Chapter 174.1: Tree Valley


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Mu Ye found it meaningless to reply. He tilted his head slightly to move away from Tang Doudou’s warm, scented breath. His tone was a little helpless as if he didn’t know what to do with her. “He can hear everything you say.”

Tang Doudou had realized that she had done something dumb again the moment Shen Moru spoke. If even she was capable of hearing people’s whispers, there was no need to question whether Shen Moru, with his profound inner strength, could.

This embarrassed her so much she didn’t even think about the meaning contained in Shen Moru’s words. Her little face was slightly red in the darkness, but she still thickened her skin and said, “Of course I know that he can hear! I was saying it on purpose for him to hear!”

Her little thoughts were naturally obvious to the two men.

Shen Moru laughed lightly in a mocking manner.

Mu Ye shook his head helplessly. After shifting her to a more comfortable position, he continued following Shen Moru without a word.

The cave looked completely normal from the outside. Only after entering, would people discover the paradise within.

There were gorgeously colorful limestones inside and the stalactites caused the cave to look like a scene from a fantasy. Strange peculiar rocks were inserted here and there. It was like a strange underground world.

The dripping droplets formed a little pool from which gloomy, cold fog spilled out and spiraled upwards. The way they wound around the rocks made this place also seem like the world of the immortals.

Even the cold Mu Ye couldn’t help but be moved by this scene.

Tang Doudou was even more amazed by this scene and keep talking non-stop on Mu Ye’s back. “Mu Ye, Mu Ye, look at the rock over there. Doesn’t it seem like an old monk?”

“Mu Ye, Mu Ye, look! Doesn’t that seem like a fish!?”

“Wah! Mu Ye, it seems like there a caterpillar over there!”

The cave was full of rocks and the echo was especially loud. However, Mu Ye seemed used to it and continued to carry her with an unperturbed expression. From time to time, he would look towards the direction she pointed in. He couldn’t see the monk, fish, and caterpillar she described at all…

At the start, Shen Moru had still been able to endure it, but as her voice got louder and more excited, he couldn’t endure it anymore and coldly threatened Tang Doudou. “Cry out again and I’ll kick you into the pool for the snakes to eat!”

As if to support his words, the sound of something ripping through the water came from the pool. Closely following that sound, a triangular head that was about a meter wide broke the surface and rushed at the three with its jaws wide. The enormous snake tongue almost licked Tang Doudou’s cheek.

“Get the f*ck back!” reprimanded Shen Moru fiercely when he saw that snake’s head.

That snake’s red eyes flashed, then it withdrew back into the pool.

Tang Doudou only started shuddering after the water surface returned to stillness. “S-scared this poor baby to death!”

Even though she had said it in a small voice, she still attracted Shen Moru’s fury. “Shut up!”

Tang Doudou hastily closed her mouth. However, lying on Mu Ye’s back, she kept feeling like her back was cold as if something was staring at her from the dark.

Tang Doudou shifted uncomfortably. When Mu Ye noticed, he put her on the ground without saying anything.

As she watched with a confused expression, he picked her up again in a princess carry. He said softly, “You should sleep for a while.”

Before Mu Ye mentioned it, she hadn’t felt it. But after he said that, she felt dizzy and decided to just close her eyes. “En.”

Shen Moru turned back. When he saw that Tang Doudou was sleeping against Mu Ye’s chest, his originally gloomy expression was replaced with a beaming one. Heh, it looked like the first step was almost complete.

They walked for about an hour through the cave. After passing that karst cave with the pool, there was a pitch black pathway. At the end of the pathway, there was light, so it probably led to an exit.

Shen Moru had already walked out. Mu Ye lightly patted Tang Doudou’s arm in order to wake her up.

However, he realized something was wrong the moment his hand made contact. His expression turned serious as he touched Tang Doudou’s forehead. It was really hot!


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