Chapter 171.2: Miraculous Effect of the Broadcast Exercises


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The wolves started to panic even more now that a wolf had been burned to death. The largest ash-colored wolf had at some unknown time climbed onto a very tall rock. It looked down at Tang Doudou, its eyes filled with restrained fear.

Tang Doudou waved the burning garments in her hand at it in a provocative manner. That wolf gave a low growl as if it was very angry that an originally weak prey actually dared to provoke it.

However, he was terrified of the thing in the prey’s hand. This terror came from its bones. After that wolf got burned to death, it became even more scared. However, it could see that the thing wouldn’t keep burning forever, so it was waiting. It was waiting until all the clothing the prey had finished burning, waiting until all those hateful things were gone.

Then it’d rush up and crush this loathsome prey with one bite.

It actually made it lose so many members!

Tang Doudou saw the fury in its eyes and laughed coldly. In the end, it was still an animal, it wasn’t that easy to scare.

Throwing aside the clothes, she blew on the painful blisters on her hands. Currently, most of the wolves were focused on avoiding the wolves that were on fire. There were only a few unusual-looking wolves that were eyeing her together with the ash-white wolf.

Which meant that if she didn’t get rid of those wolves, she was still in danger.

The inner strength within her body was growing more and more out of control. She could already feel some of it traveling down to her hands. It was a very unpleasant sensation and she itched to just release it with abandon.

As Tang Doudou was suppressing her inner strength, the other wolves drove the wolves that were on fire far away. The wolves that were on fire could only wait quietly for death. As for the other wolves, they returned again.

That ash-white wolf slowly strolled down like a victorious king. It lifted its head high as it glanced down disdainfully at Tang Doudou as if sneering at her for overestimating her strength.

As it walked down, the other wolves lowered their heads as if they were bowing deferentially to it.

Pfff. Tang Doudou suddenly started laughing as she watched them.

From the looks of it, this wolf was the leader of this pack. It was said that if you got rid of the alpha, all the other wolves in the pack would scatter. For now, she had no choice but to take a stab at it and hope that it was true!

Thinking thus, Tang Doudou quietly waited for the ash-white wolf to approach.

However, that wolf seemed to see through her plan. It paced back and forth near the edge but refused to approach.

Tang Doudou was angered to the point she practically puked blood. F*ck! It just had to turn damned smart after she just called it stupid.

Tang Doudou naturally didn’t dare to advance herself. Who knew what kind of shady plan was in that wolf brain.

Time gradually elapsed. All the clothing in Tang Doudou’s hands were pretty much burned. She couldn’t suppress her anxiety anymore because she couldn’t suppress her inner strength much longer!

She had to hold on, she must hold on!

Tang Doudou closed her eyes. Suddenly, an idea emerged in her head. If one wanted to release their inner strength, one can only do it by continuously attacking, and wasn’t continuously attacking the basic foundation of martial art sequences? She had forgotten most of the martial arts Li Xueyi had left her but she still remembered the broadcast exercises her grandpa had taught her. However, those playthings were clearly not suitable to be used like martial art techniques…

Forget it. Since Grandpa had talked up this set of exercises so much back then, she might as well try it!

Thinking to this point, Tang Doudou started moving. She had been doing this exercise since childhood so each move had long been ingrained into her bones. Hence, even after not practicing it for such a long time, there wasn’t the slightest bit of unfamiliarity as she went through the motions. She moved a little, then tried guiding her inner strength into the exercise’s movements.

She really wouldn’t have found out if she hadn’t tried. The moment she tried, she almost cried from the surprising result.

It was clearly a simple broadcast exercise movement, yet after the inner strength was added in, the feeling completely changed. After a few sets, she felt comfortable all over as if she had gone to a sauna. She couldn’t help but moan.

Having had a taste of this sweetness, Tang Doudou couldn’t stop at all.

She quickly went through the entire set of exercises. After she completed it, she felt that the rampaging inner strength had gradually calmed down. She couldn’t help but cry tears of joy as she started going through the motions again.

That ash-white wolf watched as Tang Doudou moved here and there in her strange way. It had no idea what she was doing but it didn’t dare to approach. So it simply continued pacing back and forth irritatedly.


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