Chapter 179.1: Drawing Blood with Bugs


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Shen Moru didn’t bother to waste any time and called for Grandma Shen.

Grandma Shen leaned on her crutch as she walked over. Right at this moment, Mu Ye just so happened to be climbing down the ladder. His hands were empty. He probably didn’t think that her idea of using the fruits to poison Shen Moru would be effective. When he walked over and saw the fruit salad in Shen Moru’s hands, a trace of abnormal emotion flashed through his cold eyes.

Shen Moru gave a cold laugh. “Mu Ye, looks like you were the one who got these fruits for her. Why do you misbehave so much? Do you need me to destroy your martial arts foundation before you’ll behave and stay here contently, in order to become the next blood source?”

Mu Ye didn’t reply, and didn’t seemed to react at all to the threat. He just looked at Tang Doudou with nearly undetectable worry in his eyes.

Upon seeing this, Shen Moru wanted to say more but Tang Doudou interrupted him. “Shen Moru, don’t be too delighted. Even if this little young master dies, I’ll still come back to haunt you to death! Let’s see how you can go harm other people then!”


Shen Moru struck Tang Doudou angrily, sending her crashing to the ground. “Grandma Shen, take her inside!”

This time, Shen Moru had really gotten angry and had hit her with plenty of strength. Tang Doudou could feel her blood rumbling and didn’t get up. The moment Mu Ye tried to move, Shen Moru hit his pressure points. “If you don’t want her to die, then you had better behave. Don’t think that just because you know a little about the Saint Tribes, I would hesitate to kill you. I’ll kill anyone that dares provokes me!”

Seeing that Mu Ye’s pressure points had been hit, Tang Doudou forced herself to swallow the blood that was rising up. Without waiting for Grandma Shen to come pull her, she angrily stomped towards the house. As she was passing by Mu Ye, she winked two times, then walked into the house without waiting to make sure he understood.

She started getting nervous after she got into the room. She didn’t know if Shen Moru would eat the fruit salad.

His appetite had clearly been aroused in the small kitchen.

Tang Doudou had quite a bit of faith in her culinary skills, so the most worrying question right now would be whether the sacred tree’s fruits were effective on Shen Moru!

Wonder if Mu Ye had understood what she meant earlier?

Just as her thoughts reached this point, she heard Mu Ye’s voice come from outside the house. “I’ll behave so undo this seal!”

Mu Ye had never given in to anyone before. Upon hearing this slightly sullen tone, Tang Doudou sighed a little in relief. It looked like he had gotten the message.

Following that, her gaze landed on Grandma Shen who had just walked in. Compared to Shen Moru, she felt like Grandma Shen seemed even less human. She had been here for three months but had barely exchanged ten sentences with her. Every time they talked, Grandma Shen’s pupil-less white eyes would fixate on her in an abnormally terrifying way. It was like the gaze of a malicious ghost, cold and filled with resentment.

“Don’t use your bright eyes to stare at me or else I won’t be able to resist digging them out and use them myself!” said Grandma Shen darkly after staring at Tang Doudou for a few moments.

Tang Doudou hastily withdrew her gaze and didn’t dare to look at her anymore.

Grandma Shen then continued and said, “Come here. Let me check your pulse to see if you’ll be able to endure the blood device.”

Tang Doudou was scared but she didn’t dare to disobey her. She stretched her hand out even as she wondered what the blood device was. Could it be that they weren’t going to cut her wrist to take her blood? Did they have some other horrifying way to take blood?

Grandma Shen’s fingers were like Shen Moru’s, withered and without flesh, simply a layer of yellow skin stuck to the bones. A few thick veins showed on the back of her hand, appearing like bugs that were crawling on her hand. When her wrist was grabbed, Tang Doudou had to stop herself from instinctively pulling it back.

It was seriously too cold and also a little clammy. The feeling of it on her skin was like having ten thousand ice bugs lying on her; she felt numb and chilled to the bone.

After Grandma Shen looked at her pulse condition, she nodded, instructing Tang Doudou to sit up, before turning toward the cupboard.

Tang Doudou had spent most of the past three months in this room and had looked through all the things in this room. The only place she didn’t dare to touch was that cupboard, because Nan Maner had warned her that Grandma Shen kept her snake in there, and that if she ever got bit by it, not even the gods would be able to save her.

Although she was very curious about that cupboard, she didn’t dare to risk her little life. Now when she saw Grandma Shen going over to open that cupboard, she stretched her neck in order to look.

It was very disappointing. The cupboard was filled with little boxes and the contents couldn’t be seen at all.

Grandma Shen picked one box out, then closed the cupboard and walked back over with the box.

When she got back to Tang Doudou, she slowly opened the box.

The things in the box almost made Tang Doudou jump up in fear!

Jesus! Was this the blood device Grandma Shen had been talking about?

Weren’t they a little too terrifying!?

The palm-sized box was filled with tiny bugs. Their shiny black shells had scarlet symbols and they continuously crawled back and forth within the box. If one looked closely, one could see that underneath their shells were sharp, densely-packed incisors. It was terrifying.

Heavens ah! When Shen Moru said he wanted to draw her blood, he couldn’t be talking about letting these bugs crawl on her body…

Tang Doudou didn’t dare to continue thinking about it. She backed away fearfully.

Grandma Shen laughed darkly, before picking up a bowl of black medicinal soup from the side. “After you drink this, you won’t feel the pain anymore.”

Drink it and it won’t hurt? F*ck! Even if it didn’t hurt, it was still terrifying, alright?

When she imagined the way her entire body would have been bitten by bugs when she woke up, the bloodstained holes that would be left on her snow-white skin…

“Can I just put blood directly into the box? Wouldn’t that be better?” In reality, what she really wanted to say was ‘go die, there was no way she was feeding bugs,’ but she didn’t dare to provoke Grandma Shen when there was no sound from outside.

Was it that Shen Moru hadn’t eaten the fruit salad yet, or was it that the fruit salad had no effect on him!?

“Hehe, if you want to suffer less then you should obediently drink this medicine.”

The meaning was that she should give up on the idea of just pouring blood into the box.

Tang Doudou glanced at the medicinal soup. “Will it make me fall unconscious?”

“It won’t, it’ll just prevent you from feeling pain.”

Tang Doudou was struck dumb. That meant she would have to watch as these bugs crawled onto her and sucked her blood!

“Of course, you can also choose not to drink it. The little darlings like lively blood even more.”

“I’ll drink!” Only an idiot would choose not to drink it. It was fine as long as it didn’t make her fall unconscious. If she fainted after the fruit salad started working, all her work would have been wasted.


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