Chapter 186.1: Guest from Cloud City


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Tang Doudou was rendered speechless by his self-righteous way of speaking.

She had seen shameless people before, but she had never seen such a blatantly shameless person before!

He was seriously too shameless!

“I don’t care, just get out here! There’s another matter I need to speak with you about!”

Mu Ye’s matter kept getting delayed so she was already worried out of her mind, yet Su Yi, this old brat, kept hiding from her, thinking that she was looking for him for revenge. Then there was the fact that not only was Cloud City located in a remote place, the city was constructed in a very strange way. She had tried several times to leave the city on her own but she never even managed to see the city gates.

This time, her tone was anxious rather than furious so Su Yi immediately guessed what it was about. “Don’t worry, I’ve already sent people to track down Shen Moru. We’ll probably be able to get definite news within the next few days.”


“Do I look like I’m lying to you?”

“You do!”

After getting Su Yi’s guarantee on that matter, Tang Doudou couldn’t do anything else and could only return to where Cang Baicao was.

The moment she walked in, she saw that Cang Baicao and Bai Feiyun were discussing something. Bai Feiyun immediately stood up when he saw her. “What did the City Lord say?”

Tang Doudou replied sullenly, “What do you think? He’s still hiding in that turtle shell of his and refusing to come out.”

“Looks like he’ll only come out once Baili Yu gets here,” said Bai Feiyun.

“What does that mean?” When Tang Doudou saw that this old man seemed to know something they didn’t, she hastily went over to him. “Oh, that’s right. Old Cang, I lost the booklet with the instructions to cure Baili Yu’s poison that you gave me last time. Can you give me another one?”

“Hehe, of course. Once you get married, I’ll give you another book.” The smile on his old face was a little vulgar. Tang Doudou was completely mystified. Just as she was about to ask more, she heard him continue the earlier topic. “The move that our City Lord daren has made is a huge one. You guys are looking down on him too much to say that he’s only doing this to troll Baili Yu.”

Upon hearing this, Tang Doudou became even more confused. She shared a glance with Bai Feiyun, who was equally puzzled, then asked, “Then, it couldn’t that be he’s trying to troll the entire world, right?”

“What do you think?” Cang Baicao looked at the two of them with a hint of a smile. “Don’t waste your time blind-guessing, and don’t ask anymore. At most, it’ll only be two more days. After that, everything will be revealed.”

“But it’s so infuriating! If he wanted to troll someone, he should just do it. Why’d he have to drag me into it?” Tang Doudou sat down angrily and covered her head. She was so frustrated that she felt about to explode.

Cang Baicao laughed with schadenfreude upon seeing how frustrated she was from not being able to understand. “Hehe, who asked for you to be the most suitable one for it? If those past events hadn’t happened, perhaps City Lord would have gone to find someone else. However, as of now, you can only accept your fate.”

Bai Feiyun who hadn’t spoken this entire time glanced at her, then said, “You’ve been in Cloud City several days, why don’t I take you out to stroll around?”

Xiao Bai was always so considerate, however, she wasn’t in the mood to blindly stroll around right now. “No need. I still have to think about what to do next. I almost died just being an Alliance Head, if I become City Lord, ha, ha…”

“The City Lord should carefully consider this matter.” A trace of worry also appeared in Bai Feiyun’s eyes. Cloud City wasn’t as peaceful as it looked on the surface. The matters that had to be handled in this city were also much more complicated than those of the Jianghu sects.

At the very least, based on Tang Doudou’s current abilities, there was no way she would be able to handle those people.

After all this talking, in the end, they could do nothing but wait.

Another two days quickly passed by. A lot of people had flooded into Cloud City these past two days, and they were all powerful, wealthy, and irritable masters.

When these masters were brought together, it made a lot of work for the executive corps that have had it easy for many years.

Countless conflicts occurred every single day, and then there was also the fact that these people weren’t afraid of causing a ruckus and completely ignored Cloud City’s rules. In just two days, they had caused a complete uproar all over Cloud City.

So on the third day, there was no need for Tang Doudou to pound on Su Yi’s door at all.

All the Cloud City big shots had gathered in front of Su Yi’s door very early in the morning. The way those people knocked was much gentler and more reasonable than the way Tang Doudou had done it. It was just that the concealed rage in their eyes were practically laser beams. Tang Doudou, who had been heading over, hastily hid behind a distant tree upon seeing this.

“What is it?” asked Bai Feiyun when he saw her poke her head out sneakily.

“Let’s scope out the situation first before heading over!” She had met these big shots before. Every single one of them were arrogant and completely disregarded her. Every sentence they spoke contained veiled objections, and it was clear from their glares that they itched to just hack her to pieces. So for the time being, she could only try to avoid these people as much as possible!

She had already made the decision yesterday night that as soon as Baili Yu came to Cloud City, she would sneak over to find him and have him quietly bring her out of here.

Hell, the only way she would ever obey Su Yi’s arrangements would be if her brain had been scrambled! What sane person would agree to take on the job of Lord of Cloud City, a job that took so much energy but gave no benefits!?

“They won’t dare to do anything to you while the City Lord is here.”

“I’m not going!”

If she said she wasn’t going, she wasn’t going. She was simply that type of stubborn person.

However, the moment she didn’t want to go, certain people would feel like making her go. As she shook her head like a rattle-drum, a sigh came from above her head. “You have such little guts, how are you supposed to be City Lord in the future?”


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