Chapter 178.1: Salad Scheme


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In any case, it was all very complicated. Mu Ye had learned about this from some ancient texts and didn’t know the specifics either.

The ancient texts of the Demonic Sect had been passed down for a very long time. Mu Ye inferred from the clues left in the ancient texts that the Demonic Sect may have also once been a guardian of the Seven Great Saint Tribes’ descendents. Otherwise, there was no way there’d be so many records about the Saint Tribes within the sect.

Mu Ye had also mentioned the Seven Great Saint Tribes before. He said that they were separated into the Xuanyuan (Name of the Yellow Emperor) Tribe that was the leader, and the supporting tribes of Wind Tribe, Fire Tribe, Thunder Tribe, Water Tribe, Earth Tribe, and Gold Tribe. Of the seven, the Xuanyuan Tribe was the largest and pretty much governed the entire world. The misfortune that befell the tribes back then had also been due to the Xuanyuan Tribe. It seemed that almost all of the Xuanyuan Tribe descendants had died during a struggle for ruling power, leading to a situation in which the world had no ruler.

However, Mu Ye didn’t know much about the details. It hadn’t been recorded in the ancient texts and since it has already been about eight hundred years, there was no way to research it.

After a few hundred years, the world had already undergone a huge change and the Seven Great Saint Tribes had completely vanished from sight. There were many people that hadn’t even heard of the Seven Great Saint Tribes, but even those that knew kept their mouths shut. It was as if everyone had silently agreed to make the Seven Great Saint Tribes a taboo topic.

When the bug heart was brought up, Mu Ye said that it did have the effect of curing a hundred poisons, but he didn’t know if it could cure the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance. Following that, he said that both the Black Demonic Nightcrawler and the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance were products of the Saint Tribes, so it might really be capable of curing the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance.

In regards to this, Tang Doudou could only weep soundlessly. Could it be that since she was too severely poisoned, the bug heart’s effect had weakened? To tell the truth, she didn’t feel anything out of the ordinary after consuming the bug heart…

Tang Doudou sorted through everything that had happened during the past few months to make sure that she didn’t miss anything. After that, she shifted her focus towards figuring out how to deal with Shen Moru.

There were a lot of ways to work with fruit. There was fruit salad, fruit pudding, fruit beverages…

What dish should she use in order to make the fruits look stunning and irresistible?

First, she had to understand the characteristics of these fruits. She had already managed to get a pretty good grasp of them after three months. In the past, she thought that she wouldn’t be able to find two of the same fruit on the tree. However, she later discovered that these fruits were really magical. If you picked one, an identical fruit would grow in the same spot the next day.

Tang Doudou suspected that the Seven Great Saint Tribes may actually be a clan of cultivators.

If that wasn’t the case, how could a magical thing like a sacred tree appear?

Cultivation was something that often appeared in the novels she read in her past life. She would often surf the large online novel sites so she understood cultivation very well. There weren’t many things that went against the norms in this world but there were still a handful. There was the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance that no one understood, the way Su Yi still looked like a youngster in his twenties despite being over a hundred, and the sacred tree currently in front of her. All these seemed to tell her that cultivation very likely existed in this world.

After all, when something as magical as transmigration had happened to her, what else wasn’t possible?

It wouldn’t be strange even if cultivation was added in! It must be known that cultivation novels tended to focus particularly on the relationship between the past life and the present life. It was very possible that she was one of Li Xueyi’s future incarnations!

“The red one tastes pretty much like a strawberry. The white one tastes like an apple, the orange one is mango-flavored…” As Tang Doudou thought about these things, she started sorting the fruits. After sorting all of them out, she thought for a little while, then made her decision.

“Let’s just make a salad!”

Fruit salad contained a lot of flavors and looked appetizing as well. Moreover, with the yogurt covering it, Shen Moru might not be able to recognize these fruits as those of the sacred tree.

After she made her decision, she pulled up her sleeves and started working. Anyone who made a salad before would know that it actually wasn’t hard to make. The only troublesome part was how to handle each fruit. And a bone-ash level foodie like her was not only very demanding towards the taste, but also towards the food’s shape, the knife work, and the arrangement.

Because of that, she had spent plenty of time practicing knife work at home. At the very start, she would get layers of blisters from handling the knife too much. Every time Grandpa saw her injured hands, he would admonish her for not knowing to treasure herself.

Tang Doudou’s nose started to sting when she recalled her grandfather. She tilted her head back in order to keep the tears from falling out. She then placed the readied fruits to the side before stooping down to get the yogurt Nan Maner had gotten for her a couple days ago.

Although this place was isolated, every family had yogurt. When she asked, she found out that these people used to be nomads that herded livestock and had gotten used to eating yogurt. As of now, they no longer had much room to raise livestock but they still kept that fondness for yogurt.

This local yogurt tasted much better than the yogurt she used to buy at the supermarket.

“What are you doing?” Just as she was getting into it, Shen Moru’s voice suddenly came from right next to her.

Tang Doudou stayed cool and didn’t even turn around as she continued to smoothly pour the yogurt over the fruit cubes. The original shapes were soon covered. “Didn’t you tell me to replenish my poison blood? The food Nan Maner brought was seriously unbearable, so I had no choice but to make food myself!”

Although Shen Moru had good hearing, he still couldn’t hear something that far away. Moreover, the thought that Tang Doudou would be dumb enough to try and use those fruits to poison him had never occurred to him. Despite all that, he still asked about those fruits. “There are no plants in Tree Valley other than the sacred tree. Where did you get so many fruits from? It couldn’t be from the sacred tree, right?”

It was clear from his tone that he didn’t realize what they were!

This reassured Tang Doudou and she replied without a change of expression, “Do you dare to eat the sacred tree’s fruits?”

“The sacred tree has numerous distinct fruits. Although their flavors are wonderful, they all have one special characteristic and it’s that they’re poisonous. Unless a person has a constitution that is immune to ten thousand poisons, he would definitely be poisoned upon eating one. Of course, each one contains a different poison. If they are used well, they could be utilized to make a medicinal bath that strengthens the constitution and cleanses the meridians. However, I have no need for those things so I naturally don’t eat them.”

After he finished speaking, he revealed a strange smile. “Of course, Maner has probably already told you about this. Based on how scared you seem to be of dying, you definitely wouldn’t dare to eat them.”

Tch…” Tang Doudou gave a disdainful cold humph in response to what Shen Moru said. What ‘he doesn’t eat them?’ It was clearly that he didn’t dare to eat them!

Though Nan Maner didn’t tell her about those things, she had figured them out on her own. Although she didn’t have a constitution that was immune to ten thousand poisons, she had eaten the bug heart that cures a hundred poisons, and had the poison blood cultivated by the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance, so she was sure that she at least possessed a constitution immune to a hundred poisons. Hence, she tried eating one fruit a day. On one hand, it was for the sake of understanding the characteristics of the fruits. On the other hand, she had been trying to figure out which fruits to use in order to make a blend that would cause Shen Moru to lose his martial arts and his ability to move...

Shen Moru’s constitution seemed different from ordinary people so she wasn’t sure if those fruits could kill him. She planned for the worst, which was that the fruits would only buy enough time for her and Mu Ye to escape this valley.

Even if it just caused him to have diarrhea, it would be good enough.

In any case, please Buddha and all the gods, let him not be immune to these fruits!


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