Chapter 184.1: If You Want Your Wife, Bring Money!


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When Tang Doudou woke up, Baili Yu wasn’t anywhere in sight. Her mind blanked. Could it be that what she saw before she fell asleep was just an illusion?

But how could an illusion feel so real?

What exactly happened?

Tang Doudou stared dazedly at the decorative bed. Her eyes that had returned to being black were filled with confusion. It was as if something was gradually fading from her memories.

What was it?

She couldn’t remember. She smacked her head a few times but still couldn't remember.

“Ah, Li gongzi, you’re finally awake!” Just as she was trying to remember what she had forgotten, a surprised voice came from within the room. She looked over and found that Qing Yin was getting up from the table.

Qing Yin strolled over with large steps and reached out to touch Tang Doudou’s forehead. She sighed in relief. “The fever’s finally gone. Li gongzi, do you know that Qing Yin was almost scared to death!?”

After confirming that the person in front of her truly was Qing Yin and not a hallucination, Tang Doudou smiled happily. “I’m sorry ah, Qing Yin. I’ve made you guys worry.”

“It’s fine, it’s good that you’ve come back!” Qing Yin grabbed her hand and sat down. Her eyes contained a bit of worry as she asked, “Li gongzi, do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?”

“I feel fine, it’s just…” Tang Doudou rubbed her head. “It’s just that I feel like I’ve forgotten something really important.”

Suddenly thinking of something, she asked, “Qing Yin, why don’t I see the big evil spirit?”

“Master had looked after Li gongzi for seven days and seven nights before he couldn’t hold on any longer and fainted. Right now he’s probably still resting,” said Qing Yin with a helpless tone.

“Seven days and seven nights?” Tang Doudou looked at Qing Yin disbelievingly. She had slept for seven days and seven nights? Or she was unconscious for seven days and seven nights? Baili Yu had stayed up to watch over her for that long?

“That’s right. After Master found Li gongzi, Li gongzi fainted and started having a fever. Master kept looking after gongzi until we arrived. Bai gongzi took a look at you and said that there wasn’t anything wrong. Only then did Master fall onto the bed. He must have been completely worn out.”

“Then is he alright?” As Tang Doudou spoke, she made to get up. “I’m going to go check on him.”

However, Qing Yin pushed her back down and said, “Bai gongzi said that Master was only excessively exhausted and that he’ll recover after a rest. You should just properly rest. Master would definitely run over to see you once he wakes up!”

“Oh, then, alright…” Although she missed him a lot, what Qing Yin said made sense. It was better if she took this time to rest. Once they both recovered, she’ll tell him about everything that happened these past three months. The most important thing was that they still had to find people to save Mu Ye.

She hadn’t expected that she would sleep for seven days straight. If she had known earlier, she definitely would have told Baili Yu about Mu Ye before she fell asleep. She didn’t know if she would still be able to make it in time right now. The more she thought about it, the more uneasy she felt. She pulled Qing Yin and asked, “Can you help me contact Big Brother Yu and the others?”

“Golden Wind Jade Dew? They disappeared the day that you had gotten captured. There hasn’t been any news from them since then and we don’t know where they’ve gone. If it weren’t for Bai gongzi’s repeated assurances that they weren’t the ones that took gongzi away, Master probably would have already sent people to kill them,” replied Qing Yin.

“Then will you still be able to find them now?”

“Probably. I’ll go ask Ye Chuan.”

Seeing that Qing Yin didn’t think it would be difficult, Tang Doudou loosened a breath in relief. “Good. Thank you, Qing Yin.”

When Qing Yin heard her apologetic tone, she said unhappily, “How come Li gongzi seems different now? You seem much more distant and reserved. Could it be you’re blaming us for having failed to protect you?”

“Of course not! I-I just feel really tired.” Tang Doudou closed her eyes. “Qing Yin, I want to see Xiao Bai.”

“Alright, I’ll help you call him and also have Meng Yu make some light porridge for you. You haven’t eaten for so long, you’re probably hungry, right?” Qing Yin was still good at thinking of everything. When this was brought up, Tang Doudou finally noticed her hunger pangs.


Not long after Qing Yin left, Bai Feiyun rushed in. When he saw that Tang Doudou was awake, he gave a deep sigh of relief before asking warmly, “Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?”

Following that, he reached out to check her pulse. “Your body has mostly recovered. Your facial color is still a little off but it’s probably because you haven’t eaten for a long time. After you have some porridge and rest for a few more days, you’ll be fine.”

“Xiao Bai, can you contact Su Yi?”

Bai Feiyun asked in surprise, “Why are you looking for the City Lord?”

Tang Doudou told Bai Feiyun everything that happened after she was captured. After she finished speaking, she grabbed Bai Feiyun’s hand. “Xiao Bai, Mu Ye can’t die. If he dies, I won’t be able to rest easy this entire lifetime.”

“I never thought that it was actually the Seven Great Saint Tribes' doing.” Bai Feiyun’s expression was very serious. His tone seemed to indicate that he knew quite a lot about the Seven Great Saint Tribes as well.

“Don’t worry. Since Shen Moru wants your poison blood and also knows that he can use Mu Ye to blackmail you, he definitely won’t do anything to Mu Ye. Moreover, the Saint Tribes have a lot of ways to resurrect people. I’ve heard City Lord talk about Shen Moru before. He said that he’s extremely devious and crafty; he’ll definitely try to bring Mu Ye back to life for the sake of the poison blood. As for us, we have to consider things carefully before acting against the Seven Great Saint Tribes. You should rest for now. I’ll go contact the City Lord and see what instructions he has.”


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