Chapter 182.1: A Death Had Occurred


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Tang Doudou’s soul was scared flying when she woke up to Shen Moru’s terrifying face.

The people that were walking around were even more frightened and immediately scattered. There weren’t a lot of people around in the first place, so all of them were soon gone.

The large street was left with overturned vendor stands. That sharp wind was still sweeping around. A bamboo basket rolled past in front of Tang Doudou’s eyes like a decapitated head.

She looked up just in time to see Mu Ye’s figure fall down in front of her. She shouted at him, “Mu Ye! Don’t worry about me, hurry up and run!”

If they got caught again, it definitely wouldn’t be as easy to escape. She would definitely be reduced to being a blood bank for those bugs.

Mu Ye’s eyes darkened slightly. He understood this logic as well, but how could he bring himself to abandon Tang Doudou and escape on his own?

His iron chain dropped out from his sleeve, indicating the decision that he had made.

“Don’t be stupid! Since you can’t beat him, you should go look for help! Hurry up and go!” Seeing that Mu Ye was preparing to fight Shen Moru, Tang Doudou became even more worried. She wished that she was Mu Ye. If it had been her, she would have immediately turned and ran away. There was no way she would sacrifice her life meaninglessly.

Mu Ye ignored her shouts and simply looked towards Shen Moru coldly. “Let her go. I’ll go with you. My blood will do as well.”

“Hehe, you wish! Both of you will be coming back with me!” said Shen Moru with a dark smile.

“Stop wasting time chatting with him. Even though he has cured the poison, his body definitely isn’t in peak condition. Right now you still have a chance to escape! If you wait any longer, both of us will be captured!” When Tang Doudou saw that Mu Ye was really dumb to the point that he wanted to fight with Shen Moru, she was so vexed her blood boiled. F*ck! This chance hadn’t been easy to come by. Why couldn’t Mu Ye understand?

Of course Mu Ye understood. It was just that he couldn’t. He couldn’t leave.

It was the so-called ‘a crafty rabbit has three burrows.’ Tree Valley wasn’t the only territory Shen Moru possessed. If it happened that Shen Moru didn’t return to Tree Valley this time, where was he supposed to go to find Tang Doudou?

This thought had already occurred to Mu Ye back when they were still in Tree Valley. That was why he hadn’t left the entire time. He was worried that once he left, Shen Moru would switch locations in order to protect himself.

At that time, Tang Doudou would be truly in danger.

Right after they arrived in Green Maple City, a lot of people started tailing them. He currently didn’t know who those people were working for but he knew that the news about them appearing in Green Maple City had already reached a lot of people.

He just hoped that they would be able to make it here in time.

Shen Moru also knew what he was planning and had no plans to give Mu Ye any chances to stall for time. He immediately moved to attack Mu Ye. Although Tang Doudou was wedged under his arm, his movements were not restricted at all. His figure appeared behind Mu Ye and he sent a palm strike over.

The speed was so fast that he didn’t seem like an injured person at all.

Mu Ye was sent flying. He forcefully stopped the momentum with his iron chain, but when he stopped, he coughed out a mouthful of blood.

“Mu Ye!”

“Hehe, he actually dared to fight with me despite being so severely injured, he must not care for his life!”

“However, I’ve really underestimated you. You had been able to kill the pond snake with one strike, you’re probably already half a step into the ranks of first-rate experts, right?”

“There are sadly few people on the Jianghu that have such aptitude, it’s just a shame you don’t know to treasure it…” Shen Moru approached step by step. Tang Doudou saw that Mu Ye’s face was becoming paler even as his gaze turned colder, and was so worried she wanted to shout again for him to leave.

Just as she opened her mouth, Shen Moru attacked Mu Ye again. Each strike met solidly with flesh. Tang Doudou was close so she could even hear the sound of Mu Ye’s bones breaking, yet all she could do was watch helplessly.

“You ugly jerk! Wasn’t my blood what you wanted? Just take me then! You despicable bastard, shameless hoodlum! To take advantage of someone else while they’re weak, you’re even worse than a dog’s bastard!” Tang Doudou couldn’t do anything. She couldn’t stir even a bit of her inner strength. That medicine probably contained components that suppressed inner strength. She saw Mu Ye continuously coughing up blood - some had even splattered on her face - and immediately started cursing at Shen Moru.

“Shen Moru, you not-human-and-not-ghost half thing! If you have guts then just attack me! What point is there in bullying a severely injured person!?”

“Shen Moru, you’re just trash! Your existence wastes air, your death would waste ground space! You’re so ugly, your mom definitely raised the placenta instead of you… If I grew up like you, I definitely would have just killed myself! Family shames must not be spread out. It’s not a big deal if you go out and scare a few people out of boredom, but it would be terrible if you ended up scaring the little cats and dogs nearby and the little flowers and grass on the path!”

“Shut up! Don’t think that I don’t dare to kill you!”

In the end, Shen Moru wasn’t Bodhisattva. He was still able to ignore the first couple lines but as Tang Doudou got more enthusiastic into cursing him, veins popped out on his face and he was infuriated to the point the rims of his eyes became red. He gave her a fierce warning, then started attacking even more violently. He sent Mu Ye crashing into a wall next to the street.

The wall crumbled under the force and Mu Ye’s figure was buried underneath the bricks. Then there was no further movements or sound. After a few moments, when even the wind fell silent, Tang Doudou’s cold emotionless voice rang out.

“Shen Moru, if Mu Ye dies today, no matter what price I have to pay, I’ll definitely hack you to pieces until not even your bones are left!”

Her words simply caused Shen Moru to laugh. “You want to hack me to pieces? At the very least you have to be alive to do that! Do you think I’ll let you live until that time? Hahaha!”

His savage laugh rang throughout the empty street and echoed endlessly.

However, Tang Doudou didn’t seem to hear. She simply stared at the pile of bricks in front of her. She wished, she wished so much for that cold, tall figure who didn’t like to speak to stand up again. She wished that he would stand in front of her to protect her again…

However, that place was still, not even a bit of dust stirred. It could be seen that the person buried there was no longer breathing.


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