Chapter 185.2: How Considerate I Am


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Within Cloud City, in front of a certain small house, Tang Doudou pounded on the door in front of her with all her strength.

“Damned old man, Su Yi! Hurry up and open the door! You have the face to go out and blindly blabble, but don’t have to face to come out and see me? You damned old bastard!” When Tang Doudou woke up and found out that she was already in Cloud City, she was infuriated. Following that, she learned about the later news. Each one made her so angry she almost passed out again. Su Yi had definitely drank fake wine, he actually exposed her female identity like this!

She knocked so hard, but all that came after a pause was Su Yi’s languid voice. “It’s so early in the morning, can’t you let people sleep?”

“You freaking did something like that and you still want to sleep!?”

Tsk tsk, if you’re so violent how will you get married?”

“Whether I get married or not is none of your business. Hurry up and open the door, stop trying to distract me by changing the topic!” She continued pounding on the door in front of her. She was currently so depressed that she didn’t even have the mood to enjoy the wonderful scenery outside.

Su Yi laughed evilly. “Two more days. Another two days at most, alright? I’ll open the door then.”

“Pei! Liar. That’s what you said two days ago! Don’t try to use this excuse to fob me off again! I heard that people have already come to Cloud City. If you don’t come out and settle this for me, I’ll tear apart this City Lord Residence of yours and sell it!” This bastard Su Yi had thrown her to Cang Baicao right after bringing her back, and then went to the City Lord Residence to publicly announce several things. When she woke up several days later and learned about all of this from Cang Baicao, she almost got angered to death.

She didn’t see him come out and help a single time when she was in trouble, yet he always came and brought her a ton of trouble whenever he felt bored. It was seriously hateful!

“Ahem, this time is true. Actually, I’ve gotten injured. These few days I’ve been nursing my injury…”

“Who’re you trying to fool!?”

Hell, she even heard that he went out to stroll around the pleasure quarters yesterday. If it weren’t for the fact that she was held up by some matters, she would have already gone there to catch him.

When Su Yi heard that she was still angry, he could only force a laugh and try to explain. “I’m doing all this for your own good. You’ve been making your way in the world outside these past years and have long gotten past the suitable age for marriage. If you delay it any longer, you might really not be able to get married. Moreover, it’s not like you can pretend to be a man your entire life, right?”

Of course she wanted to restore her female identity, but she definitely hadn’t wanted to restore it like this. Moreover, Su Yi, this shameless guy, was clearly doing this to troll Baili Yu!

With regards to money, who in this world had more money than Baili Yu?

As for rare treasures, what rare treasures couldn’t be bought by money? Moreover, more than half of the rare treasures in the world already belonged to Baili Yu’s Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce.

As for character, who was a better person than Baili Yu?

He had money, power, influence, and looks. He was the husband that ten hundred thousand unmarried girls yearned for!

In addition, he had become that worn out because he had been searching for her so desperately. That showed that he truly loved her with all his heart!

Such a good man actually belonged to her. No matter what she couldn’t let Su Yi troll him! She was the only one allowed to troll him!

There was also the fact that she hadn’t even been able to deal with all the Alliance Head Residence matters, yet this guy actually threw the entire Cloud City to her. It was practically demanding her old life!

When she didn’t speak for a long time, Su Yi thought she was moved by his words and continued, “You see, I’ve gotten old as well and I have no disciples other than you. Sooner or later this seat of City Lord will belong to you.”

“However, you ended up losing your memories due to the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance and became all dumb, you don’t know how to manage Cloud City at all. How am I supposed to rest easy if I don’t find you a good husband!?”

“Also, that Baili Yu doesn’t have good intentions from the start. You can’t allow yourself to be fooled by his looks.” Perhaps he recalled that the guy in question, Baili Yu, actually hadn’t done anything bad to Tang Doudou. On the contrary, that guy had done a lot for Tang Doudou, going as far to neglect his Hoarfrost Poison to help her, so Su Yi said in supplement, “If you seriously like that fox, why don’t you take this chance to test him a little? Isn’t it a very good opportunity?”

“Why don’t you understand how considerate I’m being?”


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