Chapter 179.2: Drawing Blood with Bugs


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Following that, she took the soup from Grandma Shen. When her line of sight swept over those bugs, she couldn’t help but look back at Grandma Shen uneasily. “Grandma, will these bugs suck my blood dry?”

Grandma Shen replied, “It’s not good to let them eat their fills. For the sake of maintaining their enthusiasm to suck blood next time, they can only be allowed to eat until they’re half full.”

Her life was not mentioned at all. All this person cared about were the bugs.

Tang Doudou cursed inwardly, then started drinking the black soup with small sips. The bitter taste exploded on her tongue. “Grandma, do you have any candy?”

It wasn’t that she was trying to be unreasonable but that every second she could delay was a second added on to the possibility of escape.

Grandma Shen simply gave a cold humph. “Give up on your little schemes, otherwise Grandma will make you suffer.”

“Eh, I’m just a little scared of bitter things.”

“Then are you scared of pain?” Grandma Shen picked up a bug and showed it to her. The incisors that she could only faintly see earlier were completely exposed now. She didn’t know how this bug grew to be this way, but there was nothing underneath its black shell except tiny sharp incisors. Each one was about a centimeter long. Just looking at it made one’s scalp turn numb.

Tang Doudou didn’t dare to be talkative anymore and hastily gulped down the medicine.

Grandma Shen nodded in satisfaction and put the bug back into the box. “Come over here and sit down.”

Tang Doudou looked over. The place she was talking about was a cask. It was the same cask that she had soaked in when she was first brought over.

She looked in it and saw that it was filled with a medicinal bath. She was confused by what Grandma Shen wanted.

Just as she was about to ask, she saw Grandma Shen reveal an impatient expression so she didn’t dare to talk anymore and prepared to climb in.

Right at this moment, she was yanked back by the collar. “Take off your clothes!”


“The medicinal bath is for cleaning your body so that the little darlings wouldn’t avoid you out of dislike. If you enter with clothes, you’ll ruin the effect of the medicinal bath,” explained Grandma Shen in an annoyed manner.

The fudge? Those little things even dared to disdain her?

And if she knew earlier that the medicinal bath would be ruined if she stepped in with clothes, she would have moved faster. As of now, she had no choice but to take off her clothes obediently and enter the cask.

However, when she get to her inner garments, she paused and looked towards Grandma Shen.

Grandma Shen gave a cold humph and turned around.

Tang Doudou rapidly took off her inner garments and went in. However, she was careful to throw the inner garments nearby so that she would be able to grab them quickly when chaos broke out.

Grandma Shen turned around after she heard the sound of water. “After an hour, I’ll come to check if you’re clean.”

She actually had to soak for that long? If she knew earlier, she wouldn’t have drunk that bitter thing!

In addition, although Grandma Shen said that it wouldn’t make her faint, her head currently felt very heavy.

“Hehe, I lied to you earlier. That soup will make you sleep until the process of drawing blood is complete. So sleep. When you wake up, everything will be over.” Grandma Shen gave an exceptionally strange smile as she took in the way Tang Doudou was struggling to stay awake.

When Tang Doudou heard this, she really wanted to spew a string of curses. This old witch was too crafty!

At the same time, she started to panic. Fudge, no matter what, she couldn’t faint!

Otherwise she’d really have to feed bugs!

However, the more she tried to resist that drowsiness, the heavier her eyelids became and the dizzier she felt. She had thought things over countless times, but never considered that Grandma Shen would hit her with this.

Just as she was about to fall asleep, the sound of Nan Maner’s alarmed cry came from outside. “Man, stop! What are you doing!?”

Her voice was very sharp and startled Tang Doudou into temporary alertness. Shen Moru had fallen for it?

She glanced towards Grandma Shen and saw that she had walked out with her brows knitted.

She immediately took advantage of this chance to sneakily climb out of the medicinal bath and throw her clothes on. However, after taking a few steps, she almost fell to the ground. F*ck! This medicine was too strong!

However, she still forced herself to climb up and quickly leave the room.

When she got outside, she saw that Mu Ye had already started fighting with Grandma Shen. Meanwhile, Shen Moru was meditating nearby. Dark air surrounded him and his originally restored face was rapidly shrivelling again.

As if he knew that it was Tang Doudou who had come out, he abruptly opened his eyes, revealing eyes that had no pupils like Grandma Shen’s. “You actually dared to poison me? You’ve truly gotten tired of living!”

Tang Doudou was greatly alarmed. It couldn’t be that he could still move after being poisoned by the sacred tree’s fruits right?


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