouted at Su Yi without any sense of propriety, she had still been raised single-handed by Su Yi. She had lost both parents when she was just a child, so Su Yi was her only family member.

Since he wanted to marry her, he naturally had to follow the customs. There was no way he could allow her to suffer any grievances.

Baili Yu daydreamed happily. He had no idea that the person he wanted to keep in the palm of his hand and carefully cherish was currently struggling against death and that the person who had caused this was his Junior Sister, Nangong Yan.

“It finally receded!”

Su Yi, who had busied for half the night, plopped his butt down on the doorstep. After he heard Cang Baicao say that the fever had receded, he couldn’t bring himself to move anymore. He gave a long sigh and refused to get back up.

The others weren’t in any better condition. Most of the time they were waited upon by others. When had they ever worked so hard to take care of someone else?

“Senior Cang, you should go rest!”

Bai Feiyun and Su Yi both counted as youngsters and had pretty good physical and mental stamina. However, Cang Baicao seemed like he had aged several years over the course of this one night. Bai Feiyun saw that he could barely keep his eyes open any more as he stood there. From the looks of it, he was about to fall asleep.

“No, I have to watch a little longer. Although the fever is gone, another problem seems to have appeared. You can’t handle this!” Cang Baicao did his best to make himself alert again. He splashed his face with cold water, then took out a medicinal pill and ate it. Afterwards, he sat down and closed his eyes to rest for a while.

When Su Yi heard that there was another problem, he hastily climbed up from the doorstep. “Old Cang, t-there’s another problem? What problem?”

“Don’t make such a ruckus. It’s not a big problem, it’s just something I’m a bit puzzled by!” Cang Baicao waved his hand, indicating for Su Yi not to panic.

Su Yi calmed down when he heard that it wasn’t a big problem. He gazed at Tang Doudou quietly for a while.

A person suddenly appeared outside the door.

“City Lord!”

The person that came bowed respectfully and saluted Su Yi. From the looks of it, he was Su Yi’s subordinate.

As expected, when Su Yi saw him, he knitted his brows and asked, “Have you captured the person?”

“I haven't!”

“You haven’t? Then what did you come back for?” scolded Su Yi, irritated.

That person exposed a troubled expression without speaking.

Since it was his subordinate, Su Yi naturally knew his personality and said in an annoyed tone, “If you have something to say, just say it. Don’t dawdle!”

Only then did that person say, “Replying City Lord, this subordinate has already found out where that person is! It’s just that I don’t dare to rashly act.”

“Which family’s?” The fact that he didn’t dare to act was definitely due to apprehensions about where that person was. There were only a few people that had the desire to kill Tang Doudou and could cause his subordinates to be wary.

The next words the subordinate said caused him to be taken aback. He was not the only one surprised, even Bai Feiyun and Cang Baicao looked over with shock, thinking that the subordinate had misspoken.

That person moved his lips and hesitated for a good while before he said, “It’s Propitious Clouds Inn! When Baili Yu came yesterday, he had reserved the entire inn!”


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