Chapter 178.2: Salad Scheme


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Shen Moru pointed towards the bowl she was stirring. “Why are you mixing it with yogurt?”

Now that it was mixed with yogurt, he couldn’t tell what fruits they were anymore. In addition, the fact that Tang Doudou didn’t tell him where the fruits came from earlier increased his suspicions. Could it be that outsiders had infiltrated Tree Valley?

However, there was a part that was just pure curiosity. He had never seen this way of serving fruit before. The faint sweet fragrance of the fruits mixed with the strong smell of the yogurt, causing his long-dormant taste buds to actually wake up.

That’s right. The reason he wanted to figure out what these fruits were was because he wanted to eat the fruit salad.

“Can a fruit salad without yogurt still be called a fruit salad?” Tang Doudou glanced at Shen Moru and purposefully revealed an on guard expression as she shifted the bowl in her hand to the side.

Originally, Shen Moru had come to grab her to get her blood. He hadn’t expected to find her making this. As for what Tang Doudou said about making it in order to replenish her blood, he didn’t believe it at all.

If she was that well-behaved, there was no way he would have need to send Nan Maner to keep an eye on her.

What Shen Moru didn’t know was how bad of a choice it had been to send Nan Maner to keep a watch on Tang Doudou. Every time, Tang Doudou would take advantage of the time that Mu Ye was there to investigate the rainbow-colored leaves. At those times, Nan Maner’s attention would be completely fixated on Mu Ye so she never noticed what Tang Doudou was doing!

As amazing as Shen Moru was, he wasn’t a god. Since Nan Maner never told him those things, he naturally didn’t know about them!

“Fruit salad? Is that what this dish is called?” It wouldn’t be much of a delay even if he went to get her blood after he ate this dish. It was rare for him to want to eat something, so he didn’t want to miss this opportunity.

Moreover, he wasn’t worried at all that Tang Doudou might have poisoned this.

“You’ve never seen it before, right? This is called a dessert. Having a portion of it with afternoon tea would allow the sweet and fresh taste to stay with you the entire afternoon. It’s such a refreshing sensation!” Even as Tang Doudou spoke, she continued to be busy with her hands. She poured the mixed salad out onto the plate she had prepared beforehand. There were a few rainbow-colored leaves on it in a beautiful flower shape as decoration. After the salad was poured in, colorful fruit cubes could be faintly seen through the milky white yogurt. The fruit cubes were cut with her exquisite knife work so each shape seemed as perfect as if it was cut by a machine.

Lastly, she poured another layer of yogurt over it and with this, the fruit salad was complete!

Tang Doudou looked at the rainbow-colored fruit salad in front of her and couldn’t help but pick up the spoon to taste it despite knowing that it was poisonous.

Shen Moru, who was at the side, snatched the spoon from Tang Doudou. Taking the plate as well, he said with a laugh, “As a captive, you should be more aware of your situation. The only reason the Saint Tribe is raising you is for the sake of your poison blood, not so that you can enjoy yourself here. To even make a fruit salad… Get out of here and go to the house. Grandma Shen will tell you what to do next!”

“Humph! I worked so hard to make it, yet I’m not even allowed to taste it? Are you still human!? At the very least, let me die as a ghost that ate to death ah!” cried Tang Doudou noisily as she tried to snatch back the salad.

Of course, Shen Moru didn’t allow her to do so. With a swing of his wide black sleeve, a force hit Tang Doudou and sent her flying. She crashed heavily into the wall of the vine house opposite the little kitchen.

“Don’t worry, the poison blood only appears once every hundred years, so I won’t let you die that easily. Just behave and act as a good blood source!” After Shen Moru finished speaking, he leaped over with the plate of salad still in his hands. “As for this senseless thing, I’ll help you deal with it, but you are not allowed to ever make it again! Otherwise I’ll kill Mu Ye!”

Tang Doudou didn’t pay attention to his threat at all and looked completely unconcerned towards that plate of salad. She smiled cooly. “You sure are funny, to threaten the martial arts Alliance Head with the life of the Demonic Sect Leader. Has your brain gotten scrambled?”


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