Chapter 187.2: Save Someone


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“Back then, your grandpa had knelt outside Cloud City for three days and three nights. Only then did I break the rules and bring you into Cloud City to raise you. Although I hated you quite a lot at the start - all you did all day besides sleeping was cry, and your crying was so annoying - you were just such a tiny thing. Even if I wanted to hit you, I couldn’t bring myself to do it.”

As she gazed at the sky, Su Yi slowly started talking about the past. “Later ah, when you got a bit bigger, you didn’t like to cry anymore. However, you always relied on the fact that you were my disciple to cause trouble everywhere in Cloud City. No matter how many times I beat you up, you wouldn’t behave. Whenever I told you to practice martial arts, you would pull pranks on me. You were completely like a boy. For some time you made me wonder if disguising you as a boy was actually turning you into a boy… Later, after that, your martial arts skills got to the point they stood out amongst your peers. You were outstanding among the young generation of Cloud City. That time, I was very happy; I think I felt even happier than when I became acknowledged as number one in the world.”

At first, Tang Doudou didn’t feel anything from hearing this. However, as Su Yi vividly described the past, her nose started to sting and her heart tightened uncomfortably. Although she wasn’t Li Xueyi, she could still feel from this body how much trouble Su Yi had taken to raise Li Xueyi.

Normally a man would be driven crazy if you just asked him to look after a child for half the day, so there was no need to mention what it was like for Su Yi, a man with such an irascible temper. And for him, it hadn’t just been a short period of time, it had been almost twenty years.

Tang Doudou gradually came to believe in Su Yi’s good intentions and came to believe that Su Yi wasn’t plotting against her because, in Su Yi’s heart, she was truly his child.

“After that, when you got a bit older, you often didn’t stay in Cloud City anymore and ran around all over the world. You were very bright, much more intelligent than others, yet you disdained learning about the ways of the world and didn’t bother to get on well with others, and always provoked people. You made it so that for periods at a time, my study would be filled with letters that requested for me to punish you.”

“Those idiots. Did they think I would punish you just because of that? Hehe, at most I would just act sincere and agree, then burn all those letters. To punish my own disciple just for those weak and useless strangers? As if I was that dumb!”

Su Yi was protective of his child, but wasn’t this way too protective?

No wonder her reputation stunk so much in the Jianghu. So it was all due to how much this guy spoiled Li Xueyi!

“It’s so much trouble to raise a child. Why didn’t you look for someone to help you?” She was very curious. Su Yi was the City Lord so he had a lot of responsibilities, how did he have the time to raise a child?

Su Yi sneered. “Could someone else’s way of raising compare to one’s own? If the child ended up being raised wrong, in the end, I’ll be the one troubled.”

In reality, it wasn’t that he hadn’t tried to find someone before. It was just that the most one held up was three days. Every single one was angered off within three days. After that, he was too lazy to keep looking.

The stinkin’ brat has always caused no end of trouble since she was little. If it weren’t for the fact that she was that person’s daughter, he would have already thrown her out onto the street.

Now that he thought about it, he really should have thrown her out. If he had, there probably wouldn’t be so many troublesome matters now.

However ah, these past years, he had used quite a lot of effort and resources to investigate this matter, yet hardly anything had turned up. But due to her, a lot of concealed secrets ended up surfacing.

So it did help to save him some work.

When Su Yi’s thoughts got to this point, he continued, “I looked through the ancient texts again after we got back to Cloud City. Your situation seems to be a trait of the Saint Tribes.”

“A trait of the Saint Tribes? What trait?”

“The book I looked at didn’t explain.”

“What else did the book say?” Tang Doudou cared quite a lot since it was related to her little life.

Su Yi pulled that ancient text out from his chest and threw it to her. “Here, take it and figure it out yourself.”

Da fudge? She didn’t even know how to read the writing here, how could she possibly understand this?

Although that was what she was thinking, she still flipped through the ancient text. The words inside gave her a huge shock. She looked at Su Yi dubiously. “These words?”

“Oh, I almost forgot, you don’t know how to read anymore.” Su Yi seemed to have just recalled that fact and he made to take the ancient text back. “How about this, I’ll read it aloud once for you.”

“No, no need. Who says I can’t read it? I can read these words!” Why wouldn’t she be able to read this? Weren’t these the Chinese characters that she had used for half her life?

She never expected that the so-called language of the Saint Tribe was actually Chinese characters...

Although a lot of it hadn’t been simplified, she could still recognize most of them. (There are traditional and simplified characters in Chinese. Some simplified and traditional characters are written the same and some aren't. Traditional is generally more complicated.)

“Eh? You can read them?” Her words aroused Su Yi’s curiosity but he didn’t ask further. Seeing that she was getting engrossed in reading, he stood up and said, “I’ll tell people to move your stuff to the City Lord Residence. For the next few days, you’ll be learning about female etiquette.”

“Oh.” Tang Doudou was completely engrossed in reading and didn’t really take in what he said. She simply replied reflexively. Right now, she was reading about the Xuanyuan Tribe’s characteristics but when she skimmed over the section, she didn’t see anything about eyes.

Su Yi saw that she had agreed straightforwardly and nodded. “Then you keep reading. I’m going to sort out those annoying guys that are causing trouble in the city.”

After Su Yi left, Tang Doudou became completely focused on the book. Time gradually passed as she flipped through the thick ancient text page by page until she got to the end. As Su Yi said, the book only mentioned briefly that ice-blue pupils were a trait of the Saint Tribes’ descendants, but it didn’t detail which tribe it was a trait of.

It made her completely confused. Didn’t Shen Moru say that she was the Saint Tribes’ captive? How did she suddenly became a descendant of the Saint Tribes?

It seemed that the only way to clear this up was to find someone of the Saint Tribes!

She closed the ancient text and looked up at the sky. It was gray and misty, it seemed very oppressing. In the distance, the wind seemed to be slowly swirling clouds towards this direction.

She had already spent an entire day reading this text!

Seeing that it was about to rain, she put away the text and was about to head to Cang Baicao’s place when she suddenly recalled that Su Yi had said something about having her live in the City Lord Residence to learn something...

She couldn’t remember what exactly it was that he said she had to learn.

Forget it, there was no way he’d have her learn something bad, right?

Her stomach growled. Tang Doudou decided to first look for some food…

However, she had just taken a few steps when someone rammed into her.

“S-sorry. I-I didn’t do it on purpose.” The person that rammed into her hastily apologized. Her voice sounded very alarmed.

Tang Doudou looked over and saw that it was a young lady who seemed about sixteen. Her hair was tied up in two long ponytails and the light yellow garment she wore complimented her delicate little face, making her look very sweet and tender.

Whose family’s lady was this? Why was she in the City Lord Residence?

Tang Doudou looked at the young girl in front of her. Just as she was about to question the girl, the sound of rapid footsteps came from outside the residence. When that young girl heard the sounds, her facial color underwent a huge change. She rushed up and grabbed Tang Doudou’s hand as she begged, “Big Sister, please save me!”


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