Chapter 175.1: Nan Maner


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Nan Maner grew up in the valley and had never seen a man as good-looking as Mu Ye. She was currently sixteen and filled with curiosity towards the outside world. Although Grandma’s guests would occasionally come into the valley, there had never been a guest that stayed quietly outside without going in to talk to Grandma like Mu Ye.

Recalling the injured girl she saw in the room earlier, Nan Maner asked, “Man, are you a friend of the girl in the room-yo?”

Mu Ye still ignored her.

If it weren’t for the fact that Mu Ye was so cold, perhaps her curiosity wouldn’t have been so strong.

“I saw that she was injured-yo. It doesn’t seem to have been inflicted by a person-yo? Did she get bitten by the wolves over in that valley?”

“Those wolves are really fierce ah! Even I’m not a match for them, and even Xiao Yuer was bitten before-yo.”

“Did you guys wander here from the valley?”

“What is it like outside the valley-yo?”

So talkative.

Two words emerged in Mu Ye’s heart.

“Man, since you have nothing to do while standing here, when don’t you just tell me a little about the world outside?” As Nan Maner spoke, she moved towards Mu Ye. Her martial arts skill was probably quite high, it was just that her technique was very strange. Her qinggong seemed like that of a snake, she seemed to slither from the trunk and over the branch, reaching Mu Ye in the blink of an eye. Hanging upside down in front of Mu Ye, she said, “How about this-yo? If you tell me about the world outside, I’ll tell you about that big sister’s condition inside the room.”

Nan Maner was quite smart. When she saw that Mu Ye’s stare was fixated on the house, she immediately figured out that he was worried about the person inside. Originally, she didn’t want to make this kind of deal because Grandma Shen had warned her that if she ever made a deal with anyone, she would kick her out of the valley.

However, she couldn’t contain her curiosity.

Mu Ye’s expression finally changed a little. His thin lips parted. “Fine.”


The moment he agreed, Nan Maner threw Grandma Shen’s warning to the back of her head. She asked, “Are you and that big sister lovers-yo?”

Mu Ye hadn’t expected for her to suddenly ask this. His gaze sharpened a little. “No.”

Nan Maner’s smile became even brighter as she dropped down from the branch and flipped over to sit next to Mu Ye. “Then, are you guys friends?”


“If you’re not friends and not lovers, then why are you so worried about her-yo?” Nan Maner couldn’t understand it. “Were you lying to me?”


“Why is it the same word again-yo!?” Nan Maner truly felt defeated as she covered her face in frustration. How could a person with so little words exist in this world!?

Mu Ye glanced at her, then continued to look towards the house. He pressed his lips together, then asked, “How is she?”

“She’s still alright-yo. Although she looks heavily injured-yo, there weren’t any large wounds. She’ll be able to recover soon after soaking in the medicinal bath awhile-yo!”

Nan Maner spoke angrily but also helplessly.

Mu Ye felt much more relieved after finding out about her situation. He gazed at the dense leaves around him as he started speaking in a cold, emotionless voice. “The world outside is cruel…”

“For the sake of money and power, there are constant battles and power struggles.”

“Secret plots, open conspiracies, constant scheming. You scheme to overthrow me, I scheme to overthrow you. It’s cold and heartless.”

There was not a trace of emotion in his voice, it was as if he was reading aloud homework. However, Nan Maner’s eyes lit up with a strange radiance. So the world outside was like this! As expected it was not much different from what Grandma said, it wasn’t wonderful at all.

She snuck a glance at Mu Ye’s cold profile. He was really a man that kept his promises. He clearly didn’t like to speak, but he did it for the sake of getting news about that big sister.

Grandma said that the most important thing about a good man is that they kept their promises. Then that meant that he’s a good man?

Grandma said that once one encountered a good man, one had to tightly grab onto him like the way one grabbed one’s own things, and not let go.

However - a depressed expression now appeared in Nan Maner’s large eyes - the man said that he wasn’t lovers or friends with that big sister, but his gaze had already betrayed him. It was clear that he really liked that big sister.

Would she still be able to grab hold of him if he already had someone he liked?

Grandma hadn’t talked to her about this before.

It was seriously vexing.


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