Chapter 173.1: Crafty Wolf


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Tang Doudou had no idea of the danger that was about to befall her.

In the distance, Mu Ye’s pupils rapidly dilated. The moment his lips moved, he felt a pain in front of his chest. His Gate of Muteness had been hit.

He looked towards Shen Moru with resentment. The latter laughed. “Don’t look at me, I’m doing this for your own good. You won’t be able to bear the consequences of breaking the bet.”

Mu Ye’s chest was rising and falling rapidly, it was clear he was extremely furious.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let that girl die. I still need her to lend me a hand.” After Shen Moru finished speaking, he left.

Mu Ye currently couldn’t speak or move. Shen Moru had a very unique way of hitting pressure points. He couldn’t break through the seals with his inner strength and could only watch as Tang Doudou was pounced on by the ash-white wolf without even a chance to cry out…

He shut his eyes, unable to keep watching. However, a rush of fury filled his chest. God Firmament Hall, I, Mu Ye, will never forgive you this entire lifetime!

He didn’t know that at the instant he had closed his eyes, a great change had occurred with the situation over there.

Tang Doudou indeed had not sensed it when the wolf pounced over and was sent falling forward. However, just as she hit the ground and the wolf was about to bite down on the main artery on her neck, a nimble figure jumped down from the sky and abruptly knocked the wolf flying.

Tang Doudou covered her neck, still feeling lingering fear, and discovered that it was Ah Meng.

“Ah Meng!”

Ah Meng turned around and glanced at her with that same disdainful look, then jumped in front of the wolf. It angrily questioned that wolf why it came to steal the prey while it was gone.

A trace of silent endurance flashed through that wolf’s eyes, then it immediately revealed a cowardly look and whimpered as if it was explaining some grievance it had suffered.

With its body soaked in blood, it looked quite pitiful.

This was precisely the behavior that had deceived Tang Doudou earlier and she had almost ended up dying for it.

These animals were truly demonic to no end.

Tang Doudou thought with a sigh. She saw that Ah Meng looked confused and seemed to be deliberating over whether what that wolf said was true. She couldn’t help but warn Ah Meng, “Don’t trust it, this animal is too crafty!”

When Ah Meng heard her warning, his eyes immediately turned cold. He stopped listening to the wolf’s explanation and pounced up to bite it to death.


When the wolf saw that its scheme was seen through, it gave up pretending. Revealing its fangs, it moved up to meet Ah Meng’s attack.

The two enormous wolves started battling on the narrow rock, making it so that Tang Doudou barely had anywhere to stand. Originally, she wanted to leave. However, Ah Meng had come to save her and the outcome of the battle seemed yet to be determined, so she felt that leaving would be way too heartless. Hence, she climbed onto a little rock at the side and stood on it to watch the battle worriedly.

Though the alpha had bled so much that its entire body was dyed red, its battle strength born from disregard for life was much greater than Ah Meng’s. It didn’t take long for Ah Meng’s body to be full of wounds, however, the alpha wasn’t faring much better. Most of its soft fur had been bitten off. The patches of mangled flesh all over its body looked quite horrifying.

Only now did Tang Doudou feel that the way she had fought with the alpha earlier was simply child’s play. This here was what a true battle was like.

Having watched it from up close, it probably counted as having truly experienced the cruelty of nature.

However, in reality, wasn’t the human society the same?

Bang!” In the end, the alpha had received a severe injury. No matter how fierce it was, it had no way of maintaining its ferocity for a long time. As soon as the alpha made a mistake, Ah Meng bit down on its tail and threw it fiercely towards the wall. The sound of impact was loud. When the alpha landed, it couldn’t even stand stably anymore.

It tried several times but kept failing. Tang Doudou was very alarmed to see the unwillingness in that wolf’s cold green eyes. It was lucky that this wolf didn’t use all its strength to fight against her. Otherwise, she would have already been torn apart and swallowed.

Ah Meng was impatient. When he saw that the wolf couldn’t stand up, his nostrils flared and it rushed up to bite the alpha’s neck. Giving another fierce fling, it threw the alpha off the rock.

The alpha’s body fell heavily and smashed into the the hard valley ground.

Tang Doudou couldn’t help but look away. She turned towards Ah Meng who was still panting heavily.

Sensing her gaze, Ah Meng abruptly turned around. Due to the fact that the fierceness in his eyes still hadn’t faded, Tang Doudou was startled and took a step back.

She forgot that she was standing on a very small rock. The moment she stepped back, she slipped and fell.


Tang Doudou’s pitiful cry reverberated through the entire valley. Mu Ye, who had closed his eyes, abruptly opened his eyes just in time to see her fall.

Shen Moru appeared from somewhere and undid his pressure point seals. “Heehee, I’m giving you a chance to be a hero and save the beauty, but you’re still not going?”

Mu Ye didn’t have the time to wonder why Shen Moru would suddenly act with such good intentions. Tang Doudou was about to hit the valley ground so he hastily flew over.

Jesus ah, was this the legendary occurance of having dodged the first bullet but failing to dodge the fifteenth one?

Just as she was imagining how these wolves would scramble to eat her after she fell to her death, she saw a black figure fly towards her.

She immediately opened her eyes wide and cried in pleasant surprise, “Mu Ye, hurry and save me!”

Mu Ye sped up even more, using the rocks nearby to accelerate as he rushed towards Tang Doudou like an arrow. He managed to catch her just an instant before she hit the ground.

“Are you alright?” The speed earlier was seriously too fast. Even Mu Ye who had profound inner strength was breathing heavily. Despite that, his eyes were filled with worry as he looked at the person in his arms.

Currently, Tang Doudou wasn’t in any condition to be looked straight at. Her white inner garments had been totally stained with blood. Several places were ripped, revealing snow-white skin. Contrasted by the red color of blood, it was strangely charming.

However, right now, no one had the time to care about what was charming. Tang Doudou was still very tense due to the narrow escape from death. “Mu Ye, where’s that mysterious person? Are you here to bring me away?”

When Shen Moru was mentioned, Mu Ye’s gaze dimmed. He turned around to look towards the figure that was slowly walking towards them.

Tang Doudou saw that his facial color was off and hastily looked over, following his gaze. When she saw Shen Moru, her expression immediately became worried. “Are you able to beat him?”

“Don’t worry, nothing will happen to you.” Even as Mu Ye comforted Tang Doudou, his gaze didn’t shift away from Shen Moru. There was a repressed light in his eyes, it was clear that he was planning something.

However, all plans seemed insignificant in Shen Moru’s eyes. He laughed with that same strange, unpleasant laugh as before as he walked to them. “If Baili Yu saw you two hugging so intimately, that expressionless fox’s expression would probably turn very entertaining.”


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