Chapter 182.2: A Death Had Occurred


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She had known ever since she came to this space-time, that this was a cruel world that viewed human life as grass. Once, Jun Xin had ordered Qing Yin to kill herself just because she heard the three words ‘Disseminating Tassel Fragrance.’ At Azure Water Valley, though she hadn’t seen it personally, she knew from Baili Yu’s tone and the injuries that covered his back what a desperate battle he had gone through...

Earlier, while the Demonic Sect was rampaging, all the sects that got in their way and refused to give in were massacred without mercy.

Although she had multiple near-death experiences, different people appeared each time to save her from the disaster.

That was why the word ‘death’ had simply been an idea to her. What happened to that vendor before was already a huge shock to her, so this incident was even more of a blow. She felt so remorseful she could barely breathe.

It was because this person had died for the sake of protecting her.

She never thought that, the first person that had tried to kill her would end up dying to protect her!

She wasn’t a blockhead, nor was she a fool. She had figured out Mu Ye’s feelings during this past period when he kept staying with her. However, her heart had already decided on a person and had no room left for any others.

Even so, her heart was not iron and stone. How could she be unmoved when Mu Ye had died for her?

The world was truly fickle and pitiless!

Pain, hurt, regret, and hatred crushed her heart. Tears fell noiselessly from her eyes and were quietly dried by the wind, leaving only dry traces on her face, and also in her heart. “What I say, I will do… Mu Ye, if I kill him, will I be able to repay you for your feelings?”

Her tone was light, as if it hadn’t come from her mouth but arose from the surroundings.

When the last word left her mouth, an enormous imposing aura burst out of her body. Shen Moru didn’t have any time to react before he was sent flying by the shockwave. Majestic inner strength expanded and emitted a boundless pressure. A figure appeared above him. The figure’s cold emotionless eyes glowed with a faint blue light. As black hair wildly lifted in the wind, countless black crows flew over from all directions to circle behind that person. The scene was like that of a devil’s descent.

“Y-you’re actually!” When Shen Moru saw the crows that blanketed the skies and those ice-blue pupils, terror appeared in his white eyes and he hastily retreated.

“Die!” The only thing on Tang Doudou’s mind was to kill Shen Moru to avenge Mu Ye, she didn’t hear what Shen Moru said at all. She opened her hand slightly, then her figure appeared in front of Shen Moru like a shadow and her hand pierced into his chest like a knife.

Not a single drop of blood spilled. Shen Moru’s body instantly dispersed into smoke before recondensing at a distant location. His horrifying face was even paler and seemed even less human.

As of now, he had also calmed down. As he looked at Tang Doudou who had suddenly changed completely, he laughed his same odd laugh. “You’ve only awakened, that’s all. You still aren’t a match for me.”

Tang Doudou knitted her brows. As soon as she had the thought, all the black crows behind her started flying towards Shen Moru. These black crows were different from normal crows; their eyes were blood red and their sharp beaks glittered with strange light.

Shen Moru wasn’t afraid of Tang Doudou, but he feared these black crows. He continuously retreated. When the crows got near, he turned and ran without showing any intentions of fighting.

The black crows naturally continued to chase after him. Tang Doudou also didn’t have any intentions of letting Shen Moru go. Although she didn’t know what had happened to her body, as long as she could kill Shen Moru, nothing else mattered.

Although Shen Moru was very fast, her current speed wasn’t slow either. Moreover, with the crows following him, how could she possibly lose him?

Suddenly, she had a bad premonition. By the time she had returned to Green Maple City, as expected, Mu Ye’s body was no longer in the pile of rubble.

“Hateful!” She sent the rubble in front of her flying with a wave. A trace of worry flashed through her blue eyes. What was Shen Moru planning? Why did he take Mu Ye? To threaten her?

Humph! Then let’s see if you have the ability to!

Since Shen Moru intended to use Mu Ye to threaten her, he’d definitely think of ways to preserve Mu Ye’s life. Although she didn’t know his methods well, there was no way Shen Moru was an ordinary person from the way he was capable of voluntarily dispersing into smoke. Or perhaps, as she had guessed before, the Seven Great Saint Tribes were actually a cultivation clan!

Otherwise, how could a change like this occur to her body?

She lifted her hand and looked at the strange symbols that covered her arm. Perhaps it was time to find Baili Yu and clear things up.

For some unknown reason, she felt certain that Baili Yu knew all the secrets her body contained, and even the secrets about the Seven Great Saint Tribes…

After Tang Doudou had calmed down, she looked around. Seeing that the surroundings were unfamiliar, she prepared to find an inn to rest first and find out where she was before rushing back to Huai City. She had been gone three months. The Jianghu was probably a complete mess by now.


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C: “What was Shen Moru planning? Why did he take Mu Ye? To threaten her?” I feel like something from Sailor Moon will happen. When Mu Ye reappears he will have been brainwashed to work for the dark side. Maybe.


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